(Closed) Is it tacky to upgrade my e-ring?

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Kaedyn:  Because your engagement is over. I’d feel differently if you changed stones or changed settings, but an entirely new ring? Meh. Plus, I am highly sentimental — It would just be “a ring” to me. It wouldn’t be your engagement ring.

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Kaedyn:  It is very pretty. If it isn’t your style though, change it! What kind of ring do you want? I am going to reset my stone eventually. I love this setting, but I’d want a bezel added(It makes a lot of people gag, but that all goes back to who cares, it’s on my hand ):



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Kaedyn:  I think it’s great you and your husband are on the same page!! That’s all that matters to me ๐Ÿ™‚ I would have never upgraded me ring if we weren’t but thankfully we were and we both are much happier with our new rings. Im glad I could help a little bit!! Best of luck!! 

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Get the ring you want…my orginal set was stolen so i wore just a band for sometime..i purchased rings and after a week or so of wearing them it didn’t fit me (plus i really missed my rings honestly) my hubby surprised me with a custom ring we designed together for our upcoming anniversary/vow renewal he also told me he wants to upgrade my diamond for my birthday an we just got the ring a few months ago he wants to get me 1carat stone …i told him it could wait for my 35 birthday ..my point who cares if you upgrade its your ring i know my mother upgraded her ring every 5 years till she got to her 30th some people upgrade every two years its not a huge deal orcanything to be ashamd of ๐Ÿ™‚ happy upgrade girl go for it !!!!

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Simple answer: No. Do what you want, get what you love, you only get this one life, so do what you want and what makes you happy, regrets are baggage you don’t want to carry around. ๐Ÿ™‚ Go out there and find your dream ring, and if that ring changes in the future, get a new one again. You are allowed to change and grow, embrace that.

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In my eyes, a ring is a piece of jewelry, and you are equally married with the ring you have now, a different one or no ring at all. So get the ring you want, especially if DH is on board. The only thing I would find “tacky” would be flashing it to everyone and informing them it was new and different, with the expectation that they should care as much as you do. Post your pictures here or on other online sites with people who are equally obsessed with jewelry and don’t mention it to friends and family. If they notice on their own, then tell them that your DH bought you something new for the anniversary, but I wouldn’t bring it up first if I were you.

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I honestly think this is just sort of circumstantial.

I think that if you ask your DH to upgrade your ring, it would be awfully hurtful and a bit tasteless. I know my Fiance would be crushed because he is so proud of my ring!

If your DH offered to buy you a new ring because he wants to do something special for you, then it’s totally a sweet and generous gesture that you can choose to accept or decline. Some people are sentimental about e-rings and some are not. If you don’t attach sentimental value to it and he has kindly offered to do this for you without your prompting, then I don’t see why not, especially if it is something that is important to you.

I would just never ask for an “upgrade.” If he offered, it’s an entirely different situation.

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No way girl! get what you love!  I upgraded my ering. The setting we loved was out of our price range, but then we found it used after we purchased a ring. Hubby was like hellz ya were getting it lol! As long as hes ok with it do what you guys want, who cares what anyone else thinks. The only person who can make a ring have or lose sentimental value is you! If you love it and it represents your marriage then its sentimental!

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Kaedyn:  It’s so hard when you’re not in love with your ERing, for whatever reason. I think it’s because  we believe that ring is supposed to be a forever and ever and ever ring. That there’s no other option, or that, if you want something different or new, it makes you a bad person somehow. There can be a lot of guilt and sadness involved with it. At any rate, that’s how I felt about the whole thing. I wanted to upgrade or change my ring for almost 16 years. Heck, I didn’t even wear it all that time! Once I was married, I just wore a wedding band alone. But I felt too guilty even to mention wanting something new or different. My DH bought a new ring for me about 7 or 8 months ago, and I’ve been on Cloud 9 over it ever since!

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with my ERing. It was (and is — I still have it, in the hopes that my daughter might want it one day) a lovely piece of jewelry. It fit our stage in life at that time, and it was something we picked out together. With all that said, it was also never quite “me”. (So I understand what you mean about feeling badly over picking something you ended up not liking all that much.) I wanted white gold or a white metal, for one thing … but white gold was largely unavailable when DH and I got engaged. Platinum, which would have been the perfect metal because I have a gold (probably nickel, actually) allergy, was totally out of our budget at that time. Also, it wasn’t the type of setting I had always dreamed of. And we couldn’t afford the matching band for it. I had always wanted something of a “set”.

Anyhow … (sorry for this super LONG comment! >.O) This is all a very long-winded way of saying that, if you want to upgrade your ring and your DH is on board with it, you should do it! You definitely deserve to have a ring that will make your heart flutter with happiness every time you look at it. Whether you consider it an “engagement ring” … an “upgrade ring” … an “anniversary ring” … or whatever really doesn’t matter, in the end. All that matters is that you finally get something you totally love. I’m sure that will make your DH super happy, too! After all, you’re only changing the ring — not the guy! 

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Get the ring you want and who cares how it’s called?  It’s not like it’ll have a tag stating “Engagement” or “Wedding” ring attached to it.  You should wear a ring you love and it doesn’t matter what it means to others, just what it means to you two.

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Do it!!

I just received my upgraded ering. When we first got engaged, we knew that it would be upgraded eventually. But with a few connections my mom had, we were able to get my dream ring within the budget we had for my actual wedding band!

I love my original ring he proposed with so much. It will forever be on my right hand while my new ring becomes my actual wedding ring.


<3 My two lovelies.

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As long as Fiance is on board,  I say do whatever makes you happy. 

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