(Closed) Is color or clarity more important to you?

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  • poll: Which is more important when looking for your diamond? Color or Clarity?

    Color- the brighter the better!

    Clarity- the less imperfections the better!

    I cant tell the difference either way!

    other.. please explain

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    I say clarity. Clarity effects the way the light reflects from it so you will have more sparkle with a clearer diamond. On the other hand i noticed a slight difference in color between an F and an H but if you are not comparing them side by side its hard to tell.

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    You need to get the one that made your face light up!!

    If you want real expert opinion, I would suggest going on pricescope.com.  There are forums and general information.  Those people really know their stuff. 

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    honestly i doubt you’ll ever know the difference between a 1.02 and a 1.2 carat. Size wise, the difference will be negligible. So, I’d go with the best quality you can get. If you were talking about the difference between a 1 carat and a 1.5, I’d say go with the bigger carat that was slightly included since that is a visible difference in size, but since the size difference is minimal anyways, go with the best quality you can get. 

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    i cant tell with clarity at all!

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    Ok, I’m a big huge diamond geek, so allow me to nerd-out for a bit here… πŸ˜‰

    The term, “clarity” is actually a little misleading to most people. It is only referencing the quantity of microscopic (not visible to the naked eye) inclusions within the stone, and with the vast majority of gem-quality diamonds, the difference is only visible when you get down to an “I1” grade and below (I2 and I3). These will be stones that have visible imperfections and may even appear “cloudy,” which is what many people envision when they think of a stone with poor clarity. The imperfections of the vast majority of stones with clarity grades of SI2 and higher (assuming the grade is given by a respectable lab) are not affecting it’s sparkle, brilliance, or fire in any noticeable manner. And as I mentioned, you are unlikely to be able to even see them.

    I can’t say it enough: CUT determines sparkle. The proportions and various angles in which a diamond and its facets are cut determine its brilliance and fire. It can affect the diamond’s performance so much, in fact, that it can even make a stone appear higher in color than it actually is.

    I would be willing to bet that the the F-graded stone you saw had better cut quality than the H. The untrained eye is pretty unlikely to be able to distinguish color difference between the two.

    Personally, I think paying for any clarity above eye-clean is a waste of money. Some people take pride in knowing how relatively “pure” or internally perfect their stone is, and some cultures even regard that as being really important, but unless you fall into those categories, your budget is going to be better spent on quality in other areas, or size if you prefer. Also keep in mind that a lower color grade does not equal lower quality. The more colorless the stone, the more rare it is, so if you look at it this way, color is only a means of grading a stone’s rarity (as is clarity, for that matter). Many people actually prefer lower colors! I do, especially for antique cuts (although Fiance got me a G, lol).

    I highly reccomend checking out this reference for a basic education on the 4 C’s. Happy diamond hunting! πŸ˜€

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    @jeye7161: No problem dear! Hah, that is funny about your FI’s comment. Boys are silly sometimes. πŸ˜‰ Honestly the way I see it, if it’s not internally flawless (IF clarity, not one single inclusion seen even with a big ol’ microscope), then it’s flawed. Period. Like if one has 2 tiny carbon specks compared with one with 2 specks plus a tiny feather or something (which could give it a lower grade), they both still have flaws in there, but you can’t see ’em on either stone, you know? So really, even if it’s super super high clarity like VVS1, it’s still not “mint” condition! Try and throw that at him, see what he says. Oh, and then show him the price tag of a “mint” IF stone. Lol!

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    Fiance and I had similar issues when we were looking.  We researched for about four or five months before we made our decision.

    The best advice I got was from our local jeweler.  For starters you can’t tell the difference between a  VS or an S grade unless its magnified. So its ok if you go with a lower clarity, as long as it is eye clean.

    Also, colorless diamonds do appear brighter when set next to diamonds that are nearlyt colorless.  However, when you put the diamond in the setting, you can’t tell.  The cewnter stone is much bigger than any side diamonds or wedding band diamonds would be and so you can’t really tell a color difference even if the center was an H and the side diamonds were a D.

    When I looked at the information like that we decided to get something a little lower on both scales (but not so low it looked yellow or cloudy) =) and afford a diamond slightly bigger than if we had gone with colorless and flawless.

    That’s my opinion anyways. My jeweler saved us a few thousand dollars and I can’t tell that it isn’t “nearly perfect”.

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    I would definitely choose the bigger diamond with the SI2 clarity.  The clarity wouldn’t matter as much to me as that colour difference… for this particular scenario, plus the extra size is an added bonus!  The choice seems obvious to me here if the prices are the same, and the cut is the same.

    First and foremost, I wanted the best cut there was, and I wanted a 1ct… everything else came after πŸ™‚

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    I would go with clarity, but it’s more of a priority for me to have sparkle then size. I want to be able to give my future daughter or dil the same thing that I got when I got engaged. It’s a family ring, 4 generations old now, and it sparkles like crazy! I spent at least a month just looking at my ring non stop in the sunlight.

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    Sorry I didn’t read everyone else’s responses but my ring is color H, I think VVS2 and the ideal cut. And honestly you can’t tell at all that it is H color. It looks so bright and shiny. I think the cut makes a big difference and you can get away with not as high of a color grade if you get a well cut diamond.

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    also look where the inclusions are–if it’s right in the middle, you may notice a difference in refraction. If it’s in the corner, you probably won’t even notice. In which case I’d go for color.

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    I voted “other”.

    As long as it’s eye-clean and near-colorless, you won’t be able to tell the difference on your finger.

    But CUT is king!

    Cut is what dictates the sparkle. A G, SI1 diamond with idea cut is going to have much more “wow factor” than a D, VVSI diamond with fair cut.

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