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  • Wedding: August 2013 - Waterville Estate, Trinidad

@renwoman:  On a bride’s wedding day, make-up gives that refined yet soft look. I’ve seen many ‘modern’ brides going for the heavy makeup look. You prefer the natural look. There are makeup artists who can do such. Last week I changed makeup artists due to the first putting on such heavy makeup during the trials. I am a natural girl myself (BB & light powder) so I want that soft and natural look on my wedding day as well.

I’d suggest you research a great and affordable makeup artist who can provide the natural look you’re looking for. You love your freckles alot so just explain to the artist you don’t wish to cover them but just have a little makeup to keep you shine free and looking soft. Stay true to your personality. It’s your wedding day and you don’t have to conform to others’ ways of doing things. Your mum wears heavy makeup, you don’t have to. Don’t want your Fiance wondering where is the girl he fell in love with do you? Above all, wedding day makeup helps you be shine free for all the wonderful pictures and such. All eyes would be on you. I wish you the best! Take care. Smile

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  • Wedding: October 2018

IMO, you really should, if only for the pictures. You don’t need to put on anything that’ll cover your freckles! Just some blush, eye makeup, and something on your lips. I’m no makeup guru either, so I don’t know much past that. YouTube is always great help!

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  • Wedding: July 2014

Don’t ever cover your freckles but makeup for wedding allows you to have that “camera ready” look you need on your day.

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  • Wedding: July 2012

Absolutely. Find a good makeup artist in your area who’ll give you a beautiful, natural look. 

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  • Wedding: June 2014

Another vote for yes. Just a light look, though, to slightly define your features, even your skin tone (without covering freckles) and give you a natural, fresh-faced look for photos. 

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Helper bee

Honestly, if you never wear makeup and have no wish to then don’t. It is your day and you should be the most comfortable (and confident) version of yourself. If that means no makeup then no makeup.

But if you want to wear some (it really does help to have even just light makeup for photos I won’t lie) You can find makeup that will not cover your freckles. A lot of dept stores, ect will do free tials with different makeup so you can figure out what you like if you want to go the diy route, or like others said you can hire a good makeup artist that knows what she/he is doing. 

But no you don’t have to wear makeup to look like a bride and get married. 🙂

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  • Wedding: July 2015

Is make up a must?  Absolutely not!  But I think on your wedding day you want to standout from your normal.  Go to a salon and at least have them tell you what colors would best suit your skin tone to accentuate your features.  Let them know that you don’t normally wear makeup and you want to keep it more natural and simple.  You could also lookup youtube tutorials.  I think since wearing makeup isn’t your norm, don’t over do it with foundation and powder.  Bring out your eyes and your lips by defining them, and maybe a small amout of blush just to bring color to your face if you decide to keep it natural.  And imho, if you don’t wear makeup, keep it natural looking.  So go with natural earthy tones.  

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  • Wedding: July 2013

@renwoman:  I vote for yes, I know a girl who didn’t wear makeup for her wedding and really regretted it as she looked washed out. The thing is everyday I don’t either but it’s not everyday you wear a stunning dress, it changes the look of your face, I know it sounds starnge, I didn’t believe it at first either. When I had my makeup trial I asked for VERY natural, when she did it I was a little taken aback, it looked alot heavier than I would normally go for but with my dress and all the accessories it was perfect and for photos and lighting. Don’t cover up your freckles but I would go for subtle eye shadow, bit of lippy etc. Find someone good and you get what you pay for, make sure it’s someone with good recomendations. Try a trial on a day of a dress fitting and see what it all looks like and take pictures so you remember , good luck

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  • Wedding: August 2013

I hate to say it, but yeah, it is. You’d be surprised how you look in pictures with no makeup on. I wore heavier-than-normal makeup (like, more eyeshadow/liner) in our engagement pictures and looked like I was wearing nothing. I could have benefitted from more + more blush + lip color, since I looked a little washed out.

This is a really good video on makeup for glasses, and her makeup looks pretty natural-light. Here’s another article + video on makeup for glasses, as well.

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  • Wedding: August 2013

I feel you! I didn’t learn how to put on make-up as a teenager, and the first time I ever wore foundation was in my early twenties. Even then it was so sheer that it was closer to a tinted moisturiser.

