Is it crazy to get pregnant in quarantine?

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I highly recommend waiting. Me and fiancé were trying to conceive our second child since November. These last few months we tried to avoid it but I’m still not on birth control and now I’m 5 weeks pregnant and scared as fuck. I hope things clear up, I’m not high risk when it comes to pregnancies so my OB won’t see me till I’m 12 weeks. It’s not the best scenario but I’m taking it head on. 

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I would 100000% wait. This is not how you want to experience your first pregnancy unless you absolutely have too. And you don’t want to be exposing yourself so much. 

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jackiebee :   I’m only 30, so I do have some time, but my worry is that if this goes on for years then I’ll end up having to go for it eventually anyway, and then it might be too late for me to have a second child or a third child. 

No, this won’t go on for years. There will be a vaccine and life will get back to normal. At 30, I would hold off if I were you. I don’t love TTCing right now at all, it’s anxiety producing and sucky. But if I have to choose between possible risks and the very real possibility that we won’t have another child at all (at almost 38 and 47), we are choosing to try for another child. It sucks thoigh. 

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Busy bee

currently 22 weeks pregnant and i don’t think its crazy to trying to conceive right now if you don’t have underlying medical conditions.  i didn’t even see the doctor until i was 11 weeks pregnant.  even if you conceive immediately, it may be a few months before you even need to worry about seeking medical care. 

i live in the midwest and although we are under a lockdown, there are very few cases here.  my husband is a doctor and there are not a large amount of people in the ICU with covid.  although they have restricted visitors at the hospital, and changed some visits to telemedicine, i haven’t had any difficulties getting the care i need. maybe if i lived in nyc or somewhere severely affected i might feel differently.  (although i used to live in nyc and i have two friends who have given birth in the last month– and everything progressed more or less as normal.  they just were restricted from bringing anyone to the hospital but their husband).

ultimately, this is a personal decision based on your own unique situation.

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I’m almost 32 weeks pregnant and had I known this was coming I would have put off ttc. Pregnancy is extremely stressful as it is, constantly wondering if baby is okay..I wouldn’t knowingly conceive during a pandemic.. hell no. Not to mention they’ve cut dowm prenatal appointments significantly and I’d be too scared to go out for mandatory appointments in the first trimester since there is no research on how the virus can affect you and baby at that point in pregnancy. Not something I’d do to myself

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I do want to add… In one of my local mom’s groups on Facebook, someone’s doctor canceled her D&C since it wasn’t an necessary procedure. My guess is she didn’t have a choice about how they were first going to handle her miscarriage and gave her misopristol instead. But, please know, if you miscarry or have complications in your first trimester, you will absolutely be affected by what is going on right now.

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I think for people based in the US, I would wait even if local COVID cases are low – the US hasn’t banned interstate travel so it’s possible for new outbreaks to begin even if current cases in your area are low.

If you’re somewhere in the world where there are extensive travel restrictions (I’m thinking New Zealand, Australia etc) I would be comfortable TTC when national or state new cases are effectively zero. 

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I don’t think there’s enough awareness about the complications that are happening from poor oxygenation while sick with covid19.  I posted the link to the thread where I discussed it in detail but I know people don’t usually follow links to read through four pages of another thread.  Here’s an excerpt of what I posted there on this issue.  I addressed other concerns as well in the other thread , the link to which is on page one of this thread.  I was concerned about poor oxygenation being a danger as soon as I heard we were facing a corona virus that targets the lungs.  I’ve been watching for the medical information to come forward.  It’s rolling in and it is very concerning. 

“I read an article a few days ago discussing heart damage happening to patients who have been treated for covid19.  Drs don’t know yet if the virus attacks the heart directly or if the damage happens from poor oxygen supply to the tissue while sick.  Regardless, of those who are hospitalized, 20% of survivors are left with damage to their heart.  Doctors are worried about possible repurcussions for those dealing with the virus at home, who may not be properly oxygenated for stretches of time but no one is checking them.

This is not a situation to risk while pregnant.  En utero, a baby incurs brain damage if deprived of oxygen for as little as thirty seconds.  How long does a woman go without proper oxygenation, even with medical intervention, if she’s fighting covid19?  I expect a sharp rise in cerebral palsey and  developmental delays among babies born in this pandemic.  Not all will be immediately evident–only the most severe cases would be.diagnosed in the first year. Many cases won’t be caught until school age and learning disabilities are assessed.  It could be seven years before we have the data we need to begin to gauge the effect this virus has on babies en utero, without ever needing to attack the baby directly.  A sick mother cannot oxygenate herself and a baby.

