(Closed) Is anyone else clueless?

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Helper bee
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The only things I know are:

1) It will happen in the next 4 and a half years.

2) He won’t propose until he gets a steady job.

3) The ring will be beautiful. He has great taste in jewelry but I doubt I’ll be getting a say in the selection myself.

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Blushing bee
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Me!  I’m in exactly the same boat.  I know it’ll be by the end of the year and SO has said he’s found the ring he wants to get me but as far as I know he’s not actually bought it yet.  He was also planning on talking to my parents last weekend (we were staying with them to attend a Christening nearby) which I think he might have managed to do but am not 100% certain. 

It could really be anytime!  I’ve got my birthday coming up at the end of September, so that’s a possibility, but he’s also said that he might wait until after we’ve moved in together at the end of October (so that people don’t think he’s proposed ‘just’ so that we can live together, we’re both in our 30s and that was a decision we made seperately to any marriage talk, though I must admit I wouldn’t have been so keen if I hadn’t known that marriage was on the agenda).  He also knows I love Christmas so might choose to wait till the holiday season. 

I really don’t know, he wants it to be a surprise so it could be any random day.  I can’t wait, but I don’t mind because I like that it’s going to be a surprise (but also that I have a timescale so that I don’t feel completely out of the process) and I know it’s going to be so special, he’s told me he wants me to have a story and he’ll only be doing this once in his lifetime 🙂

Keep smiling, less than 5 months max

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Blushing bee
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You’re not clueless at all.  You know he’s ready and that he mentioned talking to your dad.  That’s a LOT of good info.  It sounds like the only thing you don’t know is the date. Just enjoy the fact that you’ll be surprised!  It’ll be worth it!  

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Helper bee

My SO can put on a good poker face lol so no I don’t really have too many clues other than:

1. He knows i want to get married next sept or oct and i would like a year to plan

2. A few days ago i asked him if we were going to get engaged soon and he assured me he was going to propose but he never told me when


I know it will probably be soon because I would like a year to know before hand but honeslty hes playing it so cool that I don’t even think I will have a hint that he is doing it until the moment it happens. His playing it cool is not a good thing for me because hes playing it WAY TO COOL i get worried hes not even thinking about it sometimes anyone else feel this way 🙁

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Bumble bee

We are still in the “We know we will probably get married someday, but have no idea where or when” phase. Romantic, huh? haha

I’m going to wait until he graduates school and gets a job before I bring up having a serious timeline because I don’t want to stress him out when he has so much going on right now. I’ll let you know in December. haha

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Helper bee

@Seashells7:  I know I feel this way too thats why I am guilty of bringing it up so often even little hints here and there so he wont forget but honestly I highly doubt that once we say the M word that they can ever really forget about it haha

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Helper bee
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The only thing I know is, we have planned for a wedding around when both of our leases are up, which is practically next July…give or take a month or two maybe. We got my finger sized last weekend and I told him what kind of ring I don’t like. We’ve talked a little about honeymoons too.  And that’s all I know.

Whatever his plan is, I will have no idea of it. He’s good at surprises. MAYBE he’ll propose around Thanksgiving when he’ll meet my extended family up north?! That’s what I’m hoping anyways.


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Buzzing bee

I am legitimately clueless as to if and when he’ll even do it. Here’s what I do know:

1. We will get married

2. It will be a courthouse wedding with a reception for family and friends later

Here’s what I don’t know:

1. If he’ll actually propose – it may just end up being a mutual decision that it’s time

2. If there will be a ring involved with a proposal or prior to the mutual decision that it’s time

3. Timeframe – zero indication

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Buzzing bee

@OneOfTheseDaysAlice:  Love this. We’ve had all the talks, know it will happen, and now it’s seriously just waiting for him to make the move. Which is beyond ulcer inducing as he rarely shows initiative for ANYTHING.

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Helper bee

I am in your EXACT same boat!

1) We decided on a September wedding

I told him I want everything to be a surprise. I don’t want to countdown the days till he proposes, I just want it to happen out of the blue so I can be caught of guard. We are going on a family vacation this weekend so hopefully he will ask my dad for his permission this weekend. As for the rest it could happen any day between now and the end of the year!

I bet he will propose to you this summer!


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Blushing bee

All I know is…



“Either next year or in five years” =_= well, thanks

“Before we have babies”

“There’s no rush”

“I told you I would marry you…” 


I want a marriage. I want a wedding. I want a sparkly. And I have 0 ideas as as to when that will happen anytime soon.

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Busy bee

Here’s what I know: he has it all planned out (i recently had a bad waiting day and he said with frustration, “do you want me to tell you everything?”), what the setting looks like (i picked it), and that it’ll be before the end of the year. I’m in the dark on everything else!

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