(Closed) Is anyone planning to give birth at a hospital far away from their home?

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Neither of these are my situations but, my Mum gave birth to me in a private hospital in London, which was over 3 hours away from our home. When she went into labour dad drove her to the hospital and they were told she was a long way off from having me and suggested that dad go home and get some sleep. He arrived home, walked in the door and just as he was about to make his way up the stairs to go back to bed, the phone rang. It was the hospital telling him to get back to there as fast as he could…he got there just in time to see me being born. Moral of this story – have your husband stay with you, even if they say you have a lot of time!

The other situation I know of is my boss, who gave birth to all three of her children at a hospital which is over 6 hours away from her and her husbands home.

They live in a remote rural area and though there is a hospital 1.5 hours away and another 3 hours away, they wanted to go with the private hospital in her home town, which is one of the best in the State (the other two are not very good – people in the area say you only go there if you’re dying and have no other option…yeah).

With her first, she went into labour about 4 weeks early and her husband drove her through the night to the hospital. Because of their first being a premie, she stayed in the city where their hospital was from 36 weeks just in case…he ended up being two weeks over due and she had to have a C-section! Their last was a scheduled C-secion, but she went into labour a few days before the planned date her husband drove her and the other two children to the hospital.

Not sure if this helps in any way at all, but IMO a 1.5 hour drive would be fine!

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My grandfather taught at UGA!  I used to visit Athens as a kid.  Smile  However, I know what you mean about the medical care there.  As my grandparents got older (and needed more) it seemed pretty lacking.


My parents had me an hour away from home (they were looking for a midwife-staffed birthing center, and it was the best option at the time).  It didn’t sound like it was a big deal.

A friend of mine just had a baby– she lives in New Hampshire and chose a hospital near her home.  But, she works near Boston, an hour away.  There was lots of discussion about whether that would be an issue, but ultimately she decided it was fine.  She ended up on bed rest anyway, so went to the hospital from home (like 20 min or something).

Moral of the story… I think you’d be fine.  In an emergency situation, you could always go to the nearest hospital.

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@SadieBee:  We will be alittle over an hour from the hospital when we do decide to get pregnant this year. We live in KY where the closest hospital is a very small (not a good one either) regional hospital, I wouldn’t trust it to have a baby there. In fact, my husband had something fall on his leg a month ago and went to the ER there and they sent him home saying it was not broke and it was just a bruise. A week later it was not better so we went to a different hospital where they informed us it def. was broke and he had surgery. I feel if they can’t read an x-ray then I don’t want to trust them with my life and my baby’s life. Anyway, I can really relate to you and understand you being nervous but I think it will be fine!!

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We will be slightly over an hour away. There is a place 15 minutes away that can deliver a baby, but I don’t like the hospital, so I plan to go to the bigger city to deliver. That is where my OBGYN is anyway.

My mom did this as well when she was poregnant with me. She said it was fine although dad driving 90mph on the interstate was not that fine lol πŸ™‚

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I move back to my hometown when I was almost 6 months pregnant. I did not want to start over from scratch trying to find a new OB. Plus I adored the one I had at the time. My hometown is about 2 hours from where I previously lived. I discussed with my OB how important it was for me to stay on track with my original plan of delivering with her at the hospital I was familar with. I elected to have a scheduled induction. Because there is always the chance that baby decides to come out on his own time, my OB and I came up with plans A, B, and C. In the end, plan A worked out beautifully and I couldn’t have been more pleased.


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I’m currently just TTC but I intentionally picked an OB/GYN that has privileges at a hospital that is little far from us. It’s technically only 15 miles away, but there’s often a lot of traffic and it’s one main freeway to get there which could mean anywhere from a 25 – 45 minute drive. However, everyone considers this hospital to be the best in the area (and we have A LOT) so a lot of people we know aim to deliver in this one.

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@SadieBee:  I will be over an hour away. Not super happy about it, but it is what it is. We have a decent hospital close, but I commute and work an hour away, so all of my ob appointments are in the city I work in as well as my midwife. I couldn’t miss that much work to see a local Dr. Where I live. When I had my son 6 years ago I lived about 35 minutes away, different state and driving for any amount of time in labor is awful. I’m totally dreading that. It’s not so bad in early labor, but when your 8 cm it was terrible to have to sit still that long. You might want to go in early, I plan on doing that and laboring at my moms.

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@SadieBee:  Yes, definitely talk to your Dr. about that. I went in the first time and was only 2.5 cm. They did give me the option to walk around until I got to 3cm. They wouldn’t admit until then. I opted to go home and labor with my own bathtub. I hope to do that again, but at my moms house, I was really glad to labor at home in my own setting. When I got to the hospital the 2nd time I was 9 cm. Maybe you have a friend near by or a hotel? I am considering a hotel myself, more private as moms can be annoying as much as I love her. Good luck!

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There’s a hospital five minutes from my house but I would sooner have the baby on the bathroom floor than deliver there.  I would hesitate to even have a splinter removed at that hospital.  I’ll be delivering at a hospital that’s between 22-32 miles away, depending on the route, and can take about 40 minutes to get to.  They have all the modern amenities and a world class NICU.  For my first baby, at least, this makes me feel more comfortable.

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I’m considering this (not pg yet but considering options) The best hospital in the vicinity of where we will live is about 1 hour away. Thinking it’s prehaps a good idea to find a hotel that is close to the hospital. I hear women are often turned away because they are not far along enough into labor so if you find a hotel close by you won’t have to go far πŸ™‚

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Well put it this way, I went into labor early and was over a hour and half away from where was supposed to be going to give birth. I was alone. I drove that hour and half while in labor (not an easy thing to do.)

Got home my Darling Husband got a shock of his life when said we need to go to the hospital I was in labor he freaked out because I wasnt due for another 7 weeks! Dropped me off at the ER. They wheeled me up, Darling Husband parked the car and found me. Doctors tried everything to stop the labor. About 8 hours labor I had a little boy who is just the most adorable little boy there is…

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