(Closed) is DIY really a Duplicate-it-youself?

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    Hmm…you do bring up a pretty good point.  The way I see it though is that I am only using it for inspiration.  I am not trying to coin their ideas as mine nor sell it for profit.  Everyone uses something for inspiration. 

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    I think it can be.  Think about it, when you were in school and had to write a paper, if you took someone else’s words and wrote them word for word or as closely to what they wrote as possible, that was considered plagarism.  This is because you took a person’s idea and words, rewrote them and passed them off as your own, instead of simply using that idea as inspiration and rewriting it in your own words.  In school, if you got caught doing this, it could lead to you being failed on that paper or getting suspended, right?

    I think if you DIY, it’s fine to take inspiration and make it your own, not recreating.  To copy an invitation format to a T as much as you possibly can is copying.  Plain & simple.  Pulling up a picture of a fabric flower and stitching it to pass off as the original is copying.  And, I can understand where artists can get upset about it.  I feel like if I made something, shared it with the world and saw copies posted on other blogs, I’d be upset too.

    Thing is, I’ll admit to copying someone’s work and I’m sure a vast majority of us can too.  I guess as readers, brides and appreciators of some of the work we see, we need to make a better effort to not copy exactly and switch things up so it’s not a form of plagarism.

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    I think the answer is yes.  But to me it doesn’t matter that much.  The person who I got the idea from probably got their idea from someone else too.  How do we ever know who is truly the original inventor of an idea?

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    I think that in some cases people are violating copyright, but in a vast majority of cases, someone has come up with an idea and is selling it for [X] amount.  If you can’t afford [X] amount, I don’t see the problem in buying the fabric and doing it yourself.  Unless the fabric pattern itself is copyrighted, I don’t see it as violating anyone’s creative license.

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    Most things in our society are copied to some extent.  If you go to a department store and purchase an outfit, there is a pretty good likelihood that there was an original high-end designer outfit that was used as inspiration.  When you write a paper for class or work, although you don’t use the exact original work of another person, you may get the basic idea from another’s work.  There are only so many perspectives on any one topic, although there may be many variations of that perspective.


    As far as DIY projects, I think they are okay as long as you are not directly copying everything (more so using the idea) and you are not selling them.  



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    I think if you decided to sell something that you created that was inspired by someone else then yes it might violate copyright rules…but I think most of the bees here are using their DIY skills for their own wedding, not selling anything.

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    I think it depends.  Yes there is plaguarism; however, even the one we found for inspiration is not the original owner of that idea.  One of the bees recently displayed her invites and there was a comment about how she copied some other person, honestly get off your soapbox.  Those of use making our own flowers are including flowers from our inspiration pictures, the colored shoe idea could be taken as “stealing” someone elses idea.  The internet has made ideas and innovations much more readily available and as such DIYs and various other inspiration have been passed around the world becoming much easier to google exactly what you want and show you how to do it in the fastest, easiest, cheapest way and for that I believe that people need to re-evaluate the definition of plagarism.  I myself have found things on Etsy and google images that I have used as extreme inspiration, simply changing a color or font and using the exact idea, if asked I tell people where I got the idea from but often people really don’t care and know that the idea probably wasn’t entirely my own. 

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    honestly i dont think there are any truly originial thoughts anymore. humanity has existed long enough that even when you think its originial or unique it really isnt – look at the music movies and art of today… people think its new but honestly… yeah no its remakes of classics.

    so while adopting an idea and passing it off as your own and making money on it is wrong in my idea,

    using inspiration photos and originals for inspirations to do somethign for yourself, completely okay.

    just like the rules in the copyrighting stuff we see in the beginning of movies – its only illegal if you pretty much profit off of it (ie record it, pass it aroudn to your friends for free, or record it and show it in your own personal theater for a flat fee of a buck…etc?)

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    Princess Lasertron, who makes the fantastic felt flower and button bouquets, wrote a post on this issue on her blog.  It’s worth a read to get the artist’s perspective on the subject.

    A lot of DIY is fairly generic: fabric flowers, tissue paper pom-poms, boutonnieres, hair flowers, etc.  And a lot of brides do DIY because for one reason or another, they maybe can’t afford to hire a pro, or they like the craft, or whatever.  That’s cool.

    What’s not cool is blatantly ripping off another artist, not giving credit where credit is due, or taking someone else’s idea and selling it as your own.  Use an idea as an inspiration point, but take and transform it and make it yours.  Don’t steal, and don’t profit at the expense of someone who is trying to make a living.

    It’s a sticky situation with no clear answers.  When you write a essay you have to provide citations…I think it’s a good idea to credit the original source for DIY. 

    I think it’s also important to consider WHY and WHEN to DIY.  It’s not worth it for me to DIY every last detail, so I am hiring professionals when I can, thus enabling me to have peace of mind, and them to make a living.  But when I do DIY, I am very conscious of where I found the idea.

    Anyway, read http://www.princesslasertron.com for another take on “Is DIY Duplicate-It-Youself?”

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