Is anyone else scared when home alone at night?

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Honey bee

I’m a strange sort and have never been afraid at night. I think it’s because my parents used to go out at night and leave me at home with my sister, starting at age 8. The house was so nice and peaceful without them fighting. I babysat for some people with a big german shepherd and I learned there waa no better feeling than to be with a big dog at night.

So I always have a big dog and signs mentioning that she is a doberman. I live in a very quiet area where the houses are quite far apart, but we like it that way. My husband is gone a lot these days but I have more fear about a toilet clogging up than I do about people coming to attack me.

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Sugar bee
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I have a wild imagination and HATE staying home alone.  That shadow that I just saw under the doorway?  It can’t possibly be my two cats who roam the house, it HAD to have been an intruder.  lol  I’m horrible.

We have two massive dogs that sound like they will rip you apart when alerted, so I generally feel pretty safe, even when my imagination is on high alert.  

What is currently creeping me out is the wild animal activity lately.  I live in rural Colorado.  Wildlife is a way of life.  Bears coming up to your house?  No biggie.  Happens all the time.  Mountain lions on the other hand freak me out like no other.  There was one in our neighbors driveway about a week ago and from what I was told, it was a mature lion, not a juvenile.  This morning at 5:30, I ran out to start my car.  The snow is deep enough on our property that our split rail fence is now under the snow….well, I noticed tracks coming from the road and walking right over our fence and stopped outside our living room window….and then back towards the road.  There is zero way I was going to walk my way through 4 ft of snow, but all I can think about is that damn mountain lion trying to peer inside our window! lol

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My SO and I’ s apartment is on the second floor of the building but I have been a little scared some nights cause I’m here alone for a good while when he’s gone to work. I lock the doors all the way and my dog stays in whatever room I am in. She’s got a scary growl and bark when she hears someone that isn’t me or my boyfriend near our apartment door so I think that would deter anyone trying to break in. 

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Bumble bee

thepinkflamingo :   no but a I’ve always had a traveling spouse, sometimes gone for 5 weeks but always done 2wks back for 5 days. I enjoy downtime. I get alot done. Lol. 


I also have a pupper who is an excellent watch dog and my constant guard. Cane corso 130 lbs of teeth n testosterone. But my velvety cuddlebug. 

Get a dog!!! I 50 ft from the police station and 100 yrds to firehall and hospital so I think we are covered lol. 


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Bumble bee

wolfeyes :  I turn the dryer on to help my fh  relax to fall asleep  .when he works nightshift. It helps him alot.  

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Buzzing bee
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I get nervous if I’m home alone all night, too. I’d get that alarm hooked up and working. You can also buy these stick on alarms that just make a lot of noise if a window is open or someone opens a door. I think your dog would at least notify you that someone was around. That’s good that you have a dog. Also, those outdoor motion sensor lights are nice because they’ll come on if someone is around. A baseball bat isn’t a bad idea!! Can you get pepper spray, too? You can get those stick on alarms at any home improvement store or Amazon. They make a lot of noise so they would probably scare someone away. 

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Helper bee
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My husband passed away 2 years ago so I’ve had to get used to it. I am also of the classic – dog and tv reruns – mentality. I genuinely don’t think about it anymore. There is just the odd thing that will spook me but quite rare. 

Good luck 😉 you will get used to it xxx

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Bumble Beekeeper

thepinkflamingo :  

Australia here too. A gun,  good god!  Be careful with  any weapon actually  OP, it  can be turned  against  you . 

Take all reasonable  precautions , alarm system etc ( great if you have a dog too) and remind your self of our low violent crime statistics like a mantra.  Choose  something  mildly interesting  but not stressful to think about last thing  –    what you   you plan to wear or cook or something   – and think about it carefully   till you fall asleep.  

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Buzzing bee

No, I usually LOVE being by myself. I’ve lived alone most of my adult life and honestly prefer it. But, last year I separated from my husband and moved to a studio and that was hard. Based on how close the front door was to a major road/side walk made it hard for me to sleep well. Not because I was alone though, more because I only had one way in & out of that place. 

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Helper bee
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I also hate being alone and get unnecessarily scared. I’m definitely a scaredy cat! 😀

I had to get a simplisafe security system. It beeps whenever a door opens, and I can set everything right from my phone. It has the camera too so I can just see what’s going on downstairs from my bed lol! Fiance travels every other month so I really needed something to help me sleep… I don’t think my cat would help me out if I needed him to, lol!

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Helper bee

thepinkflamingo :  what a cutie!!!!!! My dog is too sweet, and would just throw herself on the floor for a tummy rub if a stranger broke in. 

I second an alarm system. It definitely made me feel better when my husband was out for a work trip. 

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Buzzing bee
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I live in a really safe suburb with neighbours all around me. I never feel unsafe at home alone. I used to but I’m used to it now. Plus I know the neighbours on each side of us, across the road & my in-laws live behind us. 

Then again, not sure where you live but home invasions are pretty rare here.

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Buzzing bee
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“Get a gun and learn how to use it. Shotguns are wonderful tools. Don’t be afraid.”

Right. And then accidentaly shoot your spouse or a neighbor. Most guns end up being used to hurt a member of the household, so that’s a terrible idea. We have a monitored alarm system and security cameras. I’ve had a few break-ins in the past and am paranoid, but with those safety features I feel very secure.

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Helper bee
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thepinkflamingo :  oh man, I’m sorry bee. 

No, I’m not. And this is why: I had ptsd for years, so I took up boxing and self-defense, just as part of my healing process, 

and the truth is, I maybe couldn’t defend myself if someone broke in,  but I feel like I could. 

anyone at any age and any shape can take self-defense. Knowing a few key moves is a great thing to have- you now have a way to change an attacker’s context from “assault” to “breathe/see/escape,” and now you’re the one in charge, and you don’t ever have to be in a victim-mode. 


Also, if it takes a while to find a self defense class near you, get some wasp spray to put in a bedside drawer or something. It’s a neurotoxin that will incapacitate an intruder. It can shoot in a directed spray far enough to reach someone before they reached you.


i was told bear spray, but I think wasp spray might be more easily attainable. 


Hope any of this helps, bee. I sleep with an Arsenal of knives, swords under the bed and a bo staff  in my room, but I’m weird and still training, and my FH is a second degree black belt. I guess we’re a little odd. 

Self defense! Will raise your confidence, and most attackers just want scared victims & will run fairly quickly when faced with someone confident. I think it’s taught at most police stations, or they can at least direct you to a class.

i had an archery/self defense teacher tell me once that he went to high schools just teaching girls to “flip out and be INSANE” if someone attacked them, because the first thing he had to teach them was to stop being afraid of making a scene or being “rude.” That once you can break through that, you’ll scare attackers away.



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