Is it really bad luck?

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I guess since you say you’re superstitious, I’ll be sort of knocking your values here, but no. It isn’t bad luck to wear a circular piece of material on your finger before your wedding day. How the hell are you supposed to know it fits if you never put it on, for example? And if that were the case, it would surely be worse luck to have it not fit on your wedding day.

Your day isn’t worse if a black cat runs in front of you, or you walk under a ladder, or you pop open your umbrella inside. Most superstitions are really about safety, aren’t they? Walk under a ladder and they might, coincidentally, drop a paint can on your head, or you might bump it and knock the painter off. It’s just a silly ‘rule’ based on using common sense. Don’t let people make you paranoid. 

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So many bees on here (including my husband and I) wore their wedding rings before their wedding day! Whether it be around the house, on a special trip, or all the time, none of us ever experienced bad luck in our marriage because of it. Search for the thread on here, the comments are actually quite fun and sweet to read through ☺️ 

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I mean, “bad luck” is subjective. If you consider yourself superstitious, then yeah probably. As is seeing the bride before the wedding, dropping the rings, getting a knife as a wedding gift, not carrying the bride over the threshold, rain being good luck, etc. Most people don’t believe in all of those, so I guess it depends on how supserstitious you are. 

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Helper bee

Nope. Also, your coworkers and family members are being dicks spreading rumors about the stability of your relationship based on the fact that you finger is bare.

Follow-up question: Do your superstitions make you happy? I ask, because I can be pretty ritualistic about certain (completely nonsensical) things, but only if I enjoy the ritual (like going to the setting of my fiance and my first date on our anniversary or decorating my tree the same way each Christmas). However, I draw the line at driving myself insane over something that literally has NO influence on reality. I say this kindly and as a fellow weirdo: Bad luck is not a thing. Stuff happens or it doesn’t. If doing or not doing something enhances your (hopefully already existing) confidence in your upcoming marriage, then great, embrace that, no matter how riddiculous it is. But if the idea of doing or not doing something completely unrelated to your actual relationship makes you feel as though you have a sword hanging over your head, or if pressure from those around you regarding a ritual that means nothing to you is making you miserable, drop that shit like a hot potato.

I actually find it really distasteful how many superstitions are set up around weddings—for heaven’s sake, give the couple a break already! Stop paying attention to these stupid little rituals and think about what actually makes a marriage work, like, oh, I don’t know, unconditional love, respect and honesty???

Oh dear, I really didn’t expect that to turn into a rant, sorry!

Bottom line, if a superstition has no positive value to you, you are under no obligation to take that on if it’s only going to bring you stress. 


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Blushing bee

There’s no such thing as bad luck.  I mean, if the universe were out to get you, do you really think this is the issue it would use as its “gotcha!” moment? 

There IS such thing as good luck, though, but it’s usually something brought on by our own actions.  For example, I bet if you focus on all of the wonderful things about the person you’re about to marry and all of the great things going on in your life, good luck will come in the form of a spectacularly fun wedding day!  

Seriously, make a conscious choice every day to block out all of the negative nellies – there are way too many good things going on, and you don’t want to miss that!

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Not unless you also happen to walk under a ladder, across a broken mirror, and are followed by a black cat.  Preferably on Friday the 13th.

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Busy bee

There is no such thing as luck. Bad, good or otherwise. 

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Bee Keeper

Not wearing your engagement ring while it’s being repaired does not make you any less engaged, worrying about how other people would respond to you not wearing it for a week or so is worrisome, and wearing a different ring for a week or so will not curse your wedding or marriage. 

Stop placing so much value upon what other people think or say!

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No such thing. Why worry about “bad luck” when there are so many other, very real things to worry about in real life.

Not quite sure why you couldn’t have just told people your ring was getting repaired though. 

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