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Sugar bee
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@lauralynn:  I thought dress shopping was going to be a nightmare but I really enjoyed it, I hope you do too!  I hate to be the center of attention so I thought I’d loathe standing on a pedistal being stared at by people (even my friends and mom) but it turned out to be a lot of fun.  I think big white dresses attract positivity.

Don’t sweat the sizes, most of the salons I went to had 12s for their samples so I think you’d have no problem there.  And if you don’t find something you like on your first time out don’t stress.  Also shopping alone worked great for me because it gave me a chance to try on lots more dresses without coordinating schedules with my girls or putting people out by dragging them to 8 different stores, so I definitely recommend that.  Oh, and take lots of photos so us ladies here can fawn all over you ๐Ÿ™‚  Have fun!!

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Honey bee
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I’m a street size 14/16 and my dress was a size 20. I went to David’s Bridal, and they had almost all of my dresses in my size. I went in with 12 photos and got to try on 7 of them, so don’t worry about that. I think you’ll be able to try on plenty of dresses. 

My experience was ok. It had nothing to do with the salon, they were packed, but I went in the middle of a Saturday, already a bad time for shopping. My mom was never really excited about any of the dresses I tried on, so that put a damper on everything, but I still had a good time. 

My tips:

  • Choose who you take with you wisely and don’t try to bring everyone you know. I took my mom and Maid/Matron of Honor. Make sure you’re going to have someone that’s honest, but positive. I probably would have left without a dress if I had only gone with my mom.
  • Bring lots of pictures, even dresses you think you might not like. 
  • Eat before you go. And bring water. You’d be surprised how worn out and hungry you are after trying on dresses for an hour. In a tight space, it gets warm rather quickly.
  • Get a week day appointment if you can. I’ve noticed salons aren’t as busy on weekdays. 
  • Go to your appointment thinking that things are going to go well. 
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find the dress, and don’t let yourself be suckered into buying a dress you don’t love. Consultants work on commission, so they’re going to try anything to sell you the dress. I’m sure you’ve seen dress regret posts on here. 

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Busy bee
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It was… fast.  Now, I bought my dress at the 1st appt.  While I love my dress, I wish I had more time to experience “Dress shopping”.  I keep seeing pictures of other Bee dresses and getting jealous! So, my advice is take your time, if you’ve got it!!!

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I bought my dress at the first appointment ๐Ÿ™‚ a “record” two hours XD There weren’t many dresses that suited what I was looking for, and I knew that once I found the dress (it was the first one I tried on, but I tried on six total), I wouldn’t be able to get my mind off it.

I dislike being the center of attention too, but I didn’t feel that dress shopping went that way. I enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚


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@lauralynn:  No worries it will be fine! There were moments where I felt a lot of pressure- my suggestion- don’t bring coercive/manipulative folks, as much as you may love them, and don’t bring too many people! (I had three and that was PLENTY!) Just enjoy it, feel pretty, and feel free to tell the clerk what you want. Mine was rude to me, which deterred me at first, but then I was just whatever about it, up front, and ended up finding what I wanted! Oh and wear appropriate underwear… like don’t wear your bright red G-string… I wore some underwear that  wouldn’t show through the dress or freak out the clerk. And also a strapless bra since I was looking at strapless dresses.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 2014

I was not really looking forward to dress shopping either, but I ended up loving it! My mother, my cousin, and my aunt all came. They were great – a nice size crowd to get opinions, but not too many. I went at opening on a Wednesday, so that helped with getting personal attention from the consultant too.

Definitely take pictures of everything you try on! I noticed that some dresses looked great in person, but lacked in photos.

Relax, it will be fine!

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  • Wedding: September 2013

It wasn’t awful! I am a street size 12 (and my dress ended up being a 12 too actually) so the small sample sizes didn’t fit and the plus size dresses didn’t fit either, so I had a tough time imagining what they would actually look like on me.

I went to 5 bridal shops and probably tried on at least 50 dresses total, which was WAY more than I thought I’d have to go through. It was fine, though, because I had a lot of time. And when I did find my dress, I was absolutely sure it was what I wanted.

The only thing that was a little frustrating for me was that NONE of the dresses I tried on gave me “that feeling” until I found the one. Not even an inkling. There were plenty I liked, but nothing gave me that feeling what so ever until I found the one I bought.

So I thought I would be one of those girls who didn’t get “the feeling.” 

But I did!

Just be patient and have fun! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

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Honey bee
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@lauralynn:  When I went dress shopping the boutique had all different sizes as their samples.  It was very nice, you could ask the shops you’re planning on going to what their sample sizes are.


Even when I tried on a smaller one, that didn’t make it a bad experience.  But I guess you just have to stay positive!

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Helper bee
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Shopping=HORRIBLE (for me!)

finding your dress=THE BEST!

Unfortunately you can’t get one without the other! Tips to make it easier..

