(Closed) Is it ok to have wine while pregnant ?

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@Tutti80:  Everything in moderation if you are having 1 glass of wine, it is not going to hurt you or your baby. I drank a glass n half of champagne on my wedding day and was 17 weeks along

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@Tutti80:  I did a bit of research re this. It seems to be a hot topic with lots of research. Based on the research I did I decided that the very odd glass of wine is ok. Though, if you ask different doctors youll get different answers. Tbh, I found from what I have read, that any caffeine is worse than alcohol.

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I never understand this. Why can’t people have a nice drink without alcohol? There’s decent stuff available. 

to me the question always is: if sth were to happen to the baby, could I live with myself thinking it may have been because of the alcohol? 

DD is 7.5 months old, I haven’t had a single droplet of alcohol since my BFP and I haven’t missed it at all. 

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@Tutti80:  a friend of mine had wine with dinner during both of her pregnancies and everything was fine. Her hubby is a spine surgeon, I doubt he would’ve allowed it if he thought it would hurt the baby. My opinion is, as long as you’re not drinking enough to feel any kind of buzz, I’m sure it’s fine. I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it more than once or twice a month though. 

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i wouldn’t risk it, but that’s just me.

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I don’t think it’s a problem. I think the big problems come when you binge drink. With that said, I’m quite a paranoid person, so I am not sure I would drink at all during pregnancy. In other places besides North America, it’s definitely not discouraged as much. I think it’s kinda ridiculous how so many things are supposed to be off limits when you’re pregnant. Deli meat? Peanuts? Yeesh.

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I have, I’m 26 weeks.  I’m a bad preggo lady though and I break all the eating rules like cheese and sushi and whatnot.  A glass here and there for special occasions is fine between dh and me.  That’s the choice we made together.  I make sure I have it with food.  There are studies that show women who drink occasionally in pregnancy have a positive effect on babies – I think it has to do with anxiety or stress or something, I’d have to do some internet digging if you’re interested.  It’s really about what you’re comfortable with. 

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Study: Moms Who Drink Wine While Pregnant Have Better Behaved Kids

I’ve heard that you just want to avoid the time that the brain is developing. I’d also avoid higher concentrations of alcohol percentage (I believe that moscato runs pretty low in that regard). 

That being said, you might run into trouble getting served alcohol if you are visibly pregnant. Some places do not serve pregnant women.


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@Tutti80:  I like this article- I think you will to. There is no way ONE glass of wine, on a special occasion, at 20 weeks, will hurt your baby.


PS Be prepared for this thread to blow the f*&^% up, as it always does. One side will side: science says it’s fine, there is no risk for light, occasional drinking. The other side will say, OMG science says it causes FAS, why risk it????? At the end of the day, it is up to you and what you feel comfortable with.



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I don’t drink ordinarily anyway but this has been a topic of debate in our hospital lately especially with the nurses who are pregnant (and there are several) the truth is that FAS is a problem and they know it is caused by alchohol… but they don’t know when or how much will effect who and how. Every mom is different, every baby is different, every glass of wine is different. Personally there is no way in heck I would even think about risking it. My sister an avid wine lover felt the same way, and went the entire 7 months she knew she was pregnant without a drop. If something does happen and the baby is born with FAS or mental problems I would never be able to forgive my self. but thats just me and there is no guarentee anything will happen. 

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You risk your child’s life every day you get in a car. One glass of wine every now and then is a far lesser risk. Granted driving is sadly a necessity for lots of people, but still. I had a glass with dinner once every few week/month while pregnant. 

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@MsquareM:  “I never understand this. Why can’t people have a nice drink without alcohol? There’s decent stuff available.”

Because an iced tea or a juice is NOTHING like a nice glass of wine, especially if you are having a nice dinner!

And because most FAS studies study women who do things like binge drink hard liquor.  Obviously FAS is something to be taken seriously, but in most other cultures (e.g., France) women have the occasional glass and they don’t have any major issues with FAS.

Obviously moderation is key, but there isn’t any evidence that a glass a week or so is going to hurt your baby, especially after the first trimester.

And I have been told by my birth instructor / lactation consultant AND my pediatrician that drinking in moderation while breastfeeding is not a problem.

Basically, why bother being so Puritanistic about it if there is no need to?  Being pregnant or a parent does not mean that you need to be a martyr to your children.

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Different strokes for different folks. I am moving to a country where women who breatfeed are told to drink Stout and my SIL was encouraged by her doctor to have a glass of champagne every once in a while during pregnancy.

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