(Closed) Is it wrong for a Christian to take Birth Control?

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    Because religion is a personal thing, I would ask those closest to you for advice.  For example, your mother might have a good answer.  If not, then ask your pastor/minister/reverend/priest.  


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    Personally, I don’t feel like using birth control pills are wrong. They prevent a woman from ovulating, so a sperm and egg never meet. This isn’t an abortion because an abortion is ending a pregnancy after conception. Birth control pills don’t allow conception to ever happen. This is a personal decision, but as a Christian I don’t feel like this is wrong. If you do feel wrong about it then I highly recommend Natural Family Planning. You can take your waking basal body temp every morning and it will show when you ovulate. Then you can avoid sex during your fertile window which will prevent getting pregnant. This is similar to what Catholic people use and it is considered ok by the catholic church. 

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    @disneyglimmer:  Different churches have different beliefs. Do you attend church? What are the teachings of your church?


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    Taking birth control is not a sin. It isn’t causing abortions every month. It is merely stopping the ovary from releasing an egg. All this does is prevent the possibility of pregnancy from happening (only if you are taking the pill correctly.) Talk to your doctor about preventative measures to pregnancy. If you still feel that taking the pill is morally wrong (like the Catholic Church thinks) then look at alternative forms of contraception- i.e. using condoms or researching methods of safer sex without using man-made stuff, like pull-out method, or natural family planning (endorsed by the Catholic Church). Honestly though, just talk to your doctor and get comfortable with taking a pill. It’s not a sin. Here’s some info I found on a google search regarding the pill and abortion–

    “Some birth control pills contain two hormones — estrogen andprogestin. These are called combination pills. Some are progestin-only pills.  Most women on the pill take combination pills.

    The hormones in the pill work by

    • Keeping eggs from leaving the ovaries. Pregnancy cannot happen if there is no egg to join with sperm.
    • Making cervical mucus thicker. This keeps sperm from getting to the eggs.” (this quoted information is from Planned Parenthood.

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    Birth control pills prevent pregnancy, they do not terminate it. I highly advise getting “Taking charge of your fertility” by Toni Weschler- this will help explain a lot about how to chart your cycles, whether you’re looking to get pregnant, or figure out when your fertile days are. And barrier methods (i.e. condoms) could also be an option.


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    I am a Christian.

    I started taking birth control at age 13. I was not put on BC because I was sexually active, but rather because I had ovarian cysts, which would cause me to have incredibly long and sometimes painful periods. To stop the cysts from occuring meant preventing my body from ovulating; and the only way to do that was with the help of BC. I believe that God put doctors on this earth to help heal those who are sick and/or in need of medical assistance. Although my original purpose for getting on BC was because of my cysts, I also benefited from them as a method of preventing pregnancy when I did become sexually active as an adult. I do not interpret the bible literally, and I use common sense when making decisions that affect my life. I was not in a position then to have/support/care for a child, and I made a responsible decision with the resources God had given me (i.e., doctors, modern medicine, etc.). I think it would be sinful to bring a child into this world knowing I could not support him or her in any capacity. So, to answer your question, no I do not think taking birth control is a sin. I think it is responsible.

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    @disneyglimmer:  What type of Christian? It matters a lot, because the Catholic church does not support contraception, but most other churches do.

    I’m a Protestant so I’m going to give a Protestant perspective. (Protestant includes Anglican/Episcopalian, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, etc, and most independent churches. If you’re not sure, your church is probably Protestant).

    From a Proestant perspective, there is nothing wrong with birth control. Hormonal birth control such as the Pill does not cause abortion. Sex is fine for enjoyment only, between a married a couple.

    If you’re really worried about hormonal options, you could use condoms. They stop the sperm getting to the egg so there are absolutely no ethical concerns. I used the pill for a few months, and then we used condoms for a few years before we had kids.

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    100% agree with @julies1949: … no one here can answer your Question without more info.  As every faith has their own followers / beliefs.

    Catholics are Christians, and they tend to hold beliefs that are often quite different from the Protestant branches of Christianity (especially in regards to topics surrounding sexuality)

    Will you and your Fiancé be doing any sort of Church run Pre-Marital Counselling?  This topic is usually on the agenda along with many other issues that Newlyweds may face (Faith & Marriage – Disputes – Fianances – Inlaws – Sex – Kids etc).  That would of course be an appropriate time to discuss this issue with your Pastor or the Course Leader


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    From a scientific standpoint, birth control pills *PREVENT* conception. They do not terminate a pregnancy. Birth control pills are not abortion pills.

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    I agree with PP, you should talk with someone with in your church. I am Catholic and in the Catholic faith, yes it is seen as a sin to use brith control as a means to avoid pregnancy. When used as a form of treament for certain conditions, then it isn’t as cut and dry.

    Natural family planning, which includes temping and cahrting is often use to get pregnat, but can also be used to prevent. Many churches offer classes on how to practice it properly.

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    I don’t think so.

    While this might not be why you are asking, not everyone takes BCP for birth control.  I was on them well before I was sexually active.  I’m also taking medication that is scientifically shown to cause miscarriages as well as birth defects.  If someone thinks BCPs are a sin then a bunch of other medications must be sinful too, right?


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    I’m not on birthcontrol and haven’t gotten pregnant,  we use the natural family planning. Its nothing wrong with birthcontrol pills, I just don’t use them. Never gotten pregnant either. It is not abortion

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    @disneyglimmer:  I am a baptized Catholic, but do not really practice anymore, as I have found that my form of spirituality is not conducive with a church setting. However, both my and FI’s families are more religious, so we have decided to have a Catholic wedding because we know it means a lot to them. Obviously, we have had to meet with our Priest and are going to be attending pre-cana soon. During our meeting with the priest last week, he explained that Catholics (not sure if this applies to all Christians, or just Catholisim) are NOT to use birth control. His claim was that birth control means that you do not give your partner 100% because you will not risk getting pregnant by him. Apparently that is, in some what, holding a part of yourself back from your partner. He then went on to explain what he claimed to be the churches “best kept secret” which was Natural Family Planning, commonl referred to as charting. The idea is to learn the woman’s cycle, and abstain from intercourse during her fertile window. 

    Personally, I don’t see the difference between the kinds of BD my priest was claiming to be bad, and his suggestion of NFP. To me, natural family planning is another form of birth control, and by abstaining from intercourse during the fertile window is also saying “I will not risk becoming pregnant by you.”

    I’m telling you this so you are aware of what at least one area of Christianity feels like about BC. If you really are concerned about the morality of birth control as it pertains to your religion, I would strongly suggest speaking with your priest or somebody else in your church or family who is aware of your religions views. 

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    Why don’t you use condoms?

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