(Closed) Is it possible to get fixed and still get pregnant?

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@secondchances: I haven’t ever heard of that but what has me worried is that you said you never checked for an incision. 

When I had my cats fixed, you didn’t have to check it was VERY noticeable. Their bellies were shaved, they had dissolving stitches, and the vet gave us very specific instructions on how to care for them. Plus when we picked them up from the vet they were very woozy and had obviously been drugged. 

If you didn’t notice any of these things, I would highly doubt that your kitten was fixed.

On the other hand, one of my cats has acted as though she was in heat ever since she got fixed. It isn’t just once a month or anything like that.. it’s always. We have always joked that the vet must have gotten some of her wires crossed, but she is definitely fixed. So it is possible that she was fixed and still acts like she is in heat.

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@secondchances: I would take her to another vet as soon as you can.

A spay is a big surgery, they are opening the abdomen and removing the uterus.

Whether or not she is pregnant, you need to make sure she’s healthy and has actually been spayed.

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If she got fixed, you would have definitely noticed if it happened during your ownership, as you say.  I will echo that her belly would have been shaved, and there would have been an incision that you would have had to care for and check for 2 weeks. 

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Can a cat get pregnant if it’s been fixed? No.

Was your cat fixed? I suspect not.

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I would take her to a vet regardless. You can feel her belly for the aftereffects of a spay incision. There is a crease or lumps of flesh usually. It could be something else that is causing the weight gain like diabetes or a thyroid condition. also if she is pregnant then you might be able feel lumps.

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Your vet doesn’t do prenatal care, but I would bet they do x-rays.  I would take her there and have them do an x-ray, (this will show if she is pregnant or not).  If she is pregnant, I would refuse to PAY for said x-ray, (after all, you paid over $100 for a spay surgery they didn’t do).  

Also, do you let your cat outside?  If she is an indoor-only cat with no access to unaltered males, there is no way she could be pregnant regardless of whether or not she’s been fixed.  If you let her outside, then she could very well be pregnant, and it’s a wonder she hasn’t been before now.  A female cat in heat can be very determined so perhaps she is an indoor cat who snuck out?

Regardless, you need to take her to the vet NOW.  She is either pregnant or has something seriously wrong with her.

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I dont think your cat was fixed, it is highly noticeable when cats are fixed well for a couple weeks after. They act loopy for that day and the next day, well usually. Every cat is different but this sounds suspicious. You should take her to another vet. She sounds pregnant. Also, i would be pissed at that vet if i were you.

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I would take her to your normal vet, the one who spayed her. I would tell them I brought this cat to you back when she was 4 months old to be spayed & she’s acting pregnant & give them her symptoms. I completely agree with @Miss Apricot.

I mean, I’ve heard of humans getting pregnant after having surgery, but idk if that’s even possible with a cat! Idk exactly the biology of what they do to fix a cat vs when a doctor ties tubes in a human lol I’m sorry this sounds like a bizzare comparrison.

I wouldn’t leave my cat with them if she turns out to not be spayed. I would make a big deal out of it (not a scene but wow I would be mad!). I wouldn’t think its suspicious thou, I just couldn’t imagine a vet not fixing your cat & its been 1.5 years & your cat’s never gotten pregnant because its pretty obvious if a cat has kittens that she wasn’t spayed. If that vet has been around for awhile & they’re still in business, I don’t think they’d trick you. Unless maybe they had a mix up or something like that? Please keep us updated!

EDIT: Please don’t wait 3 more weeks! Your cat should really see a vet ASAP! If she was spayed, which I would assume, than maybe the kittens are in another part of her body? Maybe she can’t get them out if they’re not where they’re supposed to be. Or maybe something’s really wrong with her & she needs vet care. Please don’t wait! At least call your vet & see what they suggest.

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It is medically possible but also rare.  It depends on how she was spayed.  Two of mine don’t have scars and the other does.

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Any update?

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Oh, I really hope you took your fur baby to the vet – this doesn’t sound normal.

She def needs some medical attention. Please don’t let her go into pain for another day. She’s trying to tell you something! Please take her in.  Poor kitty 🙁

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There is no incisions visible on our females after spaying as the vet we use utilizes surgical glue to close the tiny incision. He uses the “5 minute spay” procedure which is much less invasive and has a much shorter recovery time than with a traditional spay.

That being said, it is not unheard of for a bit of ovarian tissue to be left behind which can lead to a heat. But the increase in size does not fit, get her checked!


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