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Honey bee
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I think asking another person to read and edit your papers is fine (I do this for my Fiance and used to for my roommates in college)

But IMO, recycling papers is definitely cheating.

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Sugar bee
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I agree with HotChild.  Having someone proof-read your papers and give you edit notes is okay.  That’s what a newspaper/magazine do.

I do think that re-using the paper as your own is cheating.  It is called plagerism.  NOt sure if I spelled that right.  But it is against the law to plagerize someone else’s work especially if it is copyrighted.

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Busy bee

There’s a really fine line there. If your husband is really editing them, and telling her what she’s doing wrong so that she can learn from it, then i would say it’s helping, and i did that for my best friend for years.

However, sounds like she is doing this all the time, so she’s obviously not learning anything. I would have Darling Husband put a limit on the “helping” and put his foot down. perhaps he could do a quick proofread, and just give generalized comments instead of editing himself.

Like, “Sounds good, but you should really watch your grammar.” or, “I like the detailed paragraphs, but they’re like run-on sentences”.

She’ll be forced to figure it out on her own if he doesn’t give specifics.

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Honey bee
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I think it depends on the parameters of the assignment. If you’re supposed to turn in strictly your own work, then yes, it’s cheating. If proofreading is allowed, then no, it’s not cheating. I think another set of eyes on written work is almost always valuable, so I think she’s smart to ask. If he’s doing more than proofreading and grammatical editing, though (like re-writing portions of the paper), he might be overstepping.

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Busy bee
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A lot of my professors have started to use turnitin.com which will compare your papers with online sources and other students papers that have been summitted. If you have a certain percentage that is similar (most of my professors say more than 10%) it’s considered cheating. Recycling papers is cheating, period. If a person were to be found out that they were recycling a paper would be in a lot of trouble and if the person that provided it was still in school they would get in trouble as well. (A simple as failing the paper to as severe as failing a class) I don’t think that proof reading and editing suggestions are cheating at all, the majority of the paper is original, proof reading and editing is just improvement on the original work.

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Buzzing bee
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It’s not cheating to peer review your papers. That’s a method many, many colleges and secondary schools implement in their writing classes and tutoring centers now. Obviously it’s plagiarism to take someone else’s paper, and you can get expelled for that sort of nonsense. But if the person is just asking for editorial remarks, all the decisions of which edits to implement are totally up to them…and therefore the work is still entirely their own. If the person editing her paper is practically rewriting the paper for her, that’s the editor’s problem.

If she’s “recycling,” tell someone!

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Bee Keeper
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My teachers would always encourage us to get someone to proof read, they’d rather us have a good paper. It especially is good if you’re writing on a topic that most people don’t know about, that way someone can look at it objectively and tell you if things don’t make sense or don’t sound right. Recycling papers, on the other hand, was  never ok.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Helping/editing/using homework to help YOUR OWN, yes, ok. I;ve had to use other peoples’ homeworks to help me along in classes like synthesis and metallurgical engineering–sometimes i simply couldn’t get past a differential equation without seeing *that* step, then I could move on. I knew id’ be hurting myself if i just copied.  But it sounds like you’re referring to english or history papers. i know with math it’s always a little different. but yeaaah, recycling is a no-no. I gave up my lab reports maybe once or twice to help someone out in desperate need, but she was under strict orders to use it as a guideline, not copy, or we’d both get in trouble. It was definitely borderline but it was a once in a blue moon kinda thing and she returned the favor when Darling Husband got deployed and I couldn’t think striaght. What your DH’s friend is doing though is so blatant! he needs to start cutting her off

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Worker bee
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We were always told that we could get expelled for having four words the same in a row. We were also always encouraged to visit the campus writing center for help, and we were not to seek help from a peer. Having someone correct spelling and grammar errors is one thing, but using their ideas is something completely different.

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Bumble bee
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Whoa: recycling papers is plagiarism. Asking for help is perfectly legitimate on the other hand. 

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Honey bee
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It’s okay to have someone edit your paper… but… recycling papers is cheating. Most schools have the same policy on plagiarism: 1 strike, you’re out!!

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Sugar bee

As a teacher, I wouldn’t consider having a peer (or with my students, a parent) helping to edit a paper as cheating.  However, I think it’s more appropriate if the editing is done together, so that the original writer has a chance to make the final editing decisions.  For example, I’ve helped my brother (in HS) work on papers, but as I’ve edited, I’ve had him sitting at the computer and suggested changes/edits, which he had the decision to make.

However, “recycling” papers is definitely cheating as far as I’m concerned. 

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Busy bee
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I think asking someone to read/edit your work is fine (wonderful even). Authors and writers do this all of the time with editors. I read/edited other people’s work all through jr. high, high school and college (my grandmother was an English teacher and crammed my head full of editing/writing skills as a child). It’s an honor for someone to ask you to read/edit their work – it means they trust your judgement. As for the ‘recycling’ of papers and work, that’s… plagerisim last time I checked?



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Busy Beekeeper

Does Darling Husband know she is doing this?  If so, why does he continue to let her cheat (yes, it IS cheating).


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