Do you feel like you can 'safely' chime in on political discussions on The Bee?

posted 2 years ago in The Lounge
  • poll: Do you feel like you can 'safely' chime into political discussions on The Bee?
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    Neutral. I don't participate in any of the political threads. : (48 votes)
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    I don’t participate in the political discussions because I don’t follow politics and I’m sure I don’t have as good of a grasp as some other bee’s do.

    But I’ve never felt threatened on participating in any thread here.

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    RobbieAndJuliahaha :  By the way, I agree with every single thing you’ve said in your posts. Beautifully written, all of it.

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    I tend to have more left leaning views of most issues but I don’t have a lot of issues where I feel really strongly one way or the other, so I don’t often post in these threads. I do enjoy reading a lot of the threads though. As far as unsafe goes, I’m not sure I feel unsafe, but there are a very few specific bees who I try to avoid engaging with, those who tend have an “I’m right and you’re stupid” emotional reaction to most issues even when you agree with them. 

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    collegebee : “I guess I don’t think the Bee should have any political slant to it at all. I didn’t make an account on this website to participate in political discussions (hence why I often don’t, as I said from the outset), I made an account to participate in relationship- and wedding-related discussions, and to see such content”

    So because you personally didn’t come to the bee to debate politics, you don’t think politics should be allowed to be discussed at all?

    I guess I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for here. I can assure you Weddingbee is not the only lifestyle type forum where politics is sometimes discussed. Truly, if the political threads are that upsetting to you, no one is forcing you to contribute to them, just as no one is forcing me to go onto website with primarily conservative commenters and participate in their political discussions. There are dozens of active threads on the bee right now and only a couple of them are about politics.

    As for wishing the bee didn’t have a slant – well – I’m not sure Weddingbee itself actually is slanted one way or another, is it? The bees themselves do tend to be more liberal on the whole – but the views of people who participate in a web forum are not something you can dictate. I do have to wonder if you’d be so annoyed by the fact that there’s a “slant” on here though if it was more in line with your own.

    All that being said, name-calling and abuse should never be tolerated regardless of the topic of a thread (and back when mods were more active on here, these things really weren’t). 

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    tiffanybruiser :  “So because you personally didn’t come to the bee to debate politics, you don’t think politics should be allowed to be discussed at all?”

    No, I don’t think politics should be discussed (whether or not I agree with said politics) because it’s a wedding website. Political discussions aren’t the purpose of a website titled “Weddingbee”. It doesn’t upset me or “trigger” me, or whatever, I just don’t think it should be part of the landscape. It’s a lifestyle forum, yes, but it’s a niche lifestyle forum, and I think it creates distraction from the primary content and purpose of the website. Nothing more, nothing less.

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    I feel safe even though at times my opinions go against the grain. But I’m not someone who shies away from people challenging me. Although at times sometimes I’m simply too tired to participate. 

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    collegebee :  I think that political discussions should be saved for the non-wedding part of weddingbee so that those who don’t wish to read about politics don’t have to do so.

    I don’t approve of rudeness and insults, or stereotyping (the latter being a trap that it is too easy to fall into).

    However, if we were to remove all non-wedding related stuff from Weddingbee we would not only remove politics but all the non wedding-related emotional and relationship threads, ttc, child-free discussions, most of the parenting discussions, any reference to pets (except having pets dressed up in ceremonies), problems with post-wedding married life, in-law problems, depression, general worries, issues with neighbours, and quite a few other things dear to the Bees’ hearts.

    In short we would only talk about things that the companies who advertise on Weddingbee want us to talk about, i.e., things connected with their products.

    These companies advertise not only products but a ‘lifestyle” and hope we buy into it (in more senses than one) but we are real women with real lives, thank goodness. This means that Weddingbee is bound to be more wide-ranging and is, in my opinion, all the better for it.

    The other thing is the site has evolved over time. Boards appear if there is a requirement for them. I suspect that ones never used disappear over time. The site will continue to evolve. This is one of the strengths of the Internet.

    Weddingbee will never become a political site because the main focus is weddings but even people who are planning weddings don’t stop being interested in other things too.


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    Supersleuth :  I’ve seen this very thing happen on another major wedding site. The forums were once open to all discussions, and they tightened it down quite a bit, restricting all discussion to ONLY wedding and married-life talk. 

    It also has moderators who DAILY regulate the forum. *ahem*

    I’ll admit, it definitely feels like a “safer” place than the Bee, even for wedding questions.

    Nevertheless! I like considering the posts about pets and even politics (to a degree), and I particularly like seeing the wisdom and eloquence of a few of the regular Bees (tiffanybruiser, RobbieAndJuliahaha, teamroro, hikingbride). bluecutie00 :  Although you and I don’t tend to agree politically, I actually find you one of the more eloquent, rational, and temperate Bees, and your posts tend to cause me to at LEAST rethink my blanket distaste for conservatives (NOT read: conservatism). I appreciate that. I appreciate reading the words of or speaking to intelligent, reflective people who are able to engage in thoughtful discourse.  

    Although the Bee isn’t nearly as moderated a place, I have nevertheless found myself more challenged and having become more aware as a result of it being, quite simply, open to all. 

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    Honestly, I don’t engage in the political posts anymore. BTDT. I’m a republican, so naturally I get ganged up on here. It’s just not worth the frustration. 

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    DeniseSecunda :  I agree with all of this. I dont’ “hate” or even disrespect all conservatives by any means. I grew up in a conservative family and used to be conservative myself. I even voted for George W Bush in the first election I could vote in…yikes! It’s interesting, my dad is a really thoughtful, unemotional conservative and he and I can have very interesting conversations that sometimes cause me to rethink my positions or to think about something in a different way. With my mom, on the other hand, she immediately starts angrily spouting off easily refutable talking points from Fox News or the Drudge Report and it just goes downhlil fast. For me, there’s nothing more frustrating than discussing politics with someone who doesn’t care about logic.

    This is RAMPANT when it comes to the gun control debate. Example: just the other day a girl I’m friends with on Facebook who is pro-guns posted a meme about how Hitler took away guns from the Germans and “let’s all think about how well that worked out!” This is a myth propogated by the NRA: Hitler actually loosened gun restrictions for everyone except the Jews, and reducing the Nazi treatment of Jews into a gun control issue is absurd. Rather than admit that she was wrong to post something objectively false, she moved the goalpost to a different easily refutable argument – I think it was the one about how gun violence in Chicago proves gun control doesn’t work (ridiculous argument given how most of the guns in Chicago come from neighboring Indiana, where gun laws are extremely lax). Again someone points out why this argument is flawed, again she just moves the goal post to something else. 

    People who defend gun rights on the bee almost always spout similarly logically flawed arguments. Bees inform them why their arguments are logically flawed, and then these gun rights proponents complain of “bulllying” and being “ganged up” on and “not feeling safe.” I think that’s pathetic. I don’t condone name calling, but if you state your opinion and multiple people chime in to tell you why they think you’re wrong, that’s not bullying. Also, that’s not just limited to the political threads on the bee. I’ve been the “target” of it myself before when I had an “unpopular opinion.” Does it feel great when tons of people are explaining why they think your opinion is flawed? No, but you open yourself up to that when you voice a strong opinion online.

    In sum: grow a thicker skin. Be able to defend your arguments. If you realize you were wrong, own it.

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    Only some opinions, lol. I can discuss guns or fake news, because there are facts we can talk about. I’m not going to get into a debate on political correctness, because that’s all opinions.

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