(Closed) is Clinique 3-Step still the best?

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Hi fabulouslyengaged,

<>I am a makeup artist in Los Angeles and have used the Clinique 3 step system since I was about 25.  It really is great!   I am in my late 30’s now and have switched to Lancome for my moisturizer, but still use Cliniques’s soap and toner…I have never used a better moisturizer than Lancome… any of their skin creams are superior to anything else I have found. Clinique’s 7 day scrub cream cannot be beaten .  I STILL have a glow from using this.

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I just use plain ‘ol Dove soap on my face and then I also use Philosophy’s Microdelivery Peel pretty often:


If you like the 7-day Scrub by Clinique (I hope we’re referring to the same thing), you may also like the product above.  It’s two steps, which is kind of annoying, actually really annoying, but sometimes I just use the scrub in the shower without the second step.  It’s sort of expensive at $65, but I am really happy with it, and I just noticed that it’s very highly rated on Sephora.com.  It really does feel like you’re "revealing" fresher skin. 

As you try out new products, please share your reviews with us!

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I use Paula Begoun’s (http://www.paulaschoice.com) 5 step system for oily skin.  It’s great and not ridiculously expensive!

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I’m sure there are a lot of good choices out there, but I’m totally a Clinique girl. I love the bar soap — the lather is just perfect and it lasts forever!

I also use the moisturizing gel, which is lighter then the lotion, and perfect for my skin that’s a little dry and still a little oily. They didn’t have this when I was first introduced to Clinique. 

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I have always had combination skin, sometimes I break out and sometimes I have pretty perfect skin.  Sometimes dry, oily in spots.  I really want a glow for the wedding as well and I just bit the bullet and purchased the 3-step system from Clinique.  I can already tell a difference in just one week and I love the moisturizing gel because it is water-based so doesn’t clog my pores.

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I agree with the comments about there being so much out there to choose from. I’d see if you can sample some things, even if you have to buy a sample kit. It sure beats spending $100+ for a program that doesn’t agree with your skin.


I have tried Clinque because my sister and one friend used it in high school. It made me break out and gave me clogged pores.


I now use cleansing from Natropathica and a Skinceuticals moisturizer.

I like the gentalness of the cleanser and it doesn’t leave behind a residue, which I notice with Clinque.

However, if you are looking to save money, perhaps you could use your Clinque scrub, Cetaphil wash and then the Clinque mositurizer.


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I am glad I noticed this thread…I have had the same questions myself! I got into Clinique and the 3-step process myself months ago, and I’m not sure it does enough for me?? I have very sensitive, fair, DRY skin though so? My sister got a facial from a great spa in CT and they told her NO Clinique, that it ruins the skin?? so that got me nervous…girls at work swear by Mary Kay? What do you all think? I’m still dry so…?

But the 7-day scrub, yesss I like that and saw it rated well on some site?!

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I figure that Clinque has been around so long that it is out dated. Sorry, I know some of you like it. But the science behind it is old.

I love the simple explanation that water does not break up water. Oil breaks up oil and oil is also moisturizing. 

Now I am not saying going rub baby oil on your face. 

But I am suggesting looking into products that might use some types of oils as they can be great at cleaning and moisturizing and all without over treating your sensitive skin.

Here’s a list of products that are worth looking into. Also, it should be known that I love Kiehl’s Apricot Scrub.


1. Yonka – even if you have oily skin opt for the blue cream cleanser. oily skin gets more oily with aggressive treatments. Yonka serum is great for lips and for treating breakouts. It’s like a big vitamin boost to help the skin heal.

2. DHC – A great olive oil cleansing program. Except that I did use the 2.5 treatment from Proactiv while using this program. 

3. Naturopathica – Currently using this and actually really love the gentleness of the cleanser. I also like the scrub and the tonic waters, they smell great and often just spritz it midday for a pick me up.

4. Skinceuticals -I use the emollient moisturizer. I thought I had oily skin, but not really. I’d been using Proactiv because I was hating the blackheads, you know, the ones you see and it seems no one else does? But this moisturizer has completely captured my attention. And it includes lavender oil which has antibacterial properties. And so I have not had to use the Proactiv at all.

These last two brands were recommended by two different places, both offering Microdermabrasion.

 I would just encourage you to find products that work for you, not products someone is trying to sell only to have you come back and need to to keep adding more products because the few you already bought aren’t cutting it.

Honestly, microderm seems expensive but once you realize that your daily skin care regime is cut in half, that is I wash and mositurize as apposed to daily scrubbing and treatments of proactiv or retin-a. 

I use way less in quantity of product these days and my skin is way happier, so this means I rationalize the $52 I spent on the face cream because it likely to last about 3 months and the face wash. For less than $30 a month in just product I am very very happy with my skin, and this is the first time since taking Accutane.


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I have had very problematic skin for years: painfully dry in places, prone to acne in others, with easy break outs of red blotches.

For the last year and a half, though, I’ve really cut my problems down. What I did was read the book The Skin Type Solution by Dr. Leslie Baumann. It was a huge eye opener. Basically, it gets you to use the right products for your skin, based on what skin you have, not what is trendy. Her POV is that no one regimen is perfect for everyone, or even most people. You have to look at yourself, and yourself alone, not what works for other people.

As a result I now have a tailored system that combines some drugstore $5 products and some department store $50 products, and everything inbetween, to meet my specific needs. I focus on ingredients, not labels. The results are both remarkable and based in sound science (Dr. Baumann runs the cosmetic dermatology program at Univ. of Miami). What’s even more important to me is that I am confident at age 26 that I’m doing what is best to make my skin look good today and 20 years from now.

Someone also mentioned Paula Begoun. I think she is an excellent resource for researching products, as she deeply cares about ingredients and science. Because I have sensitive skin with acne problems and dryness, as well as high potential for wrinkles, I had to tailor my system, but if I had more normal skin I would confidentally use her line.


My overall point is you should do some research into your paricular needs, then buy the products that fit your needs, whether or not they match entirely a brand’s complete package.

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I tried the new clinique moisturizer and i didn’t like it because it smelled like sunscreen to me, besides it being an "unscented" lotion. I tried a whole bunch on today and ended up with MAC studio moisture fix lotion. I’m in love now!

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I’ve had the greatest luck with Clinique’s 3 step program.  They were really helpful in figuring out what my actual skin type was.  I thought my sking was dry, but it ended up being super sensitive.  No break-outs and no dry skin.

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Clinique has an 8-week mini peel thing for $55 I got. The lady promised I’d have incredible, glowing skin.

 PS mary kay isn’t a big deal. I used to sell it, and I feel bad marketing it to people, honestly. I think there are better things out there for your skin, and I don’t like the idea of working for a company on the side that MAKES me wear a skirt or dress. I find it hard to believe that Clinique ruins your skin, though. ha. I think maybe they were trying to get her to buy something?

Too bad there isn’t one wonderful, fabulous product for EVERYONE! man that would be ideal

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