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    My Fiance really didn’t seem my type, both physically and personality wise.  He is short (5’8) has blond hair and fare skin.. I usually go for tall and dark.

    Personality wise; he is loud and loves to be the life of the party.  When we first met he just kept asking me out, and I thought this guy is such a player and so in my face.  I wasn’t into it at all. Oh, andworst of all… he smoked.  Which was a huge no-no. 

    Once I got to know him though I realized he really was my type.  He quit smoking, and got his partying under control, which allowed me to see who he really was.  He gets really loud when he drinks and that was the only side I was seeing of him. H’s actually a serious, well read, amazing man… he was just hiding it from me at first.

    I still sometimes wish I could sprinkle some water on him and he’d grow a few more inches.. haha, but I can deal with it.

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    My Fiance is totally my type. Preppy but athletic (and very much a boy…doesn’t care about clothes, etc.) Physically he is my type too – olive skin town, fit but not too muscular. 

    He is my type intellectually insofar as he is interested in politics, current events, pop culture (sort of), and is a physician so has plenty of smarts.  But he is really into science and I can’t stand the sight of blood and don’t understand chemistry. 

    He has my sense of humor and likes to be active and be outside like me.  We both have a little bit of "homebody" in us, too.  Love him!


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    I haven’t dated around a lot, but as far as looks, my type has dark hair and my Fiance is blond.

    There’s the whole smoker thing, too. 😛

    But there’s so much about him that’s perfect for me — it just wasn’t obvious from looking at him!

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    I always fell for the guys that had dark, thick hair, and dark eyes, with a sun tan (from working outside) Not skinny skinny, but not overweight (though I never had a problem with overweight people, I’m not exactly thin myself) I liked the country guys because some of them I found to be more down to earth.

    When I first met Fiance, I dreaded seeing him pull up to my place of work. He liked the loud thumping music, he was in the middle of his senior year in highschool; late 2005. I had been graduated from high school for over a year and a half, so I was "more mature". (Of course, you know that girls tend to mature faster than guys; lol) He was loud.

    Fiance is a country boy, but as far as physically. He’s a little on the heavy side, fair skinned, light hair (that’s thinning on top), and green eyes. I love the eyes, I could just get lost looking into them. And his weight, never bothered me. I guess I fell for him, because he wasn’t perfect. The way I see it, there’s more for me to love. (And he keeps me warm when its cold)


    And I always joked with my family saying that I was going to marry an Irish redneck.  They said good luck on that one. And guess what, not only is Fiance a "country boy", but his family originated from Ireland. LOL!

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    He’s not my physical type: white, 5’9", curly hair, blue eyes… totally different than my preference which is brown, tall, thin, dark eyes…

    BUT, personality-wise he couldn’t be more perfect, which is a testament to not judging by appearance!

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    He’s not my "type" at all… every guy I dated before him was 6’2"+… blonde hair, blue eyes…. and never treated me right!

     He’s 6′, brown hair, brown eyes…. so I was like… eh… I don’t know (I was set up by one of my co-workers) and then I realized he treated me well and that he was an amazing person and made me want to be a better preson! Guess I just needed to realize that appearance "type" doesn’t matter, but my ideal type of person did. So glad I woke up 🙂

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    I always imagined that "My type" was a tall, musical type.  But I’ve always dated guys my height, not musical at all!  My Fiance is right in there, not what I imagine I go for but precisely what I want in a man.  How wierd is that?

    How many of you find that there’s the imaginary guy you thought was your type, then there’s the reality of what is really your type?

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    It’s a good thing he isn’t my type as my type in the past has proven to be lying cheating a-hole…hahaha

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      T’s totally my type and me his type .  He’s tall, dark, and with blue eyes! Directly outta the preppy handbook but can get dirty and loves to hike, kayak, and go off-roading.  He’s also so darn intelligent it blows me away sometimes.

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    I’m not sure i nessicarily have a type, but FH is both different and the same from the otehrs i have dated. He is quiet and soft spoken but gives off this bad-a$$ edge. But when you get past that he is the most sweetest, intelligent guys you could ever meet. Appearence-wise i always went for the punk-rocker; mohawk, tight,black clothing, piercings,tats but FH is the complete polar opposite,lol, baggy jeans, his shirt matches his shoes, his hair is either perfectly gelled or he wears a hat. And best of all. . .he "gets" me, he can completley penetrate the walls i put up and well. . . i love him. . .lol obviously

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    He was definitely NOT my type. We met online dating and he has told me over and over again how he kept reading my profile and thinking that there was nothing in "what I wanted in a partner" that he fit with. He sent me winks, smiles, ecards-you name it. I clicked on his profile, we started chatting-and a year and several months later-we are engaged! 🙂 I would have never met David if I hadn’t stepped outside my box-he is everything I never knew I always wanted. So romantic (to the point that my friends say he is romantically cheesy-lol-and I LOVE it!) so tender, so willing to make it absolutely clear about how he feels about me-he adores my kids and they adore him, we fit, we work…and I would have never known it.

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    It is crazy just how much my Fiance is my type. Both physically and personality wise. We just go together so well. I am thankful every single day that I have found someone like him.

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    I have two types….super athletic/fit, and musician rocker.  My Fiance is the second.  Long blonde hair, lead vocals and rhythm guitar in a metal band.

    Pesonality wise…we are polar opposites.  I am eternally optimistic, he is dark and pessimistic.  We do eachother good that way, I bring him up and he brings me down.  Both are necessary.

    Even though we are the yin to the others yang, we mesh very well, I think part of it is we know we have our own things, and let eachother go do them when we need to get away.

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    he was so not my type… I had never dated a man with blonde hair, blue eyes, older, etc etc… I went on the date .. my first reaction to his photo was "eh.. not bad.. after a long string of bad dates .. it’s an evening out"  Well… he turned out to be everything I wanted. He is humble, fun, corny, family oriented, hard worker, loving… everything I needed and had never found before!

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