Do you feel like you can 'safely' chime in on political discussions on The Bee?

posted 2 years ago in The Lounge
  • poll: Do you feel like you can 'safely' chime into political discussions on The Bee?
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    BalletParker :  


    i agree that the far (or alt) right has gone off the deep end, and that story is one good example of feelings and agenda before facts. But I think you’d have to be pretty far into an echo chamber to not realise that the far left are also pretty insane in their own way and no amount of reasoned debate or science will sway them one iota from their ideology. They label anyone (even others on the left liberal side) who dares question them and their ideology as hateful bigots. I’ve known a bunch of previously progressive liberal friends who have been essentially completely ostracised from the far left because they don’t tow the line 100%. I mean the far left are now so left that they pretty much think anyone even slighty to the right of them is practically a nazi. It’s mental. And again I speak as one who sways in the centre and just sees both extreme ends of the political spectrum going batshit insane. It’s ppretty scary actually. I think for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction and I think we are definitely seeing this in our current politics.

    And even as I write this I have a feeling someone will jump to the conclusion that since I’m criticising the far left I’m somehow giving the right a free pass. I’m not. Two things can be wrong at the same time.


    (just clarifying I’m speaking of the extremes of both sides, not the centre left and right which I think is filled with people who are mostly rational).  

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    “Safely”? Do republicans need a safe space now? How ironic.

    Discussing politics anywhere on the internet is bound to be tense, all the more so when it’s a particularly emotionally charged subject like gun control. The bee is left-leaning for sure, but complaining that you’re being “bullied” because more than one person has voiced their disagreement with your opinion is pretty pathetic. Nothing chaps my ass more than someone who plays the victim, whether it’s some gaslighting boyfriend we read about on the waiting boards, or someone who states an opinion not backed by fact, or makes an offensive comment, and then cries “BULLY!” when more than one person inevitably takes issue with that. Then again, with such a thin-skinned president right now, I guess the example has been set from far above.

    I am liberal, but frequently read conservative news outlets like the Wall St Journal and the National Review because I do like to read educated, thoughtful perspectives that are different than mine. Take a look at the comments on any of those articles, or on liberal sites like The Atlantic too, and you’ll soon realize the bee is actually very tame. People may vehemently disagree with your opinion, but it rarely devolves into name calling and personal attacks.

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    echomomm :  I can find someone reprehensible and still take them seriously. Nazi-ism was reprehensible and IMO we are now seeing warning signs in the U.S. government. I find Trump reprehensible but I take him very seriously- despite his boorish, clownish ways, he is fully capable of starting WW3. 

    And defense lawyers are not emotionally detached- only different in their passions. Their passionate belief in the justice system’s ‘everyone has the right to a fair trial, everyone has the right to representation’ supersedes their qualms in representing clients they believe to be guilty, perhaps even guilty of horrible crimes. This is also why some lawyers would not be willing to be defense lawyers, it certainly doesn’t make them less intelligent, less rational as you interpret- it means their passion, their priority is different. 

    BalletParker :  The trolling of survivors is a new low, even for the far right. Some things are just so very wrong that there shouldn’t be two sides to the debate. 

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    BalletParker :  “most of us understand that the Internet means different points of view. seems like you’re still struggling with that between your attempts to control what is allowed to be discussed and lashing out when people don’t agree.”

    Thank you for jogging my memory here- OP Is the same Bee who has launched those other ‘discussions’ in which she became upset if any points were raised outside of the narrow parameters of the thread she set out and attempted to control and claimed any disagreement with her p.o.v. was attack? That explains a lot, I suppose we can look forward to her “Final Thoughts” post before she locks it after getting the last word in undecided

    You do see this quite frequently with the right wing mentality, however, so it’s unsurprising. The right wing was too accustomed in the past to having their voices of privilege aired unchallenged, so when they feel ‘attacked’ or complain ‘well, we can’t speak openly with all the political correctness/ snowflakes who take offense’…..this is tatamount to saying “I miss the good old days when I could be openly bigoted in peace’. They want theirs to be the only voice in the conversation and when different voices challenge their viewpoint it’s labelled ‘attack’ because the right wing comfort zone is not used to fair play on a playing field that even now only approaches being level. 

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    bluecutie00 :  

    But no-one here thought for a moment that the Internet was going to come through the screen and  hurt them physically . Obviously we knew what safe meant  in this context and tThe only post that suggested otherwise was clearly being ironic . All  this is perfectly clear from many posts. I’m not sure why you need to tell us  again.  

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    bluecutie00 :  I’m australian so most of the threads here arent relevant to my politics.  I lean pretty conservative and right wing.  I don’t mind giving my opinion and i honestly read a lot of the posts because I’m interested in others opinions.  If someone disagrees with me, well worst thing they can do is insult me and ya know, sticks and stones. 

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    RobbieAndJuliahaha :  As an Indigenous person I say hell yes to what you said about them missng the good old days of sprouting bigotry unchallenged. My whole life has been full of that because how dare an uppity black fella like me suggest being treated equal or not stereotyped or want an apology for the genocide that is still continuing or wanting actual help for our people (instead of tokenism).

    I have been spat on, punched, named called in the most vile ways, threatened with harm including rape all for being an activist for Aboriginal rights. But I’m the problem, not them.

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    bluecutie00 :  I think everyone understands what you meant by “safely,” and those questioning it are being facetious. The answer is that if you express conservative opinions on this forum, you are going to be in the minority. Many people will strongly disagree with you, while some will eagerly back you up. Just as if I went onto a conservative-leaning website and started expressing liberal viewpoints. 

    If being in the minority makes a conservative person feel unsafe (and I know you didn’t mean physically), then maybe they have more in common with the “liberal snowflakes” they often berate for needing a “safe space” to talk about controversial issues than they thought.

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    Yes and no.  In the last couple of years I have found myself having more moderate views, but still lean towards conservative.  I feel like if I joined in on any of the political threads, I’d get ripped to shreds by both sides.  I have seen bees from both sides of the political parties say/type things that I would never ever consider saying if I was having a mature political conversation with someone I disagreed with.  That is actually the reason I never participate in the political threads.  I encourage and welcome learning about those with different political beliefs than I have.  But when the fiery replies and snide comments start (on both sides, not targeting any one in particular) I find myself tuning it all out.  I will say though there have been bees on here (who I could not even begin to find anything in common in regards to political & social beliefs) than I have appreciated their comments because they were thoughtfully and maturely written out.  No attacks, no sarcasm, no baiting….just wonderful responses that helped me to see their point of view and gave me the opportunity to try and understand it.

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    Well, most of us have never started a political thread here, myself included. You keep starting them, so obviously you don’t actually feel unsafe.

    since this is entirely in your control, seems like you might just come here for the wedding stuff and not keep starting political threads if you don’t enjoy them. 

    Maybe you can’t control the weddingbee, but you’re hardly in the minority; your “side” runs the White House and both chambers in Congress. Dissent is expected when you are in 100% control. 



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    Nope. “Tolerant” liberals are intolerant of my opinions.

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    Yes & no. My political beliefs are all over the place & I do not lean to either side. I used to be staunchly Republican but my views have changed drastically over the past few years. I live in the south where 95% of people I know are conservative so I fully understand the “other side” and why they believe the way they do. I just reject it now. The bee is pretty overwhelmingly liberal so in instances where I lean more that way I feel fine jumping in on a political thread. But I am a Christian as well & I feel that a majority of bees feel pretty negatively about Christianity  so I don’t feel too great about arguing about religion on here.

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