(Closed) Is being uncircumcized a turnoff?

posted 10 years ago in Intimacy
  • poll: Is circumcision more aesthetic?
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    Yes, but also thinking might be from religion (Christian) : (9 votes)
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    Yes, but also thinking might be from religion (Judaism) : (6 votes)
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    I don't really care either way : (94 votes)
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    I think a lot of it has to do with what we’re used to, like others have already said. I do remember looking up pictures of uncircumcised penises with one of my college roommates once, because we were both curious.

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    Honestly I never saw one except through google.  I agree with Saeliz that penises in general aren’t that attractive!

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    Fi is circumcised and I think his penis is pretty attractive lmao!!! Too Much Information i know, I am sorry but I really do, first time he whipped it out I remember thinking wow its so smooth hahaha sorry I need to stop! Anyway I have only seen uncircumcised ones through google like MissAsb I had to google it once because were watching something about botched circumcisions and Fiance goes im glad I am not circumcised , I go wtf yes you are! and he’s like no I don’t think I am LOL so I had to google it to prove to him that he was! He then went on to ask his buddies if they were circumcised lmao.

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    Fiance is uncircumsized and it doesn’t bother me in the least. Cut or uncut, they look pretty similar when erect. I remember though that in the beginning of our relationship he was really self-consious about it. He even saw a specialist and was planning on getting circumsized before I ever saw it. He felt a little weird because all of his friends were circumsized and he wasn’t. I talked him out of it, it didn’t matter to me at all. In the locker room he just pulls the skin back and no one really notices, haha it’s not like anyone is going to be looking or admit that they’re looking anyways right? I had to get used to it, but I would have had to seeing one either way since we were so young and each other’s firsts haha.

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    my first orgasm was with an uncirumcised guy (I had been having sex for a few years prior) and for a while, I was convinced thats what did it lol

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    I’m from the UK and it is not at all common to circumcise (sp?!) men unless for medical/religious reasons. I find it fascinating that it’s so common in the US – as a cultural phenomenon. 

    I have had a few partners and i’ve never slept with anyone who has had the snip. sex has always been fine and it really doesn’t make a difference with performance. 

    I’m a little weirded out by the comments that aesetically some girls would have  a problem, but i guess it’s a cultural thing and I know that cultures dictate a lot of what we prefer or not! 

    As far as STD’s etc. I agree with the posters who say it’s only an issue if the guy has absolutely NO personal hygiene and it’s not different to women making sure we’re clean and presentable 😀

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    If I had male children, I would get them circumsized. I’ve seen one to many case of phimosis.

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    Billions of men on this planet have made it to the grave without getting sick because of their unsnipped penis, and I don’t want AT ALL to have my beautiful newborn baby go through that sort of procedure (have you seen videos? it’s awful).  FI is pro-circumcision and is circumcised himself and fights me on this, but I swear I WILL NOT let them take my baby and do that to him if we have a boy.  We’ll teach him good hygiene and all will be fine.  Aesthetically, I don’t give a damn.  I’ve been with both circumcised and uncircumcised men and all that mattered to me was whether they knew how to use it right.  I think it’s weird that it’s so incredibly common in the USA and not in most other countries.

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    To me it doesn’t matter either way. I think uncircumsized penises are natural and should not be regarded as ugly or unclean.

    Someone asked for a man’s opinion, so I am happy to share my FI’s opinion! He has always told me that if we have a son that he does not want him to be circumcised. My Fiance is an American guy who was circumcised at birth and sees no reason why it was done.

    I also did a shadowing experience in college for an ethics class and got to see several babies get circumcised. It’s truly cruel. A nurse basically props the newborn in a metal chair, the dr comes in and puts a metal ring around the baby’s penis and cuts away the skin. The dr explained that most of the time they never put anesthetic on the baby, they basically just cut and the baby is in pain. No thank you for any future son of mine!

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    @jaylii9- I can assure you that’s not always how it’s done! I’ve never known a doctor to not use a numbing cream first.

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    JennyChicago you are HILARIOUS! OMG I was laughing so much at how you wrote your post, and that is so funny that Fiance didn’t think he was circumcised!!

    @Vegan, great point and well put. It IS weird that it’s, well, uncommonly common here.

    I always thought it seemed sort of unnecessary, but an ex of mine also had to get cut as an adult due to the skin apparently being too tight around the top and ripping/causing scar tissue when erect and… in use. BUT, I later found out that he was basically a whore so perhaps the skin couldn’t take that much and it was from OVERuse!! Let me tell you, I’m sure that was very painful for him and I wish I could have been the one to do the deed!! lol.

    Anyway, I’m sure the chances of your boy having to get circumsized later in life for medical reasons are very slim, and as many women here can apparantly attest to, leaving him au naturale could keep his future wife quite happy some day! 🙂 I just basically think we should all buck the trend and make a natural penis something that boys don’t have to be embarrassed of.

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    I saw one and I was TOTALLY turned off.  But when he got hard, it wasn’t so bad looking.  I still didn’t want to touch it though…

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    I don’t mind either way. All men, no matter their ‘haircut’, should practice good hygiene. Afterall, a clean penis is a clean penis, regardless. I suppose I’m one of those few girls that actually find penises (peni? penes?) attractive. I’ve seen an ugly circumsized penis and currently view a very attractive uncircumsized penis on a regular basis. Also, manual..er…activities are much easier with an uncircumsized guy.

    I’m in love with and will marry an uncircumsized man, and like veganglam, will not circumsize my future son(s).

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    I don’t really care either way. I don’t think penises are all that great looking to begin with, and when an uncircumcized penis is erect it doesn’t look that different. It’s just skin, it’s not like a blanket of warts or something.

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