(Closed) Is anyone else just floored by some people's budgets?

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  • poll: What is the max you would spend on your wedding in total?

    < $5000





    $35,000-infinity because I'm rolling in it

    So much I don't even want to say/admit it

    So little I don't think I can have a wedding! haha

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    This is the way that I looked at it when working out how much to spend.

    – I intend to get married once. I want to do it in a way that minimises stress- if that means hiring top quality vendors, then that’s what I’m going to do. I also have a highly stressful job, so I didn’t want any more stress.

    – My Fiance and I are both far, far too busy to wrangle, go to discount stores to make centerpeices, have headache after headache about what the quality of things will be like because we chose a low budget.

    – We don’t want to have to sacrifice having any of our loved ones there just to save some money.

    – Our combined incomes annually are about $150,000. Our wedding will cost about $27,000. So ‘one day’ (i.e. our marriage to each other), will cost about 1/6 of our annual income. It hasn’t been a huge strain at all. We have each put aside $1000 a fortnight from our pay and it’s basically all paid off already- in cash.

    – We live in Sydney. One of the most expensive cities in the world. Even hiring our Town Hall for a 1 hour cocktail reception is about $4000. Going to the court house is about $1000.

    Based on all the above factors we decided that we were worth it. We deserve it. We plan to smile about this day forever. And we’re damn well going to enjoy it. 



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    @Quinlan:  So smart! That’s the way to do it if you have the time! 

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    @theone99:  that sounds lovely. 🙂 I don’t think that your wedding is the same as your marriage though. No matter how much you spend, or what you get from it, I hope that your marriage is infinately superior to your wedding. 😉

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    @Asia:  Absolutely, which is why it annoys me when the budget is compared to it being ‘one day’. It’s not one day, it’s an entire lifetime together.

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    @bmo88:  couldn’t agree more! 

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    @littlemisshostess:  Not even close. Calling a low budget wedding “tacky” and “cheap” would be equivalent to calling a high-budget wedding “gaudy” or “wasteful”. Calling a high-budget wedding expensive is just like calling a low-budget wedding inexpensive: not an insult unless you’re feeling defensive on the subject. And saying that someone’s “rolling in it” is not in any way an insult (again, unless you’re feeling insecure). The only complaint I would raise is that there’s no option for “not rolling in it but decided to pay $35k + anyway”. Everything else you said is completely distorting the point of the post. 

    ETA: OP, yes, I’m floored by some budgets, but they’re higher than $35,000. I get floored around $50,000, because that’s how much my 20% down payment on a house was, and this sucker will keep a roof over my head for decades while costing less than rent. 

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    @MissGemini:  Awwww thankyou! A lot of my friends my age are married already with mountains of debt – and then many of them ended up divorced because they were together for 2.5seconds before getting married. NOPE, not us! We already live together, and don’t see the point in starting off our marriage as something that would a) put us into debt and b) that we’d look back on it and not LOVE every aspect of the day itself. That’s why we’re waiting. We’ve always had to sacrifice the good things in life. But for one day, we want to feel like a million dollars! (or at least $33k) Smile

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    My budget is 6000… the most I would EVER spend on a wedding is 10000!

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    @Asia:  maybe i should rephrase.. i was referring to the people that WERE bashing on people who spent more on their wedding calling it ridiculous or saying “its only one day”.. My pt being I dont really care how much people spent .. and like i said everyone’s defintiion of nice is different as is what you actually care for if big weddings arent your thing, thats totally cool. What I am not cool with and where I do think there is jealousy is those people out there judging the people that DID spend more on their wedding and saying that its ridiculous someone would spend that much on one day. Its not ridiculous and there is no need to judge in any direction.. I wasn’t trying to imply that anyone who didnt spend a lot is jealous… Im saying that if you didnt spend a lot and you are judging those who did .. then there is an issue there.

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    I found my wedding budget added up really quickly. I never intended to spend over 10k for my wedding, but right now, I estimate it to be around 17k. Some of it really just is where you live. I live in a major metro area, so I think prices are a little higher here than some other areas- but no matter where you live, a wedding is an expensive event! Honestly, I have worked so hard to have a reasonable budget. We went with a cheaper venue, are having it on a Sunday (cheaper rental), chose the cheapest caterer we found- and are having a buffet, bought Gilt vouchers for invitations, are buying our own alcohol and having a limited bar, our photographer package is only for part of the day… yet still, we are at 17k. I totally understand how one could spend so much on a wedding now. To add to that, I am not extravagent. Most of my wardrobe is from the clearance section at Target. My Fiance and I currently share one car to save money, even.

    Originally, I LOVED the idea of a small, intimate wedding. Unfortunately, I realized it wouldn’t work. My parents divorced only 2 years ago, and basically still foam at the mouth when they think about each other. To add to that, my dad and my mom’s family now hate each other because of the divorce, my SIL and mom don’t get along (they haven’t spoken in over a year, literally), and my FI’s parents are also divorced. With all those tensions, we realized we couldn’t do a small wedding- I would be so crazy stressed thinking about it. Aren’t families great?! 😛

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    I’m on a 3-5000 limit.

    I’ve seen some beautiful weddings and understand why brides put so much money into it. One friend rented an entire historic castle for her wedding, it was stunning. I was in awe.

    I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money myself even if I could afford it. I’m a thrifty bride, even when I have a LOT of extra cash I still opt for coupon shopping discounts and clearance. It’s how I was raised and will always be.

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    I’m not there yet, but I want a cheap wedding because I’m more worried about putting a downpayment on a house.   If I can be under 5,000 it would be a great day!


    However one thing I dont think anyone should skimp on is photography.  Just an opinino though.

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    It REALLY depends on where you live! If I could have a decent wedding for $5k I would jump on it! Things where I live are very expensive wedding-wise. We are having 150 guests and the catering alone is over 12k. And it’s nothing at all extravagant (we are having buffet of ham and a fish). That’s just how things are. I am DiYing a lot of things including centerpieces and bouquets and our budget will still be around 30k. But we researched and knew this going in so we had a long 2 year engagement and actively saved (plus my parents are helping some). We will not go I to debt, and we are okay with spending this amount. Of course I wish it were less, but we planned for it and are okay with it.

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