(Closed) Is anyone else worried about their weight gain? *I need weight gain support*

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I think a lot of pregnancy weight gain has to do with hormonal differences (when eating habits cannot explain the big weight gains).  I gained 6 lbs between my BFP and my first doctor’s appointment–a period of only 3 weeks!  I was EXTREMELY ill with severe morning sickness, and most days was managing to eat maybe a bowl of cereal and 2-4 pieces of toast.  Sometimes some fruit.  However, from the beginning, I’ve been very bloated and my boobs have ached majorly from day 1–they are now already 2 sizes larger and extremely “heavy” according to my husband.

Just to make sure I wasn’t secretly eating while I was sick (I knew I wasn’t) I tracked my calories for a few days and found I was eating 800-1000 cals a day because of the nausea.  But the next week, I’d gained another 1 1/2 lbs!  I mean, WTF, right?  I’ve ben gaining at least a pound or so every week, despite the fact that I’m still not eating as much as I used to.

Anyway, I’m now 13 weeks and up a whopping 11 lbs from when I got my BFP.  I know it’s crazy, but I feel like there’s nothing I can do at this point about it.

On another pregnancy board I frequent, someone posted about their major weight gain, and other people’s “helpful comments” were things like, “make sure you aren’t allowing yourself gallons of ice cream just because you are pregnant”, “don’t eat 3 pieces of fried chicken every day”.  I mean, seriously??  I haven’t been able to stomach sweets or fried foods AT ALL.  So it’s a ridiculous assumption that everyone who is gaining is doing so because of gallons of ice cream or fried foods.

At 13 weeks, I’m still on zofran, still experiencing extreme nausea, and still eating a diet consisting of crackers (no, not hundreds of crackers), toast, the occasional fiber bar, cereal, etc.

So, sometimes you’re body is going to do what it’s going to do.  =)  You can tell I’m passionate about this.

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With both my pregnancies I gained 30 lbs (give or take) But with the first I didnt show until 25 weeks and then I just popped! It was scary how much weight I gained in such little amount of time. And the second time I just started gaining wait from the beginning and was more gradual, and both times i went from 130(ish) to 160(ish) I dont remember exact numbers. You sound like youve gained an average weight.. thats where I was with my second pregnancy, sometimes it jsut shows different. Like with my frist all my gain was in my upper body, so it was easy to see in my arms and face and with my second was in all my wight gain was in my belly and hips so i jsut looked pregnant haha im sure your gaining weight normally, dont worry about it! 

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This is something that I am SO worried about! We got married in April and I had been great at dieting and exercise and had lost about 20 pounds…but with my body/metabolism I have to work pretty hard to stay at that weight (even though it is healthy/where I feel best) I decided to really  enjoy my first married summer – lots of bbqs, frozen beverages, etc – and not a ton of exercise – and pretty much gained it all back.  Once I actually stepped on the scale/realized what my body was doing, it was hard, and it caused me to kind of depressed for a little while.

Since then, I’ve gotten better about my diet, but had only lost about 5 pounds of my gain – and then we got our BFP – I seriously couldn’t be happier, but I am SO nervous about my weight gain – and knowing that I’ll be seriously pregnant in the hottest summer months is making me so nervous since I already swell super easily in the summer. I’m hoping that not drinking (since i am definitely one who enjoys their adult beverages – and it has been something that has hurt my weight loss before) will help me to not gain too much/help counteract the weight gain and I have started eating way healthier and making sure that I at least get a long/fast walk in for about an hour a day and other physical activity.  


I just hate how no matter what, people feel like they can have an opinion – “you’re so small” “you sure it’s not twins” “are you sure you aren’t due sooner” “i think you should be gaining more” – It’s like either way, you can’t win! 

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