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Bumble bee

There is always a time and place for everything. That being said Darling Husband and I have never been into PDA, ever. Meeting new people is halarious because they quite often ask how we know eachother, I like to tell then we’re ‘just friends’…. anyhow…..

At family events I agree that PDA should be kept to a minimum. Handholding, arm around someone, hand on a knee, quick hug sure whatever, but no you dont need to be all snuggled up on the counch ‘sneeking’ your toung into eachother’s mouths. No leave that for home time. Brother-In-Law and his (fairly new) Girlfriend are those kind, and not that I really care all that much, but it does seem somewhat inappropriate, on the other hand they are also quite a bit younger than us, and things are new and exciting :/.

It is getting to that point where all DH’s cousins are starting to date and bring the fellas home to meet the family, it’s sweet to see them in relationships and it makes me wonder if we were like that 6 years ago…. lol.

A little PDA is sweet, but more than that is just too much. Although I will admit to sitting on DH’s lap now and then, but usually it is to steal food off his plate 😛

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I don’t really mind PDA so long as it’s affectionate and not sexy – if you know what I mean. Outside of bars I’ve rarely seen couple who I thought were showing too much PDA. Honestly, I think the world can never have too much love and affection, so why get offended by it? It’s not hurting anyone!

My husband is pretty much the most affectionate/cuddliest person on the planet, so we probably do more PDA than most. But we limit it to holding hands, hugs, pecks (no tongue!) and sitting on laps/with arm around the other. It’s not like we never leave each other’s side. But if we’re sitting next to each other, we’ve probably going to be touching in some way.

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Busy bee
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I’m not gonna lie… We’re big into PDA. Not like sticking tongues down each other’s throats and groping eachother, but definitely, holding hands, hugging, pecks on the lips, and such.

We are a very touchy feely couple at home so I guess its hard to just switch gears and not do it in public.

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Helper bee

SO is super affectionate, so we’re fans of PDA. Around family, we will peck here and there and hold hands and cuddle a little on the couch. When we are with close friends we might make out for a few seconds here and there, but never anything weird.

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Honey bee
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FH and I are pretty cuddly too… hand holding, quick kisses, head on shoulder when sitting next to each other, that type stuff. As long as you’re not straddling each other or shoving your tongue down each other’s throat, I don’t really care. 

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Busy bee
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Fiance and I hold hand, I sit on his lap, and we give pecks at family functions. Where I draw the line is interrupting family time or conversations to do it. If I spend all night sitting on his lap, how am I going to catch up with all 20 of my cousins? I’m not going to break a conversation just so I can walk over and kiss him. However, when we are in line at the buffet, I might steal a peck, and if we actually get seats next to each other at the meal (20 cousins…seating is limited) I might hold his hand after we are done eating. 

It’s all context and whether or not it’s making the room uncomfortable. I can totally see how sometimes it goes from ok to bedroom in the blink of an eye, but my VERY outspoken family has never said anything, so I am confident that no one is offended. 

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Sugar bee

@dessilove:  I think there are appropriate and inappropriate PDA, just like there are appropriate and inappropriate outfits or behaviors, depending on the situation you’re in. I think when in public places and family events, these PDA are fine : hugging, holding hands, hand on thigh/knee (not caressing), kiss on the cheek or on the lips (briefly). Sitting on lap would only be okay if you didn’t have enough chairs to sit on. It’s one PDA I usually don’t like. But I think it’s cute when a couple sits on the ground and holds each other. I would adjust to the family also, because what’s okay in a family can be considered ”racy” for another. But overall, to me, it’s all about not making the others feel uncomfortable, and I can totally imagine seeing a couple making out, straddling each other or fondling could make other people uncomfortable, and I would feel uncomfortable witnessing it. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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We’re not HUGE into PDA, but we are pretty affectionate.. when my fi visits me at work I always give him a hug & peck on the cheek… sometimes in grocery stores if we are waiting in a line for a long time, he’ll wrap his arms around me. If we’re outside on a bench and it’s cold, we’ll cuddle up together.

We never make out or anything in public though, that’s pretty gross!

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@dessilove:  Fiance and I are totally not into PDA at all. If we are around our families, no way. We might touch briefly but no kissing, holding hands, etc. That’s just not who we are.

On the other hand, my sister and her boyfriend will snuggle up on my dad’s couch with the whole family around. I think this is so strange. I don’t want my dad watching me snuggle and kiss my fiance! There’s a time and place for that – and that’s in the privacy of your own home!

I think PDA is gross (other than a peck on the lips, holding hands – that stuff is fine).

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Sugar bee
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@dessilove:  Well, I think a little “appropriate PDA” is healthy.  First of all- I come from a huggy family, so hugging?  Yep, I’ll walk up to my husband and give him a little hug from the back if I’m with my family and I feel like it.  We might even sneak in the occasional peck– but we aren’t going to do it a ton, and we aren’t going to be all only into eachother and not engaging with the people we are with.  I think it’s cute and totally healthy– to be affectionate. 

Making out, not ok.  Heavy petting- NOT ok.

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Bumble bee
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@dessilove:  I tend to touch my fiance a lot. I rarely sit on his lap, and I’m not stuck to him at all times, but if we’re next to each other, I’m most likely sitting with my hand on his thigh and his arm around my shoulders. We kiss in public, even on our engaged encounter this past weekend. 

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    1. This says it all

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    Bumble Beekeeper
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    @dessilove:  We hold hands and maybe a peck or two, but nothing over the top. I think it gtes excessive when you’re trying to have a conversation with a couple and they are constantly rubbing each other’s legs, arms, nuzzling necks, and slapping butts. My friend and her husband used to do this. I’d be trying to talk to her, and he would come up and slowly run his hand across her chest (not breasts)and then kiss her neck. Then she’d say in a bedroom voice, “Love you, bebe” and they’d kiss and few times. Then as he’d walk away she’d slap his butt and call him “sexy ass.” Talk about skeeving me the hell out.

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