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My MOH’s fiance is lacto-ovo vegetarian–a few of our other friends are also but the vast majority of us are omnivores.  They are serving vegetarian dishes but guests will be able to add meat in–like paella with chicken on the side and an avocado bar where there will be meat toppings and non meat toppings.

Personally, as an omnivore who believes that anything more strict than lacto-ovo vegetarian is fundamentally unhealthy, I still think that if the bride and groom hold to certain dietary restrictions, then their menu should be able to reflect that.  It won’t kill me to skip meat or dairy for one meal–I usually only eat meat 2-3 times a week anyway.  Frequently, wedding food is awful, even if it includes meat so thinking that the food will be gross is frankly, a bullshit excuse.  Vegan food can be just as delicious as “regular” food.  Would one think that it was unfair for a Jewish couple to serve kosher food at their wedding?

For those of you getting all up in a huff–imagine being at your own wedding and being unable to eat the food there.  Or imagine your guests being pissy about the food that you have chosen and even declining an invitation because they don’t want to eat what you’ve selected.  

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We’re having an afternoon ceremony with a vegetarian hors d’oeuvres reception afterward. I’ve been a vegetarian for 13 years and would feel extremely uncomfortable serving meat at my reception. Additionally, vegetarian food enables the reception to be kosher (FH and I are Jewish).

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I have been to two vegan weddings.  one was a complete and utter disaster.  The bride chose ‘meat dishes’ using meat substitute.  An icky fish flavoured salad thing for starters, followed by strange tasting bolognaise, followed by vegan chocolate mousse.  Everything tasted synthetic and disgusting.  A lot of people didn’t touch their meals and sneaked out for something else to eat, including the groom.

The other wedding however!  Starter was a beautiful fresh vegetable soup, followed by vegetables stuffed with rice and pine nuts, finished with a crazy fruit salad. with coconut milk ice cream.  Even the avid meat-eaters raved about that meal.

I don’t mind if a menu reflects a couple’s dietary preference at all.  As long as the food’s good! 

EDIT – I am not vegetarian.  I eat virtually anything that is put in front of me.

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Not having a vegan wedding – we’ll probably opt for vegetarian. But I’m loving how many vegetarian/vegan-positive responses you’re getting here! It’s a nice change from “can’t you at least have chicken or fish?” Um…no. 

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Please don’t!

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@veganglam:  Your comment made me happy.

I think people who go to weddings need to remember that they’re there for the couple, not for themselves. Weddings are great when they’re personalized – after all, you’re attending a wedding that celebrates the life and love of two people, so why not enjoy a day in a way that’s important to them? As long as the bride and groom are not forcing people to go against their morals, which I don’t think providing a vegan menu does.

Of course the bride and groom should take care of their guests and make sure they’re comfortable and all that, but a vegan meal is still a meal (you’re welcome, grumbling guests!), and it’s less offensive than forcing a vegetarian to eat meat.
— The bride and groom aren’t telling guests they have to be vegan. They’re just asking them to respect that they aren’t comfortable with certain practices. More vegetables isn’t a bad thing! And it may even open people’s eyes to cool other meal options!

I’m a lacto-ovo pescatarian, but DH eats meat. We provided several kinds of options (including meat) on our reception menu (while making sure to accommodate people with food sensitivies & allergies). But, if DH was also a vegetarian, I wouldn’t hesitate to provide an all-vegetarian menu since I know it’s still posible to have absolutely delicious vegetarian (and even vegan) food!

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We’re just in the “someday” planning stages right now, but we are planning on a vegan dessert and cocktail reception, with some fruit and veggie assortments as well. I can say with some certainty, though, that if it were to be a sit down dinner, it would be vegan as well. I do have to point out, however, that we live in a city with some great vegan catering options. 

I do think that it might depend on your reasons for being vegan, whether you would opt to serve vegan food to your guests. If it’s for health/nutrition reasons, then by all means, serve whatever to your guests, but if it’s for ethical reasons, what does that say about your ethics if you will spend a large amount of money on something you claim to be morally opposed to for your wedding? 

Also, if you’re an omnivore guest at a vegan wedding, just deal, all right? Food being vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t eat it. Ever eaten an apple? That’s vegan. How about Indian food? There are a lot of options out there, and it really irritates me when someone won’t eat a dish just because it’s vegan. I don’t request that there be a vegan option at every social event that I attend, because the way I eat is my choice and I’m not going to make anyone go out of their way to accomodate it. Anyway, you’re at this wedding to celebrate your loved one’s marriage, you’re getting free food and probably free drinks as well, so just try the damn food, and respect the beliefs of the bride and groom for one night!

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we are having a vegan wedding.  i can’t believe that is even an issue.  i don’t throw a fit when i go to a wedding and there are a bunch of dead carcuses and flesh being served.   

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we are having a vegetarian wedding. Fiance is pescatarian & i try to eat vegan as much as possible. we are serving 4 kinds of pizza as our entrees which we thought is a food that is easily made vegetarian & that everyone likes! 

for me, it wasn’t about forcing people eat the way i do at all. its just that im not spending my money on dead animals. i dont see how its any different from having meat eaters over & cooking vegetarian food for them.

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@eurekaanchovies:  No. You can live perfectly healthily without meat, you can’t live heathily without vegetables. NOT serving meat isn’t forcing your beliefs on others.

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@mlbiaso:  What would be ‘unfair’ is having to pay for dead animal flesh to be served at your wedding. Being vegan isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle.

We had a totally vegan wedding with no problems. People understand that I would not under any circumstances pay to have animal products at my wedding (goes against all of my morals, plus I don’t want dead animals at my wedding, I love animals) and accepted that, because they’re mature adults who can go one meal without eating meat.

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I know this is old but its very interesting! Me and my SO are both vegan (including make up, soap, cleaning supplies, everything) and we are 100% having a vegan wedding! I understand why its not so appealing for non vegans but I will not support killing/torturing animals just to make other people happy. There are some great vegan resteraunts that cater around here and we could also do something as simple as spaghetti and breadsticks, which most people seem to like. If it was just for health reasons I would probably feel different but thats not the case so vegan all the way! lol 

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