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VeronicaZ:  Are you fucking kidding me?  You’ve got to be joking, right?  Cuz there’s no way in hell that I would expect a man I’ve been dating for less than three months to buy a purse costing over a thousand bucks. I’d be too ashamed of myself for being so greedy, money grubbing and materialistic.  I’d also think that the guy has to be an idiot to throw that kind of money away on someone he hardly knows.  Here’s a few things to consider:

1.  Expensive gifts do not equal love.  The only thing expensive gifts equals is that a man is too loose with his money.

2.  You are showing yourself to be a high maintenance, money grabbing and demanding woman by sulking when you don’t get your own way.  It’s one thing to accept dinner or a freely given present.  It’s completely another to tell someone what you want and expect them to buy it for you and sulk if you don’t.  You should have the dignity to pay for your own eyeliner and not expect him to pay for every little thing.  You should be ashamed of yourself for expecting him to pay.

3.  He’s already spent alot of money on you…dinners, food, the watch, etc.  You’re being totally greedy expecting more.

4.  Why would you want a man who has no common sense when it comes to money?  Only an idiot should be buying expensive gifts for girls they haven’t been dating long.  That just proves to me that he’s not sensible when it comes to money, which will lead to a whole pile of debts and financial disasters down the road.  It also shows that he uses money to impress people.  Is that because he doesn’t think he’s interesting or worthy of love unless he flashes cash.  I’d rather marry a man with common sense and self confidence.

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As a joint wedding and birthday gift my fiance bought me a puppy (who I take care of) and cost 700. Fi lives with me…it is his dog too. Do you know how nice it was for him to do that? He bought me a great e rign – tells me to treat myself ocassionally (I have been to the spa twice while I have been with him and kept it under 150)…do you know how lucky and spoiled I feel? Don’t expect him to pick up every mascara as a boyfriend and stop asking for insanely expensive things that don’t have tons of meaning. I think that you are so far removed from where I am that I am lacking some sympathy (and I do apologize for that) but you need to start understanding that he is giving you so much by listening and trying to find things you like that the end result and whether he spends 50 or 500 should not matter.

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I actually do want to help you look at this differentley. I am not saying you’re a gold digger or anything but clearley money matters to you ( i know it’s important but not the only important thin in life). You need to sit with yourself and think! what do i expect from a bf what do i want out of a relationship. If you didnt ask your ex about things like that before then why would you start doing that now? A boyfriend of 2 months is more than amazing if he offers to buy you a 200 $ watch why would you make him get you something that you know s way over budget? Soonner or later he will feel exhausted trying to keep up with your wants and he will leave. You need to lower your expectations and not be very shallow in a relationship. What if he can’t afford that stuff or even if he can what if he doesn’t think its okay to spend thousands of dollars on a bag? its his money so its his choice would you leave? If money is the most important thing for you in a relationship then just leave the poor guy and find someone wich who can answer to your wants. you need to lower your expectation and just take the hint when he doesnt want to pay for the stuff that he shouldnt really buy for you

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VeronicaZ: Is this serious? He’s not cheap you just seem quite shallow,materialistic and a bit of a gold digger,  It’sbeen 2 months i would never ask my Fiance to spend that much on me ever and we have been together 3 years.

I can’t believe i have just wrote this i never write mean posts to anyone but you are just unreal.


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VeronicaZ:  Yes. I think you’re wanting too much. My boyfriend of 3 years has never gotten me jewelry, a designer bag, has bought my expensive makeup, or any of the like. He has probably spent 40 dollars on a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day this past February. Come to think of it, I think that is the second most expensive gift he’s ever gotten me. The most expensive was $99, but we had to return it because it didn’t work. It was a Dr. Who themed universal remote for Christmas.  I would NEVER ask, let alone expect, my S.O. to get me something so spendy unless it was a 5 year (or more) wedding anniversary – and even then it wouldn’t be necessary, but a huge surprise and I’d still feel guilty for him spending such money.

Most women buy their own things. I’m not saying you’re a gold digger, but I will say that you’ve been wrongfully accustomed to an unreasonably high set of standards.

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Well, I didn’t read the entire thread but I read enough. OP, I think you *deff* syh a little too much. I’m not going to address your greedy attitude. From the responses I read, that’s been done by other posters.

I will say, if he is that keen on spending money on you and you feel comfortable enough to dictate to him what to spend his money on (*buy me this! buy me that!* is so charming by the way) then may I suggest you ask for some books? Doesn’t have to be the complete works of Shakespeare or Dickens. I actually think the complete set of Harry Potters would be more helpful to you from the sounds of it. You seem to be under a few misconceptions. Well, let’s be frank (that means honest, not hotdog, in this context), you are under more than a few misconceptions but let’s just stick with your basic written word skills, shall we?

I think what a lot of posters are reacting to is that a woman would be more interested in carrying a thousand dollar purse than taking 2 minutes to learn and understand that *could of* is wrong wrong wrong. It’s *could’ve*. A contraction of *could have*. As in *I could have asked him for  $2000 purse but that would have been even greedier. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut and not asked for anything at all*. Not *of*, *have*. Now admittedly, if you close your eyes and say it out loud, could’ve sounds like could of. A misunderstanding that is quickly cleared up by reading pretty much anything above a 5th grade level. Really. Anything.

Also, it’s *definitely*. One f. See? So the correct shortened version would be *def*. You are somehow managing to spell it wrong even without spelling it out. Smh

Whatever expensive handbag you snitty-fit this guy into purchasing for you, please make sure it’s big enough to carry at least a paperback book. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Babysitter’s Club maybe or Sweet Valley High. Start out small and work your way up. Trust me, you def need the practice.

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