(Closed) Is it ok to have wine while pregnant ?

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I love wine. Loooooooove it. But I’m 100% opting out of drinking any of it while I am pregnant. Will half a glass of it hurt my baby? Probably not – but the way I see it 1) Wine, as wonderful as it is, is still a toxin. I don’t know exactly the effects it has on my baby in the long term and no one really does, so I prefer to air on the side of caution. 2) How you feel after a glass of wine will be different than how your baby feels – you might be sligtly buzzed, but it affects your baby’s mental state much more and you don’t know how “drunk” the baby will get in the short term. I wouldn’t give any wine to a 3 month old, so why would I give it to one that is about to enter the world in 3 months? I can just wait until after the kid is born, it is a minor inconvinance for a relatively short period of time. 

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@Tutti80:  In the US everyone will tell you never. But in a lot of places, “a little, once in awhile” is fine. (Much like in the US, people say don’t eat sushi while pregnant, but in Japan, it’s part of a healthy pregnancy diet in moderation.) I think the USA is a little more strict than it needs to be about pregnancy diet.

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@MsquareM: “DD is 7.5 months old, I haven’t had a single droplet of alcohol since my BFP and I haven’t missed it at all.”  

Congratulations on being better than everyone else.

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I think it’s silly to say one glass will cause issues.

That’s like saying one dental x-ray will cause cancer.

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I think a sip or two wouldn’t do any harm, but I intend to avoid just to be sure. I’m not bothered about drinking and don’t do it on a regular basis so I wouldn’t really miss it. 

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@canarydiamond:  “I think it’s kinda ridiculous how so many things are supposed to be off limits when you’re pregnant. Deli meat? Peanuts? Yeesh.”

This. If/when I have kids, I’ll cut the booze, and avoid smokers, chemicals, and painkillers and that type of thing…

… there is no freaking way I’m not eating sushi, cheese, and shellfish. Nope.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

OP, it may interest you to know that up until the 1950s, British women were advised to completely avoid water during pregnancy and breastfeeding because the water was so insanitary. Instead of water, they drank “small beer”, which is very weak beer. The alcohol killed the bacteria. If one glass of wine caused FAS, previous generations of Brits would all have it! Instead, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child with FAS. I only ever heard of the condition after reading American websites. It’s really not common here at all, which leads me to suspect that the “all or nothing” attitude of some people is the real problem. But I digress.

Many European women drink lightly throughout their pregnancies. I’ve never heard of some huge outbreak of FAS in Italy or France. So basically, you’re in the clear.

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@Tutti80:  I had several glasses of wine during my pregnancy without hesitation. I am now breastfeeding my 9w old and have even sipped a glass WHILE breastfeeding. It’s about comfort & common sense. Have one glass not 4. decide if YOU feel comfortable.


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@ElbieKay:  there’s also non-alcoholic wine and champagne if you feel you want to drink sth “fancy”. And as you say – there is no evidence. That means I may be wrong, or you may be wrong. But if one of us is, then I’d rather know that I didn’t take any chances on my baby. i think pretending as if someone’s a martyr because she stops drinking alcohol for a whlie seems a bit exaggerated unless you have a problem with alcohol. 

When taking the decision to have a child, I knew that I couldn’t just go on with life exactly like before. So do I do things differently? Yes. but honestly, going out less often (regardless of any alcohol) is sth that i care about much more than not drinking alcohol. 


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@Hausfrau:  whoa,  no need to get all nasty, lady. I never said I consider myself special because I don’t wanna take any risks. In fact, none of my friends drank alcohol durin their pregnancy or while they were still breast feeding, and even in this discussion I’m not the only one who said they wouldn’t drink. As I have mentioned in my post, I’m not saying it is dangerous for the child. I’m saying it may well be and since we don’t know I’d rather be safe than sorry. if you’d rather be sorry, go ahead. 

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@MsquareM:  “i think pretending as if someone’s a martyr because she stops drinking alcohol for a whlie seems a bit exaggerated unless you have a problem with alcohol.”

I don’t think everyone who quits cold turkey due to pregnancy is a martyr, but I picked up a martyr-like tone in your post.

Personally, I would not bother drinking fake non-alcoholic “alcoholic” beverages.  They’re kind of a joke in my opinion.

“When taking the decision to have a child, I knew that I couldn’t just go on with life exactly like before. So do I do things differently? Yes. but honestly, going out less often (regardless of any alcohol) is sth that i care about much more than not drinking alcohol.”

Funny, I’m the opposite.  I was getting so tired of going out and socializing.  Being pregnant has been the perfect excuse to cut back and slow down.  But when my husband cooks a fancy dinner, which he does on most weekends for the two of us to enjoy, I really enjoy a nice glass of wine.  We have a collection that we have purchased during vineyard tours on three different continents.  I don’t drink to get drunk; I just like the way a nice glass of wine complements my meal.

I have not had zero glasses of wine while pregnant, but I have definitely cut back significantly.  It’s certainly not “go[ing] on with life exactly like before.”  It’s just not cold turkey.

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The thing that annoys me is looking at threads where people talk about doing lots of things they’re not supposed to when pregnant. I’d avoid shellfish like the plague because of how incredibly sick I was when I got food poisoning and prawns were the culprit. I wouldn’t risk it because of that one time might have terrible consequences. Research on caffeine shows that it can cause MCs and yet people take small dose EVERY day while pregnant. And yet if you have ONE glass of wine while pregnant you are seen as a bad mother. When I was pregnant I had half a glass of wine once (shock, horror!!) but I never took deli meat, shellfish, caffeine of any form (inc chocolate!) and my list goes on. When I had a mmc I never once blamed myself or thought it was down to that half glass of wine – Because I’m a sensible, logical person!

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In nursing school there was a huge discussion about this. Bottom line, does alcohol cause FAS? Yes… BUT there is no set amount that will cause it. Could it be caused by a couple of glasses of wine by 1 woman? Sure, its a possibility. Another woman may drink heavily her whole pregnancy and have no ill effects.

I have a friend that drank half a glass of wine when we would go out to dinner when she was pregnant. Her son is early on all of his developmental milestones.

I don’t know if I will drink when I’m pregnant. I’m not much of a drinker now. That being said, I also don’t like being told I can’t do something. I like knowing the option is there, if I want it.


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I don’t get why people take a chance and drink while pregnant. Yes, one glass of wine is probably not going to hurt anything, but it is really best for your baby? You can’t say for sure. All I know is that I definitely wouldn’t give a baby any alcohol when they are outside the womb, so why would I give them alcohol when they are inside? Makes no sense to me…

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Ugh I hate this topic. I hate it because I honestly miss my alcohol. No, I am not 21, no I am not a huge binge drinker, but I am someone who genuinely enjoys the taste of beer and wine and am genuinely jealous that the SO got to have beer when we went out during football season and got to open up a bottle of wine Friday night. I have had a sip here and there when he got a new beer that I have not tried before but that is it.

On the other hand though, my SO’s aunt told me that she never had a sip of alcohol through any of her 3 pregnancies until about 8 1/2 -9 months. Everytime she drank her one beer or glass of wine she went into labor! I am not going to lie…when I get to that 9 month mark I might try it haha


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