For those who are already pregnant, I wish them health and safety.  For those who are not pregnant, I would urge for them to wait this out.  I would BEG for them to wait this out.  Pregnancy at the best of times has risks.  Without proper access to medical care and observation…?  Very risky.  Very dangerous.  I would not risk it.”

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We *HOPE* there is a vaccine. They never came up with a viable vaccine for SARS, and that was 16/17 years ago. The one they did come up with killed the test animals, and the studies are showing COVID is a much more difficult virus to figure out (even with all our advanced technologies).

I’m 22 weeks, and had I known what was coming, we probably would have waited. As it is, it’s scary as shit going in for appointments. My husband couldn’t go to the anatomy scan, all but one appointment is now telemed until I hit 36 weeks. My son was born early, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility this one will be early too. My son was in the hospital for a week after birth, and he was only a preemie by 8 hours… 

Pregnancy is such a crapshoot anyway for complications/possible issues, that even if you had a great first pregnancy already (I had zero complications or risk factors when my son was early), it’s still not guaranteed for the following ones. 

So far, I’m “extremely low risk,” so I’m a candidate for telemed appointments, but of course that can change at any point. And the thought of having my baby, and him being separated from me at birth for who knows how long is causing seriously high anxiety right now. I’m even considering a home birth, which is something that was never even a possibility or thought before this. 

I don’t know, I guess I wouldn’t call it crazy, but I wouldn’t call it sane either. 

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I’m 11 weeks pregnant with my second. We conceived mid February and I was 6/7 weeks when things started turning sour in the US. I’m lucky that I haven’t had any changes in prenatal care other than the fact that I cannot bring my husband or my daughter to prenatal scans or appointments. My next appointment is continuing as usual next Friday. I have also honestly been thankful to endure the first trimester at home because I’ve been incredibly sick. 

On the flip side, my husband received a 20% pay cut and they eliminated his paid paternity leave for the foreseeable future. I am currently not working as my employer shut down, I am lucky that I am still being paid but I don’t know how long that will last if this continues for months. I am really nervous about how things will look when I deliver in October, I have to have a csection due to complications during my daughter’s birth, and I have read a lot of scary things about not allowing a support person due to lack of PPE. 

I think this is a decision that will be different for every individual. I don’t regret getting pregnant and I’m still very excited. However, if I were an essential worker dealing with the public or lived in a hotspot I would absolutely be wishing I had waited.

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Wow thank you everyone for sharing your perspectives. We had planned to start ttc for number 2 in may 2020 but I didn’t want to right now anymore. After reading this I feel more confident in my decision to delay ttc for a while. I hope you and your families all stay safe and healthy during this difficult time!❤️

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I posted almost 2 weeks ago, and life sort of comes at you fast when you have a lot of time to think about it in quarantine. As it becomes increasingly obvious that this is going to be the reality for 12-24 months, I’ve been reevaluating whether or not it’s worth putting life on hold. Part of that was actually seeking out my practice’s Facebook page. Cases are relatively low here, they’re not even close to out of PPE, partners are still allowed in for appointments and births. So, once we get the go-ahead that DH’s job is fine, we’re probably going to go for it. 

I am sort of worried that we’re crazy, though. 

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I would hold off … ESPECIALLY in the US…I’m Canadian and streaming CNN is like watching a slow car crash… I think US is going to get hit with a very severe second wave that will do more damage (health and economy wise) than the first wave did.


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Sorry but I think you would be out of your mind to be TTC if you don’t have advanced age or fertility issues 

On top of what was already said, let’s not overlook the fact that there are hospitals that will be inevitably closing down because they cannot financially recover from this.

In my area a hospital just abruptly closed down indefinitely, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without access to healthcare and resulting in a backlogging of issues stemming from that: short staffing for first responders, longer wait times for EMS….it’s a domino effect. 

Trust me, I have circulated D&Cs and emergency ectopics  and it’s stressful enough when you already have staffing and resources

You would be screwed if you had an OB emergency and had to wait an hour + just to get to the closest hospital, not to mention wait times when you actually get there. And you don’t even have to be in a rural area for that to happen now that health systems are crashing 

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I mean sure it would suck to not have a baby shower, or not have your partner at ultrasounds…but if I’m being honest I don’t think those are reasons not to TTC. In the grand scheme of things, those are pretty minor concerns.

For me, I’d be far more concerned about the fact that this virus can be asymptomatic, and we have no idea whether it can cause birth defects. To me that is the far bigger risk, and I’m not sure it’s one I’d be comfortable taking.

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