(Closed) Is It Possible To Teach Yourself To Live With Less Sleep?

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Busy Beekeeper
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Easy.  Become a mom!

I think I’ve lived off less than 6 hrs of zzz for the last 10 yrs!! lol!

Plus you could also get a work schedule like mine.  Go in at 730 or 7 am.  I always find stuff to do at home and end up after cooking, cleaning, trying to squeeze in (if I am ambitious) a workout, walking dogs, and making sure my son is clean and had a bath (boys are dirt magnets!) and all that jazz finding it’s almost midnight and I need to go to zzz.


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Busy bee
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I have a new work schedule where I have to get up before 6am and I don’t get home until almost 7pm. I was like you where my absolute minimum-for-me-to-function amount of sleep was anywhere from 7.5 to 9 hours. When I get home at the end of an 11 hour day I still have to figure out what to eat, shower and possibly plan some stuff.

It was sooo hard at first, I would get to work and almost fall asleep at my desk every morning. Every night was a constant battle against falling asleep at 8pm with no dinner, no shower, no nothing. The past few months have been alot easier though. I now sleep about 6 hours a night and my body seems to have accepted that schedule. I no longer feel like zonking out at work, or napping when I get home. I also noticed I have more energy thruoghout the day if I eat lighter meals. So in the morning I only eat grits or an egg sandwich. For lunch I try to stick to cheese and fruit and raw veggies. Dinners are more difficult because I eat so close to my bedtime. But I have managed to not stuff myself full too often.

We also cut the cable TV, I find myself with a lot more "spare time" than I did before!

You can do it, good luck!

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Busy bee
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I’m like you, I also don’t get home and eat dinner until after 8pm. For this reason I don’t even bother doing anything during the week. My weekends are my wedding time. If you do want to do things during the week, designate one or two days where you’ll work on wedding related stuff, that way the rest of the week you don’t have to feel guilty.

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calivalley82, i’m a night owl, so it was hard for me to adjust into the "adult" world post college. i had a super hard time getting up….especially since i usually didn’t get home from partying until 4 or 5 in the am….lol. i read an article that was super helpful though. it said to set your alarm for whatever time you need to get up…say 5am. no matter what time you go to bed, just wake up at 5am. eventually, your body clock will adjust and after doing this for some time, you’ll be tired enough at night that you won’t want to stay up. this has been more beneficial than trying to go to bed earlier. it’s just a matter of creating different habits. our bodies can function whichever way we train it. Hope This Helps.

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Yup, you do get used to less sleep. Your body gets adjusted to a new habit after 3 weeks. When I first started working, I slept 9 hours a night. It was retarded. I couldn’t get anything done! I’ve scaled back to about 7. During college I ran on 5-6 frequently with a power nap occassionally. I’ve trudged in here on 4 hours before and I sleep poorly on top of it all.

You might be surprised at how sleeping less, but adding in healthy habits like working out is a trade off. 

Also, I work early. I come in at 630 or 7. If i didn’t have to come in til 9 I think i’d tend to sleep more also. 

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@bellenga : That was hilarious! you’re so funny 🙂

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I finally just set my alarm every day, and go to bed at the same time every night (only a few exceptions!) and I have gotten SO much better at living with about 6.5 hours of sleep. Working and going to school full time definitely sucks!

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Sugar bee
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It does work, but you will be exhausted for the first while. Basically, you need to go to bed and get up at the same time each day (even on weekends, preferably, otherwise you will be VERY tired on Monday), and your body will adjust. I’m dreading the shift work that comes with nursing…I need my sleep!

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Bumble bee
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Persistence and perseverance is key! I am used to about 5 hours of sleep in order to function at 100%.  But, a proper diet will definitely help!

As others have said, you must must start your day with something to eat! I am not a huge breakfast person, but I always either eat a piece of fruit, a cup of yogurt, and sometimes I have a bowl of oatmeal if I have time.  It really really helps to get you started, and you won’t crash!  Also, yogurt helps your body to fight fat, so its a great thing to start eating in the AM.  And, its low in fat an calories, and there are so many flavors to choose from…yes!!!

Once your body adjusts to everything, you will feel better, its just the adjustment period – you can do it! 

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I’m with Bellenga-motherhood definitely retrains your body!

I had newborn twins at home, nursing (pumping before nursing and pumping after) every 2-3 hours (all night, all day long-taking breaks at work and pumping between classes), teaching all day (meaning up at 4:30 to get both boobies pumped, both babies fed, breathing treatments, heart monitors, etc to daycare and myself to work by 7 to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for students at 7:45 and then teaching a full day), then going to class for grad school, home, pump, nurse, dinner, pump, nurse, sleep (sortof).

Things are a bit easier now that my kids are older (they are 5 now), but I am up at 5, they are up at 6, we are out the door at 7, I am at work and on duty at 7:30! Teach a full day, then soccer or gymnastics, church stuff on Wednesday nights, home, twins in the tub, them in bed by 8 if I’m lucky and then I want to fall over, but I’m usually so tired that I can’t sleep…hence the insomnia!

You do get adjusted to less sleep-absolutely! I’ve done the things they suggest to establish good sleep habits (only use bedroom for sleep and sex, keep a regular sleep schedule-even on the weekends-don’t nap) but I think that I got so used to going without sleep when the twins were infants that I have poor sleep habits now. Nothing wakes you up quite like a screaming infant or a toddler throwing up with diarrhea at 2 am!

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Buzzing bee
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I did it in college!  I think it’s better on short-term basis, but you can train your body to do it if you eat healthy and sleep really well when you are sleeping!

it’s hard to find time for everything, huh?  Part of it might just have to be knowing what you should let go of or ask for help with so you’re not working on the wedding too much and missing much-needed sleep.

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Oh yes! I work full time at nights and go to school full time. I’m a pro at not sleeping. So is my mom, she works 2 full time jobs and owns her own business. Plus she helps with the wedding and my little brother’s high school football team. When ya start to go to sleep don’t be distracted. Put everything ya need to do the next day on a sheet of paper so you won’t keep thinking of it keeping you awake. Vitamins are good too. I don’t like energy drinks because they have tons of sugar, but I hear 5 hour energy shots are good. Good luck!

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