Is is normal to not have that "wow" / "this is definitely THE dress" feeling?

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Sugar bee
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springbride708 :  I think your dress is so beautifu and romantic! I’m not a huge fan of the belt though, and I would have the neckline altered to a sweetheart. 

BUT to answer your question; I didn’t have that “THE ONE” moment when I purchased my dress, and I never had it for my first wedding either. I tried on tons of dresses and once I tried on my dress, it was the one to beat and nothing I tried on afterwards could beat it. I have dress envy, but not dress regret. Do I wish I could pull off other dresses? YEAH! but I think the dress I bought is the most perfect dress for me.  


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Helper bee

The belt is terrible but the dress is WOW.  Really beautiful and lovely on you.  

I think people who are generally decisive have the “this is the one” experience.  The rest of us come to that conclusion slowly.  I had doubts until the day we left the country for our wedding.  When I was on the plane, I had this realization that the dress was absolutely perfect and I was very excited with my choice. 

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Can you dm me the name of the dress and designer? I love it!!

Dresses are like guys… you may find the one, but it doesn’t mean you aren’t attracted to others or get a grass is greener feeling if you keep hunting. 

My best advice is to stop looking. Focus on your relationship with the one… which is beautiful. 

That said…. I found my dress already but I’d still like to know which yours is. Grass is greener, ya know!

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Bumble bee

It may just be your personality. 

I don’t get feelings like that about buying material things… but I feel emotional about sentimental things. 

I didn’t feel love for either my first wedding dress or this Second marriage’s dress… they are pretty and they will do. Lol. 

Same with my erings. I don’t think it’s any less special. I am more excited to get to wear it for my fh… 

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Busy bee
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I get married in like 5 1/2 weeks and havent even tried on a dress (but Im kind of the antibride). Ive looked a lot online and nothing really wows me. I plan to go look in person but I doubt Im gonna have a “This is it” moment

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Sugar bee
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I am sentimental, absolutely obsessed with wedding dresses, have seen almost every episode of say yes to the dress, but I never had that wow moment. I chose my dress because it fit the criteria of what I always knew I wanted and was well under my budget. But there were probably hundreds of other beautiful dresses out there I would have been just as happy in, and I adored my dress. I don’t think there is “one perfect dress” for every bride.. and its impossible to not get dress envy with the insane amount of choice available today. At some point you just have to commit and stop looking. 

For what its worth bee, I think your dress is stunning. But I absolutely agree with PP about removing the belt and dipping the neckline into a subtle sweetheart. 

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Busy bee
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I went in and knew what dress I wanted. I didn’t have that overwhelming feeling of “this is it!” or tears of joy. I just knew it was what I wanted. 

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Ugh, buyer’s remorse is so difficult with such a big-ticket item. I’m also a romantic who has watched every SYTTD episode, and also did not have an aha moment with my dress. After trying on something like 15 different dresses, the final dress (which I asked to try on after seeing someone else wear it) had my group excited! My mom even got teary – I had a “oh, cool” reaction to myself in the dress. I tried several others from another store a week later and kept thinking of this one.. so I went back to the original boutique same-day, tried it on, and bought it. No tears or exhuberance from me, which also felt kind of odd (I blame that TV show!). I, too, see other dresses and wonder “what if..” but I’ve reconciled it by accepting that the dress is “good enough.”  I think as long as you are content with it, you’ll feel great on your day. 

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Sorry, also wanted to add that I also agree it’s a beautiful dress and looks amazing on you – though your opinion and how you feel in the dress are most important and valid. Accessorizing (belt, jewelry, how you do your hair) well would be a great way to spruce it up if it seems too plain to you. Could you make an accessories appt with your salon?

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Helper bee
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The dress is lovely and suits you well. 

FWIW I think its totally normal to not have a “wow” or emotional response to a dress, especially when youre looking back at photos. 

I didnt have any major moment when i found mine, i back and forthed a bit over two and then looked back at photos (while i was there) and saw which one photographed better. I made a decision based on how i felt in it (althoguh i felt good in both) what was in budget and what was practical for the day. 

Yes i often lust over other dresses, but theyre all gorgeous dresses that would never have been in the running at all due to cost. Theres millions of dresses, theres no “one” dress for anyone and if you keep looking you would find another one you like as much, but as with everything when we are spoilt by choice it makes it harder to settle on one thing. 

If you can id say try it on again. Do you hair and make up, maybe take some accessories if you have any and see how you feel then. It makes the world of difference and after i did that last i remembered why i picked my dress and fell for it all over again. 

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Helper bee
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I didn’t have an OMG moment either while dress shopping. It was just that I had tried on a lot of dresses by then, needed to choose one, and I felt beautiful in the dress I picked. I actually started to have an emotional response to another dress from that shop the same day, but it was twice as expensive and I just couldn’t justify that cost. The consultant actually helped at lot. She was like “Is this beautiful on you? Yes. Is it twice as much money more beautiful than the other dress you also looked stunning in? I’m not so sure about that.” I really appreciated that she didn’t try to upsell me on a gown more expensive just for the sake of making the commission. For what it’s worth, I had much more of a connection and fell in love with my dress when I went back for my first fitting when it was MY dress. 

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springbride708 :  Yep, totally normal. TV show reactions are not always real. Sometimes, you just pick a dress you like for exactly the reasons you listed – it’s not worth more time/effort/thought investment to keep looking, and you can afford it, so why not. Your dress will be special because it’s what you’re going to get married in! Your guests will think you are lovely because you’re the bride. Don’t stress too much about it. 

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Bumble bee

You have a great figure and would look good in so many dresses. I think you look lovely in this one.

I did not have a wow moment. I tried on gowns looking for something comfortable, that flattered my shape and height, was within budget and that made me feel good.

I know you did not ask for opinions, but I really would reconsider that belt. It does not go with the style of the dress at all.

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