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Girl you are LUCKY your Fiance has that much to drop on a ring.

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I think $2500 is a great budget! I agree with everyone else that the meaning behind the ring is what should really matter! Would you rather have a $10k ring on your hand with a man that treats like crap and wants you to be someone you are not or a $2500 ring with a man that loves you for you and wants to spend the rest of his life committed to you? I know you are being honest, but maybe you should take a step back and make a list of the pros and cons of marrying this man. If a con is that the ring won’t be the one you want, I am sorry but I don’t think you are ready for marriage. IMO I really think people put too much emphasis on the ring. At the end of the day, yes it is important and it is a symbol of your marriage but just because you don’t have a 4 carat platnium ring does not mean your marriage is less than someone who does.

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I can see why you might be hurt.  If he is doing well financially and maybe treats himself to nice things, why wouldn’t he treat you to a nice ring.  I would be hurt if he could afford a nicer ring and didn’t get me one.  Rings are really expensive!  (Especially diamond ones)  I would never expect any man to spend more than they could afford, but if he’s driving a luxury car and spends a small amount comparably on your ring I would ask him about his priorities. Maybe he doesn’t realize how expensive rings can be and he might not know if it is important to you.  Maybe he is thinking he wants to spend x on a ring so he can spend y on the wedding, honeymoon, or a house.  You will never know if you never talk to him about it.  I would offer going ring shopping with him so he has an idea of what you like.  After I went ring shopping with SO he decided he wanted to spend more (he had no idea how expensive rings were and HE WANTS to get me a nicer ring). Just my 2 cents.

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@Mrs.Jansen +1

I also agree with PP who said also look around for good deals, diamond alternatives and lab created.  At the end of the day just remember the ring is just a symbol, its much more important that the love is the real deal and the marriage is the real deal.

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@Meant2Bee:  I completely see why you’re frustrated with it. Head over to pricescope, post what you’re looking for and see if they can help you out a bit! They’re great at finding deals.

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You can always upgrade later in life and it isn’t about the ring, it is about being engaged to be married. No wonder why men are so freaked out about proposing we are just so hard to please with the size of ring, the romantic proposal etc. Just be greatful you have him.

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I don’t think it’s wrong, but don’t get upset about it either…men don’t get the jewelry thing…they just don’t.

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To all the bees saying that “$2500 is a great budget!” please remember that we don’t know where the OP is from.

In Australia that really wouldn’t buy a ring of nice quality at all. Things are much more expensive here and whilst that amount would buy quite a ring in America, here we are talking about a low quality diamond (which is important if you look at jewellery as an investment, which it is for future generations). 

OP I can understand your disappointment, it sounds as though your SO is doing very well for himself and if he has a large disposable income and savings as well, it would be a bit of a letdown to hear that he is looking to spend a modest amount (compared to his own income and savings). This is the most important piece of jewellery which he is ever going to give you, it makes sense that he would spend a considerable amount on it. This is why the 3 months income rule works (and yes, I realise it was created through a marketing campaign for diamonds) because it looks at a % of income rather than a set number. 

Here is my advice: Send him photos of rings that you love, no matter the price. That way he can look for something similar in his budget, or perhaps get a more realist view of prices (it is possible that he hasn’t even looked around yet and doesn’t know how much diamonds cost). 

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There are rings at every budget that you will love, and you always have the option of upgrading! The price tag has nothing to do with how much he loves you, it’s just propoganda, and he could be wanting to spend less on a ring so he can have more money for your future together! Send him (or the bee) pictures and you will find something you love.

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Hm….yeah I agree with the other posters you shouldn’t have talked about price with him. Doh!

hahaha hugs…it’s ok, I think you should pretend you never heard that and show him pics of what you want and see what happens.

If he making $2000 after taxes each pay period (so $4000 per month after taxes) then yes I think that $2500 is not enough to spend on your ring. His range should be closer to $7-8000 minimum.

He needs to get enough for a down payment and then he can open a charge account at zales or jared/robbins bros or tiffanys or whereever and then he can make monthly payments on it until it’s done.

DON’T loosen up the leash on this one…this is your ring, if he has to eat peanut butter for 4 months to pay for it then so be it. 

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Hmm… no comments from OP and no help from the Bee!

Ok, here’s another one

Blue Nile, excellent reviews, I believe they ship internationally.  You said you were about cut over size, so I chose their best cut for you


Just a hair over 2500, and that’s for a HALF CARAT princess in a halo!  That will look gorgeous!  You could go a bit smaller to being the price down a bit, or a bit lower in cut quality to bring the size up a bit if you prefer.

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