(Closed) Is it weird/bad wear a fake ring?

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The original poster here is way more honest than the commenters!  Either they choose to ignore what she is asking in reality, for reasons I think I know hit very close to home, or they just don’t get it.

She is asking in essence is it wrong to want to wear the bigger, flashier, fake ring and yes, it is a FAKE ring, more than the real diamond set?  The one her husband gave to her on her wedding day as a symbol of their promise to each other.  She said it herself — she is jonesing after the fake one.  Those of you who harp on about the fact that she mentions the honeymoon travel are dancing around the real subject. 

Now, to answer:  unless there is a really good reason to not wear the real ring (sizing issue, perhaps?), then the your WEDDING ring is just that — your wedding ring, to be displayed properly.  Buy the faux ring and put it on the OTHER hand.

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@Baron:  Is not wanting your expensive rings to end up on the ocean floor or lost in a hotel room not a good enough reason?

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@Baron:  Um, didn’t you say like 3 weeks ago that you wear a fake ring because you simply CAN’T leave the house without men hitting on you?

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LOL Is there a reason for some of these responses to be so angry?  It is really not needed to get this upset about other’s responses.  LOL, just enjoy the holiday season.  Damn!

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I think its a good idea to have a stand in one, BUT the safest place for your ‘real’ ring is on your finger so if you are planning on leaving your one at home, I’d get it put in a safety deposit box… just incase your house was to get broken into while you were away! 

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ha, this thread is weird (through no fault of the OP!)

random thoughts:

-the only thing that makes a ring ‘an engagement ring’ is the fact that it was bought to celebrate your engagement. don’t feel bad if you like another ring too, it’s just a pretty ring – the ‘original’ will always be your engagement ring. 

-Ive always thought of wedding and engagement rings as something you wear all the time, forever. so it makes sense to choose styles that suit your lifestyle. if you like big bling but would be worried about it being damaged/lost/stolen all the time, save the big bling for fun special occasion jewellery and pick a more sensible wedding set.

-the safest place for a ring is on your finger. your house is much more likely to get burgled if you are on holidays. don’t assume that leaving it at home is the best option – and our family has had random things go missing for years because my mum has hid them in ‘a safe place’ while we’re away then completely forgotten where she put it

-wearing a flashy ring in a dangerous area doesn’t mean that criminals will try to steal your ring, it means that they will make assumptions about your personal wealth based on the jewellery you are wearing. they assume that someone with a giant diamond on their hand is likely to also have plenty of cash in their bag, a nice new phone, camera or sunglasses, and maybe even a loving, well off family who would pay ransom in the case of a kidnapping.

-the stories you hear about people getting their fingers cut off and rings stolen don’t happen in the street, they happen on late night trains if you fall asleep drunk, or if you are asleep and someone drugs you. I’m sure they also happen way less than people actually say.

-don’t worry about it and have fun in Hawaii!

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I think it’s a great idea!  I was in Japan for a month over the summer and I left ALL of my precious jewelry at home.  I only brought costume jewelry with no sentimental value, so I didn’t have to worry so much about losing it!  It was definitely worth it not to have to stress about it.  

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In response to your question, no, it’s not weird at all. =D

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I do it all the time & dh likes it.  I’m especially fond of Jewlery TV’s Bella Luce line, the dillenium cuts are really sparkly.  And super affordable.  They also don’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Dh just bought me a new set for an anniversary “upgrade”, just for fun.  It’s gorgeous.

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@MUAbride2be:  I have a very simple “stunt” ring that I wear when traveling or if I want to get the pavé checked on my ring (it’s an eternity band so the diamonds can be subject to some wear and tear.)  I miss my ring but I figure it’s better than having it stolen (travel) or damaged and it would be weird not to wear one.  So, stunt band it is (and it’s cool enough to wear on my right hand as well.)

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I am actually ordering a Berricle stand-in ring/part time RHR myself. There are several times that I can’t wear my actual engagement ring, but I like wearing my set. I opted to get a ring that gave the same visual apperance (my current ring is cushion with square halo, and I purchased a solitare princess with the same finger coverage, but obviously its a bigger stone). I wanted to be able to wear my wedding band with the ring, so my options were a little limited.

As for not wanting to leave your ring in your room while on vacation is pretty smart. People have had things stolen out of the in-room safe, in even the safest vacation locations. People forget about the safe and leave things behind, etc. etc. I went to Maui for my Honeymoon, and I wore my ring 90% of the time. I went without my ring only when we actually went swimming in the ocean (SUP, SNUBA -no not SCUBA lol-, and snorkling) and wore it to the pool, out to eat, shopping, hiking, sight seeing, etc. etc. Let me tell you, I worried so much about leaving my ring  in my room. I actually considered getting a stand in ring so as to not damage my real ring, but didn’t at the time…. which is probably good as one of my vendors stole all of my jewelry that I had packed FROM MY BRIDE’S ROOM! (Granted, the venue said they would lock it when we left to go to the ceremony, but they didn’t.)

And no, I don’t feel bad about wanting to wear a stand in ring when wearing my real ring is not an option (real as in my actual engagement ring). I don’t plan on wearing my stand in over my real ring, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with liking rings other than your e-ring. It’s like saying you can’t have any other friends once you have a best friend. You can have other rings, you can like other rings, but your e-ring will also have that special place in your heart (if you have sentimental attachment to your ring, some people don’t, which is also perfectly okay.)

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I don’t understand why some people are so offended by stand-in rings, and OP I don’t think you should feel weird about wanting to wear yours!

I love my engagement ring but, just like any other part of my personal style, my taste changes and sometimes I want to wear something new. The important thing to me is that others see I am wearing something on my RING FINGER – never have I worried that they will notice the one I’m wearing wasn’t given to me by my fiance. I love the ring he gave me and treasure it dearly – but I plan to be with him forever and see absolutely no problem with going without it a few days out of the rest of my life. Rings are just jewelry and my commitment to my fiance is just as strong when I’m not wearing my e-ring as it is when I AM wearing it.

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@MUAbride2be:  I have a stand in! A simple rose gold band. I love having the option to go simple and protect my gorgeous wedding set.

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