(Closed) Is anyone else just floored by some people's budgets?

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  • poll: What is the max you would spend on your wedding in total?

    < $5000





    $35,000-infinity because I'm rolling in it

    So much I don't even want to say/admit it

    So little I don't think I can have a wedding! haha

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    While we are eloping and this will be my 2nd wedding, if I had a ton of money I might go all out and throw  huge expensive bash.  

    I am floored by anyone who goes into extreme debt, like putting 30k on a credit card. Reminds me of that MTV True Life I am getting married where the Italian-American couple were stating something like ‘everyone must gve us $150 just to break even!’ and they put everything on credit and went all out, upgrading the suit to the guy who makes Pacino’s.

    I did a double take in the thread about shoes, where the shoes were $1200- gorgeous shoes but my jaw dropped.

    If you have it- flaunt it!

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    If I could go back in time…. I would honestly and truly elope.  I would spend $2000 max on an awesome elopement / honeymoon/ vacation.  When I think of the $12K I ended up spending on my wedding, I really can’t help but think, “Man, that really wasn’t worth it.”   The stress alone was not worth 12K.  It was 1/2 a day of my life in for which I spent 12 THOUSAND dollars.  I could do SO MUCH with that money!  Marrying my husband was awesome.  The rest – I could have been just as happy and perhaps even happier without it.

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    When we got engaged, I figured out that $6,000 was a safe number that we could easily save, so I assumed we would have something small for less than that.

    Turns out my Dad and stepmom reeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy wanted to do this whole wedding thing for us, so there is a lot of money that is not mine being thrown around right now. It’s mostly being spent on the reception, so it’s not like I’m getting an insane dress and I’m having 15 bridesmaids.

    Fiance and I are extremely grateful.

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    I get really jealous of people who can spent $10K on just their dress! I’m trying to keep my whole wedding around $10K. In reality, I imagine that I’ll end up closer to $15K.

    I was really bummed out when my dream dress when I started looking was like 6K and my dream venue was 13K. I felt like I just can’t win!

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    It’s true, in some cities it’s nearly impossible to have a big wedding witghout spending some serious cash on the big day. We’re having 150 ppl and our budget is $30,000 – only because I work in the industry and I knew how much things were going to cost us before we started the budget. But more than half of our budget is the venue (with catering and drinks)!

    We are certainly not “rolling” in money…but we’re good savers and we’re anticipating getting some of that money back from guests’ gifts. On average our family gives $100 per person…not that we can totally count on that, but at least some of the expenses will be covered! 

    Most of the weddings I’ve worked on in Niagara on the Lake (I’m a wedding photographer)have budgets between $25,000 and $50,000.

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    @shrubfish09:  One of my high school classmates got married at the exact same place I am getting married (our school) and she spent, well…OVER HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. And this is what it got her….Alice and Wonderland themed, it was epic!


    Pretty amazing, but I would not have spent that kind of money on one day (I also do not have anywhere near that kind of money).

    I am aiming for just under $7k and that still bothers me a little.

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    We saved for a long time for our wedding which was a beautiful day and worth every penny! I wish you could have a nice wedding near me for under $10,000 – $15,000! Our goal was $35,000 and we actually spent around $40,000. We came out of it with no debt thanks to our rigourous saving plan and generous guests. We are not “rolling in it” but that was the only option for me to vote for.

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    I’m having a $2000 wedding and a $3000 honeymoon, but if my parents had said “Here’s 50 grand, have fun!” You  BET I would have had a 50k wedding!

    I chose to invest differently… a 10k engagement ring and a 5k wedding celebration!

    My Mom actually laughs at me, because she bought my $1700 dress for my $2000 wedding!

    I’m SUPER jealous of the unlimited budget girls!

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    @littlemisshostess:  Whoa, I think you are comparing apples and oranges here. The OP’s wording can be interpreted in many different ways, but “cheap,” “trashy,” “tacky” and “poor” are very different than “cringe” or “blow money” (which is a common phrase).

    While I can see your perspective, I think you are taking the thread a little too personally. OP is astonished at how much people spend on weddings, it’s an opinion and she has a right to state it, just as you do yours. She has in no way outright offended a specific person or aspect of someones wedding. She merely asked if other people were “floored” at how much money is spent. Fair question in my book.

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    I am always floored by how expensive weddings are in general.  Whether you are spending $5,000 or $500,000 it’s a lot to spend on one day.  That said, I live in NY, Queens to be exact, and simply cannot understand how anyone is able to host a wedding for under $5,000 UNLESS the wedding is really small and by really small I mean around 30 people and maybe held in a home or restaurant.  

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    We’ve worked out that to have the wedding we both really want, it’s going to cost around $33k. We are by no means rich (ha ha ha! I WISH!!) in fact, I’m currently unemployed and we are living on two minute noodles. However, the tide WILL turn, and I WILL get a job!!

    We are then hoping to save $1k per month from our paychecks (God willing) and put it into an interest bearing account – in 3 years we will have saved for our wedding! With a few thousand left over for a honeymoon 🙂 We’re both 24 at the moment – and we’ve already been together for almost 4 years… so we figure that we have plenty of time. Neither of us are going anywhere!! 

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    @littlemisshostess:  agree with you. 

    I’d like to see the % of people that think its “ridiculous” to spend more than $35k but can actually afford it. I call it jealousy and envy. I think if you have the extra cash then there is nothing wrong with spending that much and I feel like if you had the cash you woudn’t be judging people that spent more on weddings.. esp since in many geographical areas i.e. CA, NY.. its almost impossible to have a nice wedding for under 30k. And everyone is different and everyone’s definition of nice is going to be different.. for me and my hubby we spent closer to 50k not including honeymoon and I don’t think there is anything that we have to be ashamed of.. it was a beautiful wedding and we both do well financially. actually thought we did good in terms of our budget lol Now, I do think there is something wrong w someone having a 50k wedding and digging themselves into a whole lot of debt. but pt is .. dont drink so much haterade..love the wedding you had and no need to judge the way others did theirs.

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    @Mrs.Kpop:  Interesting post. Jealously? Envy? Well, not for me. I am ASTONISHED at the cost of the wedding industry and how much people spend on one day. I am only spending $7k on my wedding. However, between my parents and grandparents about $25k has been offered for our wedding, so I could have spent about $18k more. I graciously declined that amount because I felt it was entirely too much to spend on one day (personal opinion).

    Instead, they have decided to hold on to it for a future gift when we have children or buy our first home in a few years. So I had access to extra cash/funds, but opted not to spend that much money. There is no “hatorade” or jealousy here, just a different financial and life perspective.

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    @Mrs.Kpop:  :-/ I don’t think it’s fair to call it jealousy or envy. Not everyone wants a relatively espensive wedding. Not everyone wants a relatively inexpensive wedding. Everyone’s definition of expensive differs just as much as everyone’s definition of a “nice” wedding differs. While I can understand how it might be easy to take personally OP’s astonishment at spending a lot on one day (there’s nothing wrong with this, btw) I hope you can also understand that calling someone else jealous or envyous just because they aren’t spending as much as you are or are able to on a wedding is unfair as well.


    I am trying to keep my wedding under 10k. I am also trying to find enough money for THAT. But it doesn’t mean that I am actually interested int he elements of a wedding that costs considerably more than that.


    Too all brides, regardless of budget: Chill out. Don’t take things personally. Don’t be neadlessly insulting.

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