(Closed) Is it tacky to post your ring on facebook?

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    I wouldn't do it, but don't judge those that do.

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    I don’t think it’s tacky….I did it, ,mainly because: a) we live in south Florida and our families live in Louisiana and upstate NY, and b) I’m proud of it, and I wanted to share it with everyone.  If someone thinks it’s showy or “tacky”, then my take is that they probably have a negative personal reason to feel that way -i.e., jealousy, snarkiness, etc.  Each and every person that I am truly friends with or love, was ecstatic to get to see the ring!  If there were people that didn’t like it, then they truly weren’t my “friends.”

    ETA:  It goes both ways….I have several friends that live back home in LA and I only got to see their rings on FB since we live in SoFlo, and I was super excited to get to see it and share in the excitement with them!!!

    And as far as valuing the jewelry more than the relationship/man:  How Bogus.  It’s a representation of the relationship/man, and that’s why we all get so excited about it!

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    I didn’t (because I didn’t want anyone to think I was trying to brag).. But then it got requested, so I caved..lol. There’s only one pic of it up and I intend to keep it at that! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I don’t see anything wrong with it. I know that it’s a silly thing, but the first thing women say after finding out your engaged is “OH, let me see the ring!” Especially if you have close friends or family that live far away, I think it’s completely normal to post it. Honestly, if I didn’t I’m sure my family would at least say something if my friends don’t.

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    A few of you have brought up “ring over-share” which I definitely agree with. If I saw a pic of one of my friends holding up her hand to flash the ring “We’re engaged!!!” I’d say awwwww.

    If there was like a whole photo shoot and captions “I don’t mind sharing that he spent $10,000 on my ring because he loves me so much!” and next pic “D colored round cut diamond, VVS2 clarity on a platinum setting! Isn’t it so amazing!” next pic “He went to JARED!”

    There is a fine line between cute and braggy.

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    @KatyElle:  That is EXACTLY what this one girl I know did.  She posted no pictures of the actual engagement and very few of herself and the guy, but there’s a whole albumn full of ring pics describing stats.  I normally don’t get my feathers ruffled about ettiquite, but man that was bad taste.  

    Then the same girl went over to my best friend’s house to ask her to be a bridesmaid…and proceeded to COMPARE her e-ring to my friend’s e-ring and say, quote, “and I love mine has three big stones and isn’t just one little one like yours.”  Needless to say, my friend decided to decline on the bridesmaid request.  

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    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting just a few photos. We got engaged on a trip, so I posted two photos of my ring along with our trip photos. Plus, I really wanted my out of state relatives to get to see the pictures!

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    I actually LOVE when people post photos of their rings, even if I’m not invited! I’m just a girl that likes seing bling ๐Ÿ™‚ It also makes me happy and excited for that person, because I know it’s just a special and exciting time in their life. (with the exception, of course, of people that go overboard and post more than 1 or 2…then it just seems more about the ring than the engagement; but I’ve never seen that personally.)

    If you don’t want to seem braggish or don’t want to include people that won’t be invited, you can just set a privacy setting on that particular photo so that only selected people can see it.

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    every fb user is different. I think with my account and the friends I have its tacky.org 

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    Honestly I do get a weird feeling when people post photos of their rings on FB. My family has always been very carefully modest in how they display what they have, so to me most public sharing of good [financial] forture feels weird and awkward. That said, I do understand that my family is probably not the norm and it’s okay for other people to feel differently.

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    I think posting ring pics is fine as long as it’s not overload, as pp’s have said. After getting engaged, you would excitedly show your ring to all your friends, so I think FB is essentially doing the same thing (ok, so maybe not ALL the people on your list are friends but still…).

    My husband’s profile picture is the closeup of our hands with the rings on them and I think it’s adorable so maybe I’m biased ๐Ÿ™‚ I like ring pictures.

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    I dont think its necessary to post it on facebook

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    I never actually ended up posting a photo just because I preferred to show people in person. I also agree that a single photo is great; a whole album of ring photos is perhaps a bit much.

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    I struggled with this but I posted mine for a lot of reasons.  First, my ring is my grandmothers and the last time anyone saw it is was damaged.  So my family that knew it was hers would be excited to see it restored.  (That may have also caused some drama because some people didnt know but whatever.)  Secondly my Fiance called my parents the day before and asked their permission to marry me so I knew they would want to see what it looks like now, and the only way to do that is electronically because we live 2,000 miles apart facebook was a good choice for this because they could pull it up on there and show their friends and family instead of having to search through their email for the picture.  And finally I was really excited to annouce the engagement but all my friends and family live far away so I posted it somewhere they could all see it instead of having to send it by text or email a thousand times.  There were also a lot of people on there that were routing for us to get married so I knew they would be happy for us.

    I did ask Fiance if I could do it before I did it though since I am friends with a lot of his family and even some of his friends so if he had not okayed it I wouldn’t have done it.

    I also waited two days before I posted it and talked to my closest friends and family before the facebook annoucement so they wouldn’t feel hurt that I hadnt told them first.

    I just posted the pic I post on this board with a caption that said yup that happened.  I was a little overwhelmed by all the responses.

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    I think it is for lack of a better word “tacky” although I still don’t mind when people do it – it just isn’t for me personally, so I did not post a pic of mine. If Out of Town family/friends want to see it you can email/text them.  Alot of people asked to see my ring and when they did I simply just texted them a picture of it.  I guess making an album private so only a few close friends/family can see is along the same lines.  It’s really a personal choice and is up to you and your Fiance.

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    I did it because my family is spread all across the country. We are facebook friends so I posted it. I never thought about it being tacky at all. In my case, we had dated for 4 years before becoming “officially engaged”. (We had been talking about getting married after about 6 months or so together, but I was in college.) EVERYONE who knew us was insanely curious about when it would happen. So I posted a pic as soon as I got it. Most of my facebook friends who have gotten engaged have done the same…be the ring big, small, average, whatever. I don’t see it as bragging, I see it as sharing your joy. 

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