(Closed) Is anyone else super sensitive to caffeine?

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I have the opposite problem – I’m caffeine dependent. I started drinking coffee my senior year, and it’s gotten to a grande sized cup of black coffee (or 2) a day. I blame Starbucks (they put extra caffeine in their coffee) because without my coffee I’m grumpy, tired, headachey, and just can’t think. 

On the upside, it doesn’t affect my sleep. 

Do you notice your tolerance levels go up if you have more caffeine than usual in a week? It was a fairly gradual change for me, although it never really kept me wired, just… happy. Haha. 

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i cant drink caffeine at all! It makes me so dizzy and feel really sick, if its in pill form its worse. I once took midol not knowing it had caffeine in it and my mom almost took me to the emergency room. I know a few people that also get really sick. Its easier for me to just stay away from it completely.

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I have a friend who SWEARS the only caffeine she needs is the caffeine out of a piece of chocolate. But now that she works she’s moved onto the caffeinated crystal light drinks for work.

I always thought this was kind of strange (an excuse for chocolate maybe? LOL. After all there is migraine medication for this and aspirin and the like–blood thinners, whatever!) but my mom can’t have a glass of ice tea after 3pm without it keeping her up ALL night, she says. Or a piece of, say, chocolate cake.

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I’m in between – totally avoid caffeine after 5.

Feel hungover if I have too much (like 2 cups) without enough food.


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Excedrin Migraine has caffiene in it, and when I take it, I’m wired all.day.long. I’m not a big caffiene consumer (I drink decaffienated green tea) because it gives me the shakes and stuff. I know I could build a tolerance if I wanted to but 1. I hate coffee anyway, and 2. My mom not such a huge tolerance of caffiene that when she didn’t have two cups of coffee everyday, she would get horrible headaches.

I just make a decision early on not to be dependant on something that could make me sick if I stopped taking it.

So yeah, I’m super, super sensitive to it.

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I’m the opposite! I can’t function without caffiene! I can drink coffee RIGHT before i go to bed a be perfectly fine!

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I totally can’t have caffeine. Though it’s worse in coffee, even tea and other small amounts will have me shaking, sweating, dizzy, feeling like I’m going to pass out.

Only took me near two decades to figure it out. Ha.

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Thankfully(?)  I am not sensitive to it.  Probably undersensitive, if anything.  This means that unless I drink a strong pot of coffee in under 10 minutes, I feel nothing.  And the pot<10m usually puts it through too quickly, so it’s really a all or nothing type deal, and I get the jitters.  Perhaps it’s that when it gets to me, it really gets to me, so I may as well be super-sensitive, but it wears off pretty quickly.

I’m the same way with most OTC painkillers and such, so I’ve given up taking them for fear of doing damage.  But coffee is tasty, so as long as my pot takes 15 minutes, I’m good.  

I go out for breakfast at midnight, and order the pot, knock through two of them (got to get my money’s worth), and then the waitstaff feels the need to comment about how I must be pulling an allnighter… no, I’ll be asleep in 30 minutes.

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I’m with you.  I could have a green tea in the morning and have trouble sleeping at night.  I’m exquisitely sensitive to it… Forget a Thai Tea with dinner or a soda in the afternoon.  I have to plan my caffiene for days where I’m going to be up most of the night (work nights).

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I am super sensitive to caffeine, my Fiance makes fun of me for it. If I drink half a small coffee my speech speeds up and I can go clean my whole apt in about 30 mins… its kinda crazy. My Fiance always laughs when he is stuck in the car with me for a long ride after I’ve had coffee. He says he can’t even get a word in.

I suffer from headaches and caffeine is sometimes the only thing that works so i don’t drink it (or eat chocolate) every day… only when I really need it.

I think if I had it every day I would start needing more to feel the effects so much.  I wont even try those energy shots, I think i’d start convulsing lol … like they say, everything in moderation

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I use to be intolerent to caffeine. I had pulled a long night of studying and got a frappachino from Starbucks to get me through the history test. I was shaking so hard, I could barely write and when I finally, got up to give in my test I fainted down the stairs. That was a memorable experience.


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