Is it time to quit?

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claireinwonderland48 :  I had a somewhat similar situation my senior year of college. I was working as a server and a research opportunity came along. It paid significantly less than I was making but I took it for a resume booster. I had to rely on savings a little bit but I was able to have more time to get involved in other activities related to my major which helped when I was interviewing for positions for after graduation.

Your situation sounds a little bit different since you like your current job. Which position is more closely related to your major or what you want to do? You said the business department has more opportunites to grow but is it in the field you want to go into once you receive your degree?

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Well OP look at it this way…..what is your ultimate career goal and which route helps you get there faster?  Yes this current job pays well but is it where you ultimately want to be or is it simply a job to pay the bills?  What is the point of grad school if you’re giving a completely different job priority simply because of the pay?  If you decide on the school job, then do a little research and see where you can cut corners financiallly so the pain won’t be as bad.

That being said, if this job is paying for school, i’d be more inclined to try to work with both since you’ve only a year left.  Coming out of school with crazy student loans is not something you want to deal with so do some pros and cons of both paths and concentrate on the long term consequences.

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claireinwonderland48 :  Seeing as the potential job is closer to what you want to do, I’d bite the financial bullet and take it. Think of it this way, the job opportunity will give you more experience in the field you want to go into (ie more money after graduation) and it will make you less stressed. I know its hard to not worry about money but in the long run it sounds more beneficial. Best of luck to you!

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It sounds like you are still in undergrad, kudos to you for paying your own way and not taking on a lot of debt! I’d take the time to enjoy the last year of school and focus on your new career. Most people miss college life after they graduate, it’s a short period in your life where you have so many resources available to you and get to meet people that you might never have the opportunity again, both students, professors, speakers, and alumni. Take advantage of all the networking opportunities you have now, and learn something that is not necessarily related but you’ve always wanted to learn. 

You also say the new job is more related to your future career, it’s on-campus (huge plus, no commuting), and though it pays 60% less also has 50% FEWER hours required, and less stress. I say go for it and consider it an investment in your future. Time IS money, and you never get time back. Only you can say for sure what your circumstances are, but even though I just said no debt is a good thing, I would seriously consider taking on a bit of student debt if it helps you graduate with more relevant experiences and potentially with a higher GPA (if that matters in your major).

Interest rates are still low, and not sure what the difference in expenses will be for you, but if you’re making 30K and will be making 12K, it’ll be 18K which is much less debt than an average student graduates with, which right now is about 30k, it’s been steadily rising.

Something to consider is that starting salaries can actually impact the rest of your career. I couldn’t find the right article but this one captures the general idea:

You can always negotiate no matter what, so always remember to do it, never hurts to ask because if they want you they know what you’re worth! But more experience gives you more leverage, and a higher salary lets you walk away when the new offers do not give you enough incentive to jump ship. 

Best of luck, and seems like you will do well no matter what you choose! 

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