At almost 30, I still don’t wear make up on a daily basis, but knew from day one that I was going to do my own make-up. This was partly because I’m having a destination wedding and wouldn’t have time for a trial, but also because I found that in a lot online make-up artist portfolios the bride’s make-up just looked too heavy for my tastes. Even when classed as natural, it just looked very fake to me.

My first step was to borrow a book from the library about how to apply make-up. I just looked at the pictures initally to see what looks I liked best. There are also tonnes of free make-up tutorials on YouTube that are worth checking out.

My next step was to head to Sephora and grab a bunch of free samples. They are extremely generous with their samples, you just have to request whatever it is you want to try from a sales assistant. If you have one close to you it’s worth a browse, but prepare to be overwhelmed at first.It took me a couple of trips to not get ‘deer in a headlights’ face.

Skin wise, I suggest you start with tinted moisturiser and sheer foundations. Anything that says full or even medium coverage is probably going to feel a bit much, and might cover your freckles.I’m going to be using Make-up Forever HD Foundation on my wedding day because it photographs really well (almost looks like you’re wearing nothing and tonnes of shades) but it might be a bit heavy for you. Look into a technique called stippling, which gives a lighter coverage. Diorskin Nude is also quite nice, and gives light coverage. Not sure what it will do to your freckles though.

You might find brown mascara more natural-looking than black mascara if you have fairer eyelashes. Lipstick is my main stumbling block. I’m convinced I look like a clown in the stuff, but some sheer colours are ok (they do fade anyway to nothing quite quickly though in my experience). I’ve recently discovered Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Lip Color in Rose Petal which is about as close to my natural lip colour as I can get.

Once you have your samples, have a play, and see what you like and what you don’t. Write down what you’re putting on and the order you applied it. Then have someone take photos of you in natural light (even better if it’s around the same time as your ceremony), preferably in your dress or a t-shirt the same colour for comparison.

Take some close-ups and ones from further away. Also take some of you without make-up and see which photos you like best. If your friend is particularly patient, have them take photos at each make-up stage (eg. after foundation, but before eye make-up) so you can easily judge the point where you think ‘Too much’.

If you prefer the way you look without make-up, then great! You don’t have to wear any if you don’t want to and you’ve not wasted a load of money on warpaint. If you like it, but need improvement, there’s still plenty of time to practice and get more familiar with techniques.

Please, please, please hold your ground about not covering your freckles though. I think freckles are freaking gorgeous.

[PS. Edited to add photo of me wearing Make-up Forever HD Foundation and brown eye make-up during the daytime so you can see how it photographs on an amateur camera. I felt like I was wearing heaps of make-up, but I think it came out pretty natural looking in the photos (shiny cheeks, visible moles and all!). I’ll be wearing more make-up on the big day, but had to build myself up to it.]




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  • Wedding: June 2013 - Upstate NY

I absolutely, absolutely would wear make-up at your wedding. Even if you look lovely in real life, cameras and flash completely wash you out.

I told my MUA to make me look like, and I quote, “a hooker bride”. Fake lashes, tons of eye stuff, etc.  She put quite a bit on but you can barely tell, ugh!!!


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  • Wedding: February 2014

Even if you don’t normally wear makeup, I think you really should. There are ways of applying it  that look natural but make you look your absolute best. If you don’t want to learn, a professional should have no problem doing that. Just stress how natural you want to look and ask her to go light on the products.

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  • Wedding: September 2014

Just want to add: if you do decide to wear some make up on your wedding day, definitely do a trial of the exact products a few weeks before, just in case you have a reaction to one of them. You probably won’t, but better safe than sorry! I find mineral make up the best for natural coverage but you’ll need to find a non-shiny one. Lily Lolo in the UK is brilliant. And don’t cover your freckles!! 🙂

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@renwoman:  You can either DIY your makeup or find an artist, but be clear that you’re looking for a natural look. Alot of really talented ladies out there have mastered the art of simply enhancing the features that you had — meaning the foundation methods don’t cover freckles but simply even out your skintone, the eyes aren’t bogged down with liner and such, but simply made to POP! in your photos. Lips are neautral, little blush to make your cheeks glow — don’t be intimidated by heavy looks, you can always hit up a makeup retailer (sephora/MAC) or find a local salon with a MUA and tell them what you’re looking for– they can recommend products and give you the look to learn at home. You can also check out someone like Jaclyn Hill on youtube, she does wear somewhat heavy looks, but her foundation routines are really good and she’s always preaching that she isn’t looking to cover her face (she likes her natural freckles and such to show).. 🙂

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