(Closed) Is my ring the right size? How do your rings fit?

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@chillinchillin:  I think it might depend on what type of fingers you have. Some people have larger knuckles than the bottom of their fingers, so the ring has to be a certain size to get over the knuckle. I have what you might call “padding” between the knuckle and the base, so my finger gets wider after the knuckle and then gets thinner again. This means my ring slides on easily but it doesn’t come off again unless you wiggle it a certain way. I can actually create a space of about 2 mm or even more on a cold day by pushing my ring up, but I’m in no danger of the ring falling off. I don’t know whether this is normal or not :/

I find my ring very comfy and I never get red marks. I can feel it with my middle finger and little finger when I close my fingers together.

I think it’s a personal decision about where you want to be on the spectrum between having it not too loose that it falls off and not too tight that it restricts your circulation…

I don’t wear a wedding band yet so I can’t comment on how that changed things. But if you think it’s safe to I would wait until you get your band, see how the two fit together and then think about resizing if you need to.

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My ring fits like you described. I feel like I could go down .25 in size but at the size it is at it does not fall off. It spins and that doesn’t bother me at all. The jeweler said she dud not recommend going down in size because it is just slightly tight going over my knuckle but still goes on easily. I do sometimes feel it against my other twi fingers, but the longer I have had it the less I notice it. I guess I getting used to it?  my ring and band are an heirloom set so I had them sized at the same time. My band is slightly tighter and it actually I skins of uncomfortable. I may actually resize that when the tine comes to start wearing it. If you are not afraid of listing your ring, maybe try wearing it for another month or two to see if you get used to it?

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My e-ring fits the exact same way! I was sized to a 7.5 so that is what I got, but my ring is constantly spinning around my finger…I’m not sure where you’re located, but a jeweler mentioned to me that rings tend to fit looser in the cold weather and tighter in the summer due to finger swelling, so she said I would be fine with a 7.5. I ordered a ring resizer (little plastic tube that fits around the bottom of my ring band) to get me through the winter and am hoping she is right about my fingers “swelling” in the heat of the summer. I don’t know how much it costs to get a ring resized (mine is palladium), but I’d rather not do it if I can avoid it.

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I am the opposite! I have lost a ring down a drain before when washing my hands years ago and I am SO paranoid ever since! It was a family heirloom too. Cry

I am a size 6 and right now am a couple of lbs. above my normal ideal weight so it is a little more snug than normal – not like a stuffed sausage or with a muffin top LOL but not too loose.  If it were more loose NO WAY would I not get it sized down given my bad past experience. I know it was probably a freak thing but still! 

My rings spin if I spin them, it’s comfortable – I don’t even notice them. For me, that is perfect.

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My fingers change about a full size depending on my body temp. I size all my right hand rings to a 6, even though I’m about a 5.5, and all my left to a 5.5 even though i’m closer to a 4.75. It allows me to get my rings off and on, and wear them comfortablly, but they also sometimes spin depending on how warm or cold my hands are.

I won’t be resizing my engagement ring when I buy a wedding band because I know two rings will make it fit tighter. It’s sized to a 5.5 and I’ll get a wedding band in a 6 to make sure everything fits right all year round.

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How does your ring fit and feel to you?  I have skinny fingers and somewhat big knuckles, so my ring spins but I have to work really hard to get it over my knuckle.  I usually have one or two small knots of jewelry/beading string on the bottom where no one can see it to keep my ring from spinning.  This just helps it grip my finger.

What’s ‘correct’? The jewelers I’ve been to told me mine will always spin because it is top heavy and I have skinny fingers, but it should not be easy to pull over my knuckle.

Has anyone gotten a platinum ring resized? How much was it and did your ring look perfectly the same after? I had my ring sized 3 times to get it right.  It is platinum, and I’ve never noticed it looking anything other than perfect after; however, I have a plain shank, so nothing intricated I’d worry about.

When you added a band, did your ring really fit that much tighter? I tried it with random rings I have but it didn’t seem that significant, only with trying to pull them off at the same time. I know a wedding band will make it sit higher up on the meatier part of my finger, so I’m not too worried about it spinning once I have a wedding band.  

If you thought it was maybe a quarter to half size too big, would you bother resizing?  A quarter to a half size would make a difference for me.  I went down from a 4.75 to a 4.25 and it made a huge difference.  I no longer had to worry about my ring falling off. 



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