(Closed) Is anyone else shocked at all the bridal magazines shutting down??

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Honey bee

It really doesn’t surprise me at all. Considering that there is so much more valuable information online, especially at wedding communities. It strikes me as folks figuring out that consumers don’t appreciate being ripped off as wedding magazines do with what is presented to them (99% dress ads, recycled info that isn’t new, “articles” that aren’t articles at all but are really $$$$ photo spreads, ideas that only someone of Donald Trump’s salary could begin to afford and that aren’t unique in the least. Interestingly, when browsing the magazine section at Borders or Barnes & Noble, you honestly wouldn’t know that there were any missing with all the other wedding magazines available. I also thought Elegant Bride for example was one of the magazines that was discontinued but I was surprised to see a brand new issue at Target the other day, as though there was no discontinuation at all.


Edit: InStyle Weddings is gone too? That is truly a shame since it was one of the rare few wedding magazines, if not the only one, actually worth reading and had informative articles and unique ideas as opposed to what the mainstream magazines publish.

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Sugar bee
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The wedding magazines suck.  I once took an issue and tore out every single ad in it to see what would be left.  The magazine was really thin after that and pretty pathetic looking.  And there were plenty of pages that I had left in that magazine too because they had an article on one side and an ad on the other.  



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Honey bee
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To be completely honest, I’m not really shocked or surprised. I find a lot more inspiration online… for free! Wedding blogs & wedding websites are killing the magazines- in a good way!! 🙂

I really don’t understand why they’re closing down… It can’t be for financial reasons because these wedding magazines are ALL ads! There is about 10% helpful information and 90% ads! At least online the ads don’t interfere with my reading.

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Bumble Beekeeper

Nope, not surprised AT ALL.

But don’t forget Real Simple’s wedding edition – I found it more helpful than any other mag, including Martha Stewart (shocking! I know….)

As a Comm major in college, I had to take a handful of media studies courses; one of the common elements in them was the fact that magazines are an invention of the past. Radio and magazines should be the next waves of media to die off. Radio has survived because of cars more than anything else, but as soon as wireless internet makes internet radio (or your iTunes) streamable in the car, kiss that old fashioned dial goodbye.

Magazines are too static; in a world where internet updates are available in an instant, and every individual level of usage is totally customizable to the customer, shiny pages become outdated too quickly, stories/spreads cannot stay ‘current’, and ideas are too common. Sites like WeddingBee are EXACTLY the reason magazines are dying out – it’s a natural, inevitable occurance. Because WB is much better able to meet my wedding needs than any magazine on the market ever could – even Martha Stewart or Real Simple.

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Helper bee
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I didn’t know those were closing down!  If I haven’t purchased issues, then I always check them out from the library.  At least MSW and Bride will still be around–I like seeing real weddings in print.  I have room in my heart for magazines AND the ‘Bee!

And jamie, I always buy a bridal magazine at the airport, too!  It’s my way of treating myself before a long trip. : )

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Blushing bee
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Oh NO!  What am I gonna read on the treadmill now?!?!

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Buzzing bee
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Not suprised at all. The entire publishing industry is hurting; magazines, newspapers, books. There’s a lot of pressure to go digital, but the industry is having a hard time trying to make their print electronic without losing a major percentage of their revenue. (For example, they were really pushing Kindle for a while, but paying for a book on Kindle is five to fifteen dollars cheaper than buying a book, and people still complain about the “steep price!” So now they delay the release of e-books to milk as much out of the hardcopy crowd as they can)

It’s a lose-lose situation. If they don’t change, their readership drops and they may have to shut down. If they change, they still lose money. A lot of print media won’t survive the switch. Such is the price of progress.

I expect (or at least, I hope!) that as these wedding magazines disappear, we’ll see more e-zines like Utterly Engaged.

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Helper bee
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I bought two; Real Simple Weddings (SO HELPFUL) and the Knot magazine. Ehh, I wasn’t totally impressed with the information I found in either of them. I thought about buying Brides last weekend at the grocery store, and then decided it was a waste of money since I already have a dress.

It’s just so much easier to google what I’m looking for and see where the internet takes me!


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Sugar bee
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Yeah I’m in publishing and the internet and the sheer amount of info and images available for free is really killing the industry and their ability to make money pretty much across the board. I mean, if the New York Times is in trouble, that should tell you something! I think also the recession and the upswing in DIY brides is making it hard for magazines that tend to advertise high-end, designer stuff.

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Helper bee
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I bought Real Simple Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings & InStyle Weddings.  I’m bummed about InStyle!  The others like Brides and Modern Bride just seemed like a waste of space to me. 

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Helper bee
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I was buying wedding magazines since before my Fiance and I were engaged! I love cutting out the pictures of ideas I like! I have a wedding planning board that I pin them to! With that said, I have over 30+ mags!

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Busy bee
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To be honest, I’m not surprised at all.  When I first got engaged, I bought maybe 3 magazines total, but as soon as I found blogs, the content was just a billion times more helpful than anything I ever saw in a magazine!  I feel like if you’re on a really small wedding budget, wedding mags just make you feel bad.  They were totally useless to me – thank goodness for blogs!

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Not surprising to me. I’m a wedding vendor. I used to advertise in Martha Stewart Weddings, In Style Weddings and Elegant Bride. As the blog world has grown, ad rates for blogs are a much greater value than those in print. Also, as the economy has slowed, retailers like myself have less to spend on ads. This creates thinner magazines. The print business doesn’t make money on what they sell at news stands. From what I understand, they usually take a loss on subscriptions. The ads make up for it.

On top of that, in all honesty I never found that the print ads sent that much business our way. From time to time I’d hear “I found you in…..” but it was rare. Being featured in an editorial was the only thing that seemed to drive business… but that isn’t paying the magazines bills.

If I’m not advertising with them anymore, I know there are tons of others just like me. It’s sad, but true.

Oh… and I agree with everyone about Domino. That was a true loss!!!

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Helper bee
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Did you know that The Knot is increasing the number of magazines they do? I guess they have 2 national magazines every year, but they’re going up to 4 now.

Also, Brides lost Elegant and Modern, but they *are* increasing the frequency of Brides to…monthly, I think? Maybe with greater frequency both of these magazines will be able to stay more current. I mean, when you have a magazine that’s out for 6 months, of course it’s dated by the time some brides pick it up.

I like magazine spreads, though, so I hope some of these magazines stick around for awhile.

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Helper bee

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