(Closed) Is it possible to lose 20kg (45lbs) in 3 months ?

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Odds are if you’re at that weight you don’t have the lifestyle that is needed to lose that kind of weight. Otherwise, you wouldn’t at that weight. (If that makes sense.)

In theory, it’s possible, but ALL of the kinks need to be worked out come day 1. Meal plan,e xercise plan and there’s no room for a weak day with no willpower to run that mile or eat that apple.

Mainting a healthy lifestyle is only half the battle. It takes a lot of practice and adjustments to figure out how to incorporate the eating and work out regime you need into your daily life. 

If you want to lose that kind of weight in that amount of time there’s no learning curve. From dawn until dusk you follow a regime that’s alreayd established… You have no time to establish it and you need to be comfortable doing said routine.

I think I’d just focus on beginning a routine, :). Starting is the first step. 

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For your starting weight, probably, but I would highly recommend the slow and steady approach. You’re more likely to keep it off than if you were looking for a quick fix. Why the rush?

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That would be very difficult, and like mentioned above, there would be no room for error, which given your current weight would be a big shift. 1-2 pounds per week is more reasonable and that still requires alot of change of habits and discipline. 


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There are better places to be asking this question. For the most part, we aren’t dieticians, nutritionists or doctors. Go see your GP.


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I’m not a a doctor, but I am a clinic coordinator for a wellness clinic. One of the things we offer is a low carb diet (I’m not saying which one) which is medically supervised, so I have regular contact with the patients during their regular weigh ins. From what I’ve seen, 45 pounds in 3 months is HARD, but it’s been done. My best advice is keep it as paleo as possible! You don’t need a gym membership, but get some serious exercise 2-3 times a week minimum. 

The best advice I give to patients is break everything down into bite sized goals:

Three months = 12 weeks (aprox)

12 weeks vs 45 pounds = 3.75 pounds a week

Losing 3.75 pounds a week is a challenge, but it isn’t impossible. 

Good luck!

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I’ll agree with the other posts that 45lbs in three months is a pretty tall order! But any progress will feel great! I’d probably focus on diet first instead of trying to add exercise and change how you eat at once. It can be overwhelming to do both at once and diet has a bigger impact.


I followed a keto (ketogenic) diet (low carb, high fat, moderate protein) and lost about 100lbs pretty quickly. If your favorite foods are bread and pasta, it might be really difficult, but I found after the first week that I didn’t miss sweets all that much and the food kept me really full. 

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Yes it can be done I did it twice. only way that ever worked for me was no carb, less than 800 calories a day, two hours of cardio a day. However, if you start eating again without losing all the weight and slowly reintroducing carbs, you’ll put all the weight back on in no time at all…

For your height you should weigh about 160-210 pounds barring you are especially wide or very narrow. It also depends whether youre male or female and how much muscle you have on your frame.

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Why not aim with that as your goal but knowing more realistically that in 12 week you will probably lose about 10-15kg if you work hard, that way you’ll hve the motivation to keep pushing? In all reality the extra 5-10kg would be much less noticable if it doesn’t go and could come off slower in the following period. Shoot for the stars and you’ll reach the moon!

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I’m really surprised that no one has mentioned how unhealthy this could potentially be for you!  Talk to a doctor first, talk to a nutritionist, talk to a fitness specialist.  At the weight you have mentioned, you could seriously injure or kill yourself trying to pull this off.  Make sure you are physically sound and make sure you’re eating a diet that is appropriate.  While yes you can change your calorie intake and output, you should not be dropping half a pound a day!  Please be safe.

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At a higher starting weight, more rapid weight loss early on is more doable, but I totally 10000% agree with PPs that have said you should consult a nutritionist about how to lose weight healthily. As someone who has “dieted” similarly to what Jily described many times (and I use the term “dieted” so loosely because IMO, I had an ED doing that), it’s just not worth it. Yeah I looked great for a wee bit of time until BAM it would all come back and more. And that yoyo-ing was awful on my body. This time, I’m taking it slow and focusing on making major lifestyle changes. I have no timeline, no deadline, I just want to lose weight gradually and in a healthy way that will be sustainable for me in the long term. 

Sorry to sidetrack a bit with my own story, but I just really regret all my choices to try to lose weight fast and wish that I had just done it the “right way” years ago.

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Shows like “extreme weight loss” focus on losing a large amount of weight in a short period and doing so in a healthy way. That being said, this involves boot camp style training at very high intensity and a very strict meal plan as well as regular monitoring by a healthcare professional. Typically without these resources slow and steady is the best approach and it’s best to focus on lifestyle changes rather than dieting. 

As for a healthy weight it depends on a lot of factors, such as build, muscle vs fat composition, etc. But according to a BMI calculator at that weight at height you’d fall in the obese category and would need to be in the 180-200lb range to be considered within the normal range. Again, that isn’t 100% foolproof as someone with a lot of muscle may have an overweight BMI because the number takes account of weight only, not fat vs. muscle. But it’s just a rough idea since you were asking 🙂 

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It’s not impossible, but you’ll need to decide on an eating plan that works for you in the long run, decide if you want to exercise and what kind of program works for you, and never give up on your new regime. There are ups and downs in weight loss and sometimes we get discouraged or abandon when the scale doesn’t move fast enough, but making the right choices will get you healthier and leaner no matter what the scale says.

Get help and support for accountability, find a program that takes out the guess work for you.

Moreover, try to find something that you can keep up after your initial goal is achieved so you can maintain or even keep losing after.


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Can you. Yes. However, is it sustainable, possibly? Only you know yourself and how disciplined you can be.  For me, I know I don’t want a quick fix I want sustainable weight loss. I have 30-40lbs to lose and I’m giving myself a minimum of six months. 

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