(Closed) Is it just me, or does this happen to other brides?

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I personally didn’t have this happen a whole lot (with the exception of the creepy guys that came up to me at my bachelorette party going “DON’T DO IT!”) But one of my best best friends is a year younger (she’s 22, I’m 23.  Our DH/FIs are both 24) and has this happen all the time.  Just don’t let it get to you!  Simply reply “Because I’ve found the person I want to spend my life with, why should i wait?”

Seriously its none of their business.  I don’t get why people think its appropriate to voice these type of opinions to somebody who is clearly happy and excited to get married.

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Sugar bee
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Yes but that question could be asked to brides of any age, and I don’t think the answer would change. Unless it’s a younger bride saying “for love” versus an older bride saying “my clock is ticking”! Though obviously I’m sure the answer no matter the age is usually for love.

ETA – I reply by saying “we want the same things in life – kids, house, lifestyle; we’ve been dating 6 years, living together 2.5; WE WANT TO.” Same answers as brides of any age would give.

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Yep. People who don’t know me ask why I would want to get married so young. And then people who do know me (and know my fiance and I have been together for over four years) ask what the heck we’re waiting so long for :p

You really just can’t win! People judge people and there’s nothing you can do about it but smile 🙂

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Busy bee
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I’m 22 and it happens to me all the time! It gets me angry because mine starts with my family! There was also this man I had never met before who started going on and on about why I shouldnt get married, he just simply wouldnt stop! I actually posted about it you can read about it there, but just dont listen to people, if youre ready and in love do it!

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Bumble bee
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I got it sooooo often when we got engaged.  Most of my friends are single, and not single waiting for the right guy, single I think marriage is stupid and would never consider it.  They’ve all had some horrible boyfriend experiences, after thinking the guy was amazing when they first met him and I can kind of see where they are coming from.  When I first heard it, I was upset because I was so excited about the engagement and figured everyone else would be too.  After a month or two, I had heard it often enough to not be pissed off by it.  Depending on whose asking I either say because I love him (This is when a stranger, or aquaitaince asks). When a friend asks I start telling them about all the things I love about him, how I can’t imagine my life without him, and how we both want to share the rest of our lives.  I’ve still had people try to tell me why marriage is always a bad idea, but I just let it go.  The way I see it, its their lose that they never get to experience that relationship with another person. 

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“I want to have sex”

“I want to chang. My last name “

” I want to move out of my parents house”

” good life experience”

” we’re tired of having costody battles over our betta fish. Moving  a 15 gallon tank every other weekend is a pain in the ass”

” the world is supposed to end in 2012, and I don’t want to die a virgin”

” ^ same beginning as above, so why not?”

” I just want to wear the pretty dress”

” I just want a party”

” we need a new set of dishes”

“I want to br able to blame my bitchyness on ” wedding stress”

Most of theseagave come out of my mouth at one point or another.

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I’m 23 but I’ve only had that mentioned to me once by my dad’s sister (my aunt I guess) but we’re not very close at all. “But you’re way too young to get married!!!!” Everyone else seems to be happy for me, but don’t worry about it! A lot of people tend to believe that people should marry after they have “lived their life”, but if it feels right and you’re ready, then it’s right that you marry! 🙂

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I’m over 25 and I get it too.  Probably not as often as you, but I am giving up my career to move to him & be married – so people love to nose in and ask WHY.  Personally, I think these people need to get over their own preconcieved notions of what is and isn’t right in life and realize that their ideals are not everyone’s ideals, and the right time to be married is different for every couple.  

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The other day when I was buying some stuff for the wedding, the cashier at the store asked who was getting married.. I said I was.. and her response “How old are you” I said 24, she said “How do people that young, know that they’ve found the one?”.. I was confused.. all I said was I’ve known him for 8 years, so we’ve known for a while lol

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I get it, but nowhere near as much as when we first got engaged.  I just smile politely at people and tell them that we both see our lives as being together.  Whilst having an internal rage fit because some people don’t seem to think our marriage is going to be valid or something.

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My fiance is 25 & I am 21.  This has never happened to me which is a shock but I guess its because everyone knows us and are so freaking excited, even the people that are random to us they are always so happy! lol But I have seen it happen to a whole bunch of people and it sucks 🙁  I am sorry you get this a lot just ignore them! I am a true believer in love and if you are READY you are who gives a crap what anyone else says or thinks :))  



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