(Closed) Is anyone else worried about their weight gain? *I need weight gain support*

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Honey bee
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It will work out.  My body is actually better after two kids.  Breastfeed, it is you single best thing I ever did for my body (and my babies).  I was in pre pregnancy clothes four weeks later with both of mine.

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Bumble bee
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I hear ya! I’ve never had a weight problem at all. 5’4″ size 4 and happy with my body. Like every woman I have places that I tend to gain weight but overall, totally fine with my body and haven’t much worried about it.  I didn’t think it would bother me to gain weight during pregnancy but I am up 25 pounds at 29 weeks and the comments have been bothering me too.   People in general say I look great but they also say, “Whoa!” and “You’re really getting big!” and “You look further along than you are!” etc.  When I stepped on the scale at my OB appointment last week, the nurse said “Whoa, you’ve had a big month!”  I can’t seem to slow it down and I am certainly not going to diet. But it is bothering me.  

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I am very concerned about weight gain!  I have lost about 70lbs ove the past couple years and am now 8 weeks pregnant.  I am not really sure how to go about not being on a ‘diet’.  I am just trying to eat decent and hopefully gain around 30 lbs.  My goal is to gain 1-2lbs in the first trimester, 10-12 in the second and 15ish in the 3rd.  I am not going to beat myself up if it dosen’t work out that way.  I gained about 30lbs with my DD about 4 years ago…I breastfed and it didn’t help me at all with weight loss ๐Ÿ™  But honestly, a healthy baby is worth every pound gained! 

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Honey bee
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You sounds like you are on the right track for healthy weight gain. Remember, most of that is not just the baby, but all that extra fluid and blood. This is not the time to diet or starve yourself, so just continue eating healthy. Avoid too much sugar and fastfood. Exercise some too.

I have said this in another thread… my mom gained 100lbs with me.

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Well, I don’t know if this helps, but I ended up gaining 50 lbs (omg!) during my recent pregnancy. I was on track to gain about 35 lbs until the 3rd trimester, when I really started having issues with swelling (despite normal blood pressure) and my weight shot up. People made all sorts of comments and it was super depressing! I was a size 8 before pregnancy at 5’8″. I had my baby 2 weeks ago and am about 15 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight right now. I know I’m going to have to work hard to get back in pre-pregnancy shape, but I’m actually feeling okay about the amount I’ve lost so far. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to take care of yourself as best as you can and then try not to worry! Everybody reacts differently to pregnancy.

P.S. – people always told me I looked further along that I was, until the end of my pregnancy, when everyone seemed shocked I was due within weeks and I started to get comments that I looked small (! – despite being up 50). I think people just have skewed ideas about what people should look like at different stages!

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Busy bee
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I too worry about gain, gained 7 pounds and I’m 9 weeks pregnant. I’m short 5′ so gaining 7 pounds a lot. doctor wants me to eat healthiEr and exercise lightly 3 times a week.

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I’m 26 weeks today and at my last appointment (22 weeks) I’d gained 17 pounds. I have another midwife appointment tomorrow and am terrified to step on the scale after the holidays!

Having said that, both my midwife and I were totally fine with the weight gain at my last appointment. Remember that you’re growing a human! My midwife said that she worries a lot more about women who don’t gain enough than those who gain a little more (within reason, obviously).

I’ve read some books/articles that say women who’ve had multiple pregnancies tend to gain within 5lbs each time, regardless of how carefully they watch what they eat/exercise from one pregnancy to another (again, obviously within reason). So a lot of it is probably based on how each of our individual bodies is programmed to respond to pregnancy.

I think as long as you’re eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods, staying active in a way that is appropriate for your fitness/lifestyle, and not eating a chocolate cake every day, you’ll be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
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I’m 26 weeks and have gained about 30lbs so far. It can be tough but I think we have to remember they are just numbers. As long as we are eating properly and getting exercise then we are doing the best we can. Some people don’t believe me when they ask how much weight I’ve gained and then there are others like DH who can totally tell that I’ve put on that much.

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Helper bee
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I lost more weight then I gained but that’s because I was/am overweight to begin with and having a lil bump made me watch what I ate more then if it were just myself.  My honest to God opinion?  Don’t worry about it.  What matters is that you gain what’s right for you and the baby.  If you aren’t comfy answering how much you’ve gained then don’t answer it.  The number on the scale doesn’t compare to the health of your little one, once you are able to you can always exercise later anyways but for now, your main goal and focus should be taking in the correct amount of calories and sustinence for your little child.

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just wanted to let you know that I can totally relate, especially when you say “people’s comments don’t help”. I KNOW a lot of people don’t mean anything by it, but “wow you look huge!” gets so old, especially when I’m already worried about it! I have a specific person in my life who eyes me when we are in the same room together and ALWAYS has something to say like “you’re a lot bigger than last week” or even “you’re all baby”. even THAT annoys me because its like…why is it okay to look at me and talk about my size! i hate wearing clingy stuff because it just brings on more comments about the bump.

going into it, I DEFINITELY thought I would be one of those lucky ladies who gains 20 lbs and walks out of the hospital at pre-preg weight. I eat healthy, am great at portion control, exercise [sometimes ;)], and have had no problem keeping my weight under control in the past. BUT, despite all these things, i’m at +22lb at 28wks. My doctor is happy with it and I have to assume that its just where my body needs to be. 

we are almost there! just keep doing what you’re doing and stay positive. i will try to as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m days from my due date and I’ve gained 53 pounds ๐Ÿ™ once It hit 45 I just stopped worrying about it knowing there wasn’t anything i could do until baby got here. I am 5’3 and was 119 pre preganncy and I was 172 at my last appointment. I really wanted to go cry in a corner – i’ve never seen the scale that high before. I defnitely have given in to some cravings but overall my eating habits hadn’t changed all that much and I worked out daily until about 5 1/2 months then i slowed down and stopped all together besides a few walks here and there. I honestly could not figure out what I was doing wrong because I just kept gaining and gaining. I like to blame it on my lack of morning sickness (I had none!) and the fact that i gave up smoking when I got my BFP (we weren’t trying) and I think i substituted smoking with snacking even though I wasn’t eating all that unhealthy. Who knows! Hang in there and know that as long as you aren’t binge eating or having milkshakes every night that your body is just going to do what it needs to for baby.

(def indulge in some milkshakes though! lol just not frequently)

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Helper bee
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I’m also at 26 weeks and just realized yesterday that I gained 20 lbs since the start!!  I asked my doctor about it at my last appointment and she said that I’m still doing fine, but to just try to pay attention and basically it’s ok to gain a little bit more, but just more slowly.  I lost 10 lbs from morning sickness in my first trimester, so I’ve basically BLOWN UP this trimester…

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