(Closed) Is it time yet to introduce my cat to the new one?

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Thats great that you’ve been introducing them that way! My family got two kittens a few years ago (my cousin got caught hiding them in her room so we took them) and we already had a 3 year old cat. The 3 year old hated the other kitties for a while but they never got into big fights, just hissed and faked like they were going to smack each other. They still hiss at each other sometimes, animals aren’t always going to like each other, especially cats because they’re moody and territorial. So I say introduce them, they, in my experience, wont actually fight and will probably ignore each other for the most part.

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Hiya, I’ve had cats all my life… currently have my 5th pair, and we got the younger cat about a year after we’d had the older cat.

For your situation, I think it’s great that the hissing is going down, but you need to make them both associate positive things with each other.

Try feeding them both at once on either side of a door- make it something yummy, like wet food if they don’t normally get that. They’ll be able to smell and hear each other, but not see each other, and they’ll start to associate the yummy food (+) with each other.  You can also run a shoe string or something like that under the door, and have one cat on one side and one on the other, and help them both to start “playing” with it… before you know it, they might accidentally bat a paw or two and not care because they’re busy playing.  you can also open the door a crack so that they can see each other but not get to each other.

Finally, one of the most important things is to NOT let them form NEGATIVE associations towards each other.  This means that when you DO introduce them face to face, the second one cat gets upset, they’re done and they need to be separated, and you can try again later (after using some more of the positive techniques).

Be patient, it might take awhile (up to a week!).  You also need to make sure that during this time, the new kitty has his/her own separate place to hide, use the litter box, eat… somewhere it feels safe.  And you also might want to let the new kitty explore the house a little bit while the OLD kitty is in the crate.  This also has the added benefit of getting them used to each others’ scents.

Bottom line is, I think you’re doing great so far- just a bit more work to be done to ensure these cats can form a lifelong friendship! Smile

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If it’s been a couple weeks I think you’re fine. Rub a sweater you’ve worn all over the new kitty so she smells like you, that’s supposed to help. They’re inevitably going to hiss at each other for at least a week but after that they’ll likely settle into a routine and be fine.

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I think it’s fine if they hiss a little. I introduced my cats after keeping them apart for about 2-3 weeks. It was REALLY hard, but my older cat is a bit tempermental, so I had to take my time.

When you do introduce them, what I would do is start by keeping the new cat in the crate. I would give them each a small dish of tuna fish– put the plate inside the crate for the new one, and RIGHT in front the crate for the older one.

Give them plenty of time to each eat the tuna- it might take your older cat a bit of time to go up and eat it, but give them about 15 minutes or so. THEN open the door and let the new one out, but leave the door open so she can hop back in if she gets scared. 

Make sure you are there the entire time, and maybe try to comfort the OLDER cat by petting it a bit when they meet. The new one is going to be scared, but the older one will benefit from having you comfort him/her to let him/her know that you still love him/her.

They are going to hiss at each other. Let them do it once or twice, and see what they do. If they start to get more aggressive than just the occasional hiss, then tell them both “NO.” You could also keep a spray bottle on hand filled with water (don’t use an old cleaning one– get a new one that has never had anything other than water) in case they get very aggressive, but only use it as a last resort.

There is definitely going to be some hissing going on at first, because it will take them time to get to know each other, know that the other one isn’t going to hurt them, and figure out their place in the household. See how they do together, but if there is hissing, only leave them out with each other for a little bit of time (maybe 20-30 min) and then separate them. Then, day by day, do these steps again (including the feeding– this helps them associate the other cat with something good!), and leave them together for a little more time each day.

It took me about a month until I’d leave the cats out together while I was gone, all the time. Now they do just fine with each other!

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If you wind up with two cats who never hiss at eachother, you’ve hit the jackpot! lol.

I think you are fine to try face to face introduction. It doesn’t have to be prolonged, just start off short and sweet if there is still a lot of tension. It’s not going to be all roses. Eventually they will have to jockey for “position”, but they will figure it out at one point or another.

Good luck, and remember, cats are very dramatic creatures! Don’t be discouraged if (when) the meeting doesn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped 🙂 It will work out!

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