1. wear comfy clothes!

2. take heels that are the height you will want to wear on the day (don’t have to be actual wedding shoes, but you’ll want a height reference!)

3. Get fitted for, and purchase a long-lined bra with removable straps to take to the appointment- because the “right” undergarments will transform the way you look/feel in your dress

–some stores sell both of the aforementioned items and will offer to let you see that dress with heels, or here put this on underneath because they want you to buy it from them. If you are cool with this great, but I hate being put on the spot so i like to be prepared with my own stuff so i can say no! 


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Busy bee
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Oh no it was WONDERFUL!!! I took a very long time to find a dress but I finally found my dream dress. The key is not to get overwhelmed. Don’t stress yourself and it will be enjoyable. As far as the sizes go I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  Most of the dresses I tried on were 10 and up actually the sample of my dress was a 14. 

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@lauralynn:  I am a size 14/16, and started at David’s Bridal… I hated it and thought I’d never find a dress or be happy in any wedding gown.  Then I tried an independent salon, had a wonderful experience with a wonderful woman who made me feel beautiful. Best of all, she was honest with me about everything and didn’t try to upsell me!!

Here’s why I hated David’s and would never recommend them to anyone:

1) They sold my information. Despite me and my Maid/Matron of Honor REALLY demanding, and I mean DEMANDING, that they do not use my information for any purpose other than scheduling appointments.  (My Maid/Matron of Honor had purchased her dress through DB two years earlier and went through hell trying to get people to stop calling/emailing/mailing her because they sold her information). They sold it anyway and I spent months being harassed by all sorts of crazy people trying to sell me junk.

2) They made me feel fat. They had me wear a longline bra that was not the right cup size at all so I looked terrible in it (I am a 36DDD, and they put me in a 38D somehow because it was the largest cupsize they had). It was stuffy and uncomfortable. They also made me wear a slip, which I hated because I hate super poufy dresses on me. And when I asked if I could try on a dress without the poufy slip underneath, the consultant told me I could, but I’d have to get into the dress myself – she refused to help me into the dress unless I was completely 100% covered up.  I had underwear on, and they were nice ones, too!! But the thought of having to see a sort of plus sized gal in her underwear dusgusted this girl. :/ I was soo ashamed and felt so gross.

3) They spent more time trying to upsell to me than help me. I couldn’t get anyone to just focus on finding a dress for me – everyone was pushing photography, shoes, jewelry, etc. I needed to find a DRESS before anything else… and why would I go through them for photography anyway?!

4) They didn’t listen to me or my preferences.  I wanted chiffon, nothing too sparkly or poufy or over-the-top… and somehow they kept bringing me sparkly, poufy, tully dresses that were all wayyy over my budget (which I had clearly told them). What??


However, I did find them useful for one thing… finding the right silhouette for my shape.


I went to an independent dress place, and was BLOWN AWAY by how amazing the dresses were. I tried on Maggie Sottero gowns, and DIDN’T NEED A BRA at all!! The dresses were so perfectly designed that they held everything right in place without any extra support or stuffy longline bra or anything. I felt naturally beautiful. The shops I went to had plenty of sample that fit me, so I could try on a good amount.


SO, there’s hope.. I think you’ll positive and negative experiences, just keep in mind that you WILL find the dress to highlight all your beauty in just the right ways! ๐Ÿ™‚



I really stronglyyyyy recommend not going with DB. The quality of gowns you can find through other designers is SO amazing.


Best of luck to you!

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Sugar bee
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I was so nervous about it too! I thought I’d be really self conscious because I’m a 14/16 also, but I had a great time!! I went with just my mom in case I had any body issues pop up that took me by surprise. It was fun and made me excited about the rest of my planning! Good luck!


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Helper bee

Don’t be nervous!!  Have fun and enjoy it!!!!   I thought i was going to hate it but love it, because how often will I ever get to do it?

I hate being the center of attention so that part is kind of hard, but I just ignore all the people around me except the people I am there with and my consultant.  I had so much fun my first time going, but we made a day out of it and got lunch beforehand.  With a cocktail, to help curb my nerves!!!  ๐Ÿ˜€   But I was fine!

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Busy bee
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@lovelove1028:  OO I agree with you on DB. 
 I did the exact same thing as you went there first to get an idea.

They sold my info which I am VERY mad about.  And they also did not listen to a word I said.  Every dress they put me in I hated and she kept saying “ok well we know you don’t like lace”. Um no I just don’t like the lace dresses you put me in! The dress I ended up buying was lace!!!

However, I have a best friend who bought her dress there (which is why I went) I always had a hate for davids but she had such an amazing experience I figured why not.  My appointment was the exact opposite, worst part was we even had the same consultant! So unfortunately as much as I hated it I wont say don’t go there :/ Maybe you will be lucky like my friend but I would say boutiques all the way! 

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