(Closed) Is it weird/bad wear a fake ring?

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[comment moderated for criticism of others’ choices]

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@MUAbride2be:  I think having an inexpensive stand in ring is a good idea. I used to work for a travel agency and heard WAAAY too many horror stories about rings going missing. 

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I returned someone’s wedding band to them this morning after they left it in their room.


Things happen, it’s not weird at all!

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@MUAbride2be:  I have a gym ring so that I’m not scratching up my real ring on the equipment or sweating all over it.  I love it!  Not weird at all!

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@MUAbride2be:  I think it’s a great idea to use a stand-in ring for your honeymoon. Depending on where we go, I might do the same and just leave my set with my parents. Rings are my favorite piece of jewelry, so I think Fiance was a little surprised when he noticed I wasn’t actually switching out my E ring so much. 

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@MUAbride2be:  I think you should go for it! That’s perfect for vacations or just for fun! The yellow halo is gorgeous- who wouldn’t have fun wearing that?!

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@MUAbride2be:  A stand in is a great idea. I wish I could have a Berricle ring, but finding a 3.5 in “fun” jewelry is difficult. 🙁 The only downside I can see to wearing a larger stone as a stand in, is that “shrinkage” might set in a little quicker, lol. 

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I wear nothing but cz rings and I love it!!

1. I like variety and it’s fun to have options for different styles and sizes

2. I’m against blood diamonds

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I think you’re being smart!  Imagine how you’d feel if you lost your real ring while on your honeymoon.  And I’m sure a little variety (mmm, sparkly variety…) can’t hurt 😉


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I think it’s wise to have a stand-in while traveling.  You just never know what may happen, especially when you’re going to be doing the water/sand thing. So many brides loose their rings on their honeymoon -less stress hands aren’t swollen, and many take them off when they wash their hands so they don’t get soap in them…forgotten or down the drain.  Get the fake you want and have a good time!

By The Way don’t wear a ring when you snorkle.

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Lots of women on WBee have “stand in” rings (we try to avoid the use of the word FAKE here cause it tends to create DRAMA)

Personally, I am not a fan.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Jewellery Lover, so I have a wide assortment of items from Costume Jewellery right thru to Fine Jewellery

I just DON’T GET the idea of wearing an “imposter” ring that looks like it is filled with EXPENSIVE Sparkle when you travel in an attempt to protect your Diamonds & Gemstones

Cause trust me NO BAD GUY is ever going to stop and ask you “Hey while I am holding this gun at your head / knife at your finger… that I just want to confirm that this is A REAL DIAMOND / GEMSTONE RING… and not one of those Stand-In / Imposter Rings”


Mr TTR & I are semi retired… we travel a lot

We following the long prescribed rules about Travelling

If you are a Tourist don’t attract atttention to yourself…

Don’t look like a tourist.  Don’t walk around dazed… know where you are going.  Don’t wear a lot of expensive jewellery, flash cash, or leave your valuables out in the open.

When Mr TTR & I travel we make choices.

If we are travelling in Continental North America we tend to take my Sparkly Rings with us.  I wear them.  If we plan to go clubbing or somewhere sketchy after dark we lock them up in our Hotel Room Safe (plus they are insured)

If we go outside of the USA & Canada… such as on our Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise, and we feel our Diamonds might be problematic we lock em up in the Ship Cabin Safe.

If we are heading to a 3rd World Country… then we choose to leave leave our valuables at home.  My Rings to into our Bank’s Safety Deposit Box.

I also chose to get myself a 2nd WBand… a Plain One.

So I have something to wear 24/7×365 no mattter what I plan to do the world over.  And as a good lot of the world just exchanges plain bands when people get married… it continues to be both a visual reminder (sentimental) for me, as well as a clear statement to others.

It also doesn’t attract any unnecessary attention.

And if God Forbid I happen to lose it… we are out around $ 200 US

Just my 2 cents.


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@This Time Round:  yep this…. while I am totally down with getting a fun costume piece just because (to match a fancy outfit or just cause you think its pretty or whatever) I think that getting a huge *simulant* or other stone ring for travel sort of defeats the purpose. Like TTR said if you are getting held up I don’t think that they are going to start testing the metal etc.


We are going to Thailand for our honeymoon and will either be wearing VERY plain simple silver bands (if I get around to ordering/buying them) or nothing….. I sort of wanted to buy something big and blingy but then I decided that the point was to NOT draw attention to myself

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@gemgirl6:  I think you are wrong in assuming the price of moissanite will drop any significant amount in 2015. This poster from BTD explains it best:

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Originally Posted By: Yeeta
Do you guys think the price of moissanite will fall after the patent expires? What other changes will happen do you think?

I doubt it. While the ‘intuitive’ assumption would be yes, it also reminds of all the people who predicted how lab grown diamonds would soon be all over Ebay for $10 after Gemesis started growing in 2002/3. 

With diamonds, people failed to account for how hard it is to grow, how most labs growing don’t make much net profit, etc. And in fact the avg per carat price of lab diamonds has gone *up* over the years as some producers simply dropped out to do other things besides gems. The grower for pink lab diamonds for example, quit the business entirely about 2 years ago – great demand, but way too hard to make and actually get a net profit.

In either scenario, people fail to account for how difficult and expensive the crystal itself is to grow. 

The patent expires in 2015 and that will certainly open to a few new players, but not that many. Why – because SiC (moissanite) is hard to grow and there are not many people that have the equipment and skill to do it. 

And most that do, are focused on the electronics market which requires different growth parameters than growing for gem use. And the gem market is a drop in the bucket compared to electronics (if they can get it pure enough), so most growers don’t want to deal with setting up for gems vs. electronics.

You should also look at C&C’s financials to see that even with their patent, they are losing money for the past few quarters – and they are living off of inventory purchased years ago. 

Thus, you can see that the rough is quite expensive as even with their patent and selling previously purchased inventory, they are not making much if any net profit lately.

Anyway, for those reasons I would not hold your breath that the price will drop any great degree when the patent expires…there are a lot more fundamental challenges to growing moissanite that prevents it from being a ‘cheap’ material, patent or not.

Best regards

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@MUAbride2be:  That’s a good idea! Your ring won’t mind, but you’d be sick if you lost your ring, especially while in another country.

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