Is it offensive to say I'm counting calories?

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Sugar bee
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Some people just need to feel justification that the way they’re eating isn’t a big deal. They definitely are over reacting. But hey at least now you can use the excuse that you want to look great in your wedding dress! Congrats on your engagement! 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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It was rude of her to question what you were eating in the first place. I absolutly hate it when people comment on my food! And your comment was in no way offensive. If she chose to took offense to it or feel bad about what she was eating that is entirely on her.

And these people sound like really shitty friends. I’ve been dieting as well and tracking all my calories in MyFitnessPal. I know that it’s something I’m really self conscious about and I would have been really hurt/livid if my “friends” were making a joke out of it.

But it’s not wrong at all to say you are counting calories or watching your weight. Though I usually just say that I’m not especially hungry (not because the other options are rude but because I hate talking about my diet with people).

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Sugar bee
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You didn’t say anything wrong. There was no reason for her to respond the way she did. Eat what you want, skip what you don’t and to hell with what people think that should be minding their business.

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Helper bee
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Absolutely not! I do this frequently, where I’m with friends/family and I’ll eat a bite of pasta or whatever, but then I’ll have my grilled chicken or whatever mindful item I ordered (or brought). I’m down ~50 pounds with LoseIt! And I don’t want to gain it back, especially when I’m trying to get my relationship with food back on track. I usually just respond with “I’m not looking for the weight I already lost.” Usually shuts them up. 

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Sugar bee
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It’s because they would like to eat better but don’t have the willpower or motivation, so to make themselves feel better, they make you feel worse.

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Busy bee
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No. It is absolutely not rude, especially since she asked. How strange. 

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Buzzing bee
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I’d just say something like “I’m in the mood for salad tonight” or “I’m not a huge mimosa fan”  or something generic. While you were not wrong at all, people do see comments like that as judgement (I know you weren’t). It’s their issue not yours, but to protect yourself, side step. If someone directly asks, then sure mention your weight loss goals. 

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Busy bee
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The only people who are going to judge you are people who hate their own weight. Those of us who are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, counting calories, or losing weight and those who are already confident with their shape won’t judge you. If you’re asked tell people the truth and screw the haters! 

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Bumble bee
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You’re completely not in the wrong. Your friend shouldn’t have asked about your salad in the first place—besides the fact that it was rude of her, it’s generally a good idea to avoid asking a question if you don’t want to hear the answer.

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Honey bee
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She asked a question, you answered honestly. Her reaction obviously speaks to her own insecurities, and has nothing to do with you. 

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Busy bee
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redmango :  No, it’s not offensive. People are only criticizing you because they feel insecure about their own eating. 

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Sugar bee
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It’s bizarre that someone would comment on what you were eating.

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Helper bee
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I eat really healthy and get crap from people all the time. It is what I choose for myself, I don’t comment on what anyone else chooses. People who have no willpower and are unhappy with how they look sometimes make it about them. I often will make excuses for not eating carbs and drinking (food alergies, not feeling well today even though it isn’t actually true), just so people don’t give me shit. It’s ridiculous! Keep up the good work Bee!

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Helper bee
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Nah you’re good! If they’re not joking then they’re just insecure or something.

I find it a lot easier not to mention calories or weight though, and just say “I feel like something fresh/light” or “I’m not that hungry, I had a big lunch” etc instead. It’s true and good also because my endgame is always to naturally eat in a way where I maintain my goal weight without counting, so I like that this response reinforces the idea of not overeating just to be social.

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