(Closed) Is it ok for Husbands to drink while TTC?

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    My husband still drank, but if we went out socially as a couple, he abstained. I didn’t even ask him to! He still had a beer at home or drank when he went over for a game at a friend’s house, and that was fine with me. I have never been a big drinker. I voted it’s not even something to think about, unless he’s dragging you out to bars every night to be his designated driver.

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    Unless you are drinking major quantities of alcohol (i.e., getting wasted every night), I would NOT worry about your or your husband’s drinking.  The TTC process can be long, and then you won’t be drinking for 9+ months.  Don’t stall your life – or your husband’s – for TTC.  In my experience, that can only lead to unhappiness, stress, and resentment.

    FWIW – I have done a ton of research on the effect of drinking on TTC (for women).  There are very few studies out there, and the only one that seems to have semi-conclusive results was a Danish study done quite a while ago that said that women who regularly drink to excess *may* take longer to conceive. 

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    Not really something to worry about. I’ve done a bit of reading around about the subject and drinking is only really an issue during ttc (for men) if they are drinking so much (binge drinking) that it affects the quality & quanitity of their sperm (it takes about 3 months for a new ‘sperm cycle’ — all new sperm to be made).

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    I can’t remember the name of the book, but I did read some things pretty interesting when I was pregnant with DS years ago.

    I had never really thought about it before but what Dad does as for health of his body is actually really important for making babies… considering he makes new sperm every single day…

    I know that for alcohol particularly, it only takes 1 ounce of liquor to begin the intoxication process which would infact effect every part of him.

    So, maybe avoid liquor since it’s intoxicates quicker?…

    It of course talked about other things like smoking, drug use, and even overall health, stress, and diet.

    I wish I could remember the source but like I said… it’s been awhile. lol

    OH… mayoclinic talked about this stuff… It said to limit to 1 or 2 drinks daily if you’re (he’s) a drinker, while other articles say that not consuming alcohol at all is needed at times to get pregnant too.

    We don’t drink, I don’t drink anymore, so I’m kinda biased on just not drinking BUT I think it is a valid concern of yours and something to look into =)

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    It may be easier for me to say not to worry about it, because Darling Husband had an SA and his guys were “superb” and he has at least a couple of beers a day (he works offshore for 4 weeks at a time- no alcohol- so when home he indulges!), and on the weekends, we have been known to tie one on!  So I would think that it would only be an issue if, like a PP said, there was consistent binge drinking.  Or if an SA was done, and it wasn’t favorable, as in there was a problem with the sperm to begin with.  But if an SA is done, and things look good, then I would definitely not worry about that.

    ETA:  Just to clarify what I meant by “It may be easier for me” – I don’t know if that sounds snarky, but I just meant that it’s a lot more worrisome when you haven’t yet had testing like a sperm analysis, and before we did all that mumbo jumbo, I had the same thoughts.  “What if something’s wrong with his swimmers?!?”  But now that we know he’s okay, I don’t worry about him.  It’s ME I’m worried about because something goes wrong for me every month!  So it’s understandable to worry a little about things like alcohol if you don’t yet know *for sure* that he has happy swimmers:) 

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    My husband doesn’t drink, but if he wanted a few beers every now and then I wouldn’t have cared.

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    My husband doesn’t drink a lot but he’ll have a beer here and there. He works for a beer company so we have quite a stock of them in our fridge. I didn’t ask him to stop drinking while TTC and I wasn’t really worried about it. Like jholler said I’m  not worried about him at all, I’m more worried about my body doing it’s part in the process. I was reading a lot about TTC and I mentioned to him a couple of months ago about how some people stop drinking.  I asked him if he wanted a beer last week and he told me that he’s not going to drink until after I O. I thought it was really cute! I honestly don’t think it affects the swimmers very much but it kind of eases my mind to think it’s one more thing that couldn’t possibly be a problem for us this cycle.

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    Didn’t even occur to me to think about.  We’re both moderate drinkers, will have a drink with dinner a few nights out of the week and a party will have a couple.  We were on vacation right before we conceived and both drank a lot.  The vacation was probably around a week before baby was made but  his drinking during vacation didnt seem to matter, hes really fit and healthy so maybe its more about getting healthy than just to drink or not to drink.

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    if you’re ttc…

    you both need to get super trashed, meet up at a bar, get more trashed and then take each other home.

    well, it seems to be working for all the college girls on tv. lol.

    but seriously, its not too much to worry about. unless they obviously can’t handle themselves when drinking, but that needs to be addressed even if you aren’t planning on having kids.

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    @sunshine_kar:  Seriously.  Just think of all the people that get KU when there is tequila involved.

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    @sunshine_kar: Ah…so THIS is our problem! :o)

    I never even thought that him drinking was an issue. He doesn’t usually drink a ton, and when he does, it’s a beer or two here and there.

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