Is pot the answer for pain?

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When I had severe chronic pain I was prescribed oxycontin and Vicodin. They took the edge off but I was still in a lot of pain. 

Marijuana is legal where I live, so I decided to give it a try. For me it really didn’t work at all. I tried a high-cbd low-thc strain and it did virtually nothing for me. 

I ended up having much better luck with acupuncture and a tens unit. Even though the pain was intestinal, it helped dramatically. If yours is due to a car accident, massage and chiropractic along with the acupuncture might have more efficacy than any one alone, and tends to have better outcomes than opiates. 

Considering it isn’t legal where you are and could cause problems for you professionally, isI say it isn’t worth the minimal improvement you might see. If you’ve never tried acupuncture, I’d start there.

I know how horrible it is to be in constant pain. I’m really sorry you’re dealing with that. I hope you find something that helps.

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I think if it’s illegal where you live and could cause professional issues I’d exhaust all other options first. Home made edibles will likely knock you on your a**. I take commercially made edibles (and smoke a bit) regularly and I won’t touch home made edibles with a 10 foot pole. It’s almost like taking mushrooms with an extra dash of paranoia for me. If you really want to try it I would stick with smoking it, but I’m not sure it would be worth the long term professional risks. 

Also CBD doesn’t really do anything for pain on it’s own, it’s the THC (the part that gets you high) that is effective for pain. CBD is more for anxiety related medicinal issues. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this 🙁 

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jannigirl :  it doesn’t hurt to try it. It can help a lot, but it’s not a miracle. You’ll want to make sure you’re taking CBD (this is the medicinal stuff, rather than the mental stuff that gets you “high”). But you’ll want to take some sort of THC along with the CBD for best pain relief – marijuana compounds have an entourage effect in which they’re more effective together. 

Of course, it’s best to speak with a knowledgeable doctor about dosing and ratios. 

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 May as well try it! 

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jannigirl :  You will need to travel to a dispensary that sells medical grade pot and commercially made edibles. The key with edibles is you have to take the proper dosage. Many people make the mistake of eating an entire homemade brownie without having any idea of the THC content.

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When you travel to the state that it is legal I would try some out (I would smoke it so you can control how much you have).  If you’re in that much pain it would be worth a try to me to see if it helps.  If you were only drug tested at preemployment and have never been since you probably never will be (in my experience).  Of course, if it does work then you are left with the question of what to do next but if it doesn’t help much you can rule it out.

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I work in a medicinal cannabis dispensary.  You’ve received a lot of great info here already but I just wanted to chime in about something CBD related.  If you are going to try CBD, please do not waste your money on buying anything over the counter or online – those CBD products are derived from hemp which basically makes it snake oil for the price, you’ll get very little to no benefit.  CBD derived from the actual cannabis flower is much more medicinally potent because it does have a trace amount of THC within it (not enough to get you high, but enough to require a doctor’s recommendation).  However, true medicinal CBD very well could show up on a drug test because of this, especially if you’re using it daily.  So remember, Hemp CBD – won’t work, Cannabis CBD – will work.

Also want to repeat what other pp’s have mentioned.  Based on your post, I don’t think edibles are right for you.  I’m a regular cannabis user and I don’t even like edibles that much.  It will take away the pain but it’ll also make you incredibly uncomfortable if feeling high is something you’d rather avoid.  I’d encourage you to try smoking or vaping, the effects are more instant than an edible and they’ll wear off much quicker than an edible (which could be helpful in the case that you end up hating it).  It’s also worth mentioning that even though you may not be comfortable being high, you’ve already been high from other medications.  Cannabis just creates it’s own effect, and as with any medication, there may be an adjustment period while your body’s tolerance acclimates.  The first couple times may feel a little overwhelming, but if it’s providing real pain relief and you continue with a slow and controlled medicating regimen, you can find a healthy, comfortable balance and get very used to the feeling.  You might even love it.

Good luck!

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jannigirl :  Up until recently it has been illegal here and only legal now for medicinal purposes under extremely tight guidelines. If you are interested in obtaining it illegally (and I 100% support and understand why you would) then your best bet would be to suss out some groups that are in the know about trustworthy, reliable suppliers (like cancer, epilepsy and other illnesses where cannibas use is benefical).

Plenty of people in my cancer support group swear by the relief, not only for nauesa but for the bone aching pain that cancer can cause. I am lucky as I have an extremely high pain threshold (I had surgery recently on my shoulder and the surgeon said it was the worst case he had ever operated on and didn’t understand how I was able to withstand the pain) but if I didn’t I sure as shit would be partaking. I think it is one of those things that unless you have been there you can’t understand that taking a risk legally can seem the lesser of two evils.

But I will say make sure you check the laws were you are on if they have a personal use allowance or what amount tips you over from possession to supply (it can be very low in some places). Also if you are a POC and live in the USA you might want to rethink due to the statistics over jail time for low level drug crimes for POC.

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jannigirl :  I totally hear you. I have gone through periods of pain in my life and I’m sick and tired of doctors feeding me lines about anti-depressants reducing pain. Who do you think sponsors those studies? The drug companies, who are busy churning out new anti-deps that cost a lot more than pain medication and unlike pain meds, you cant just stop taking them. The whole thing reminds me of “crack babies” in the 80s, the supposed horrible danger that never was.

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, so pot will not work for me, I do not want to smoke anything or get that weirded out, paranoid feeling that turns into eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerrys.


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jannigirl :  110% try it (very small amount to start). Youll be able to take way less opiates if you supplement with THC/CBD. 

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jannigirl :  I have a severe dislocation between L5-S1.  I found out when my leg went numb after chiropracty.  It doesn’t fix everything, no matter what people say.  On a good day, it feels like I have a spike running from my left hip down to my knee and my tailbone should explode rather than staying in my body.  We won’t talk about the bad days.

The really screwed up part is that before I lost ~150 pounds, I had a nice fat cushion that kept everything in alignment and in place; we had no idea.

They’ve tried me on countless antidepressants and gabapentin along with all sorts of nsaids.  When those failed, they tried to send me to a pain management specialst, but I was made to feel like a criminal for being in chronic pain.    TENS works on occasion. Massage isn’t an option.  Six weeks of accupuncture didn’t help either.  Kratom helped to some degree, but it makes me nauseated to the point that I’m nonfunctional.  Now, they want to do a fusion, which may or may not fix the pain.  

I went to another state with friends and actually got to try ‘recreational herbs’.  I spoke to the clerk and he recommended a specific strain.  I’d forgotten what it felt like not to hurt.

Unfortunately, where I work, it’s not legal under any circumstances and my employer would have a holy hissy so I suffer and hope that one day I’ll get a chance to get some relief.


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If it’s illegal and a positive test could hurt you professionally, than I would not suggest that you try it. THC lasts in the body for a long time. You could test positive for it up to a month later. 


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I know several people who use it to manage their chronic pain, including my fi. If you can find a medicinal dispensary when you are on your vacation, I highly recommend going there to consult with someone knowledgable so you can obtain the best product for your needs. I have had a consultation to see if it will work with my chronic headaches, but I haven’t started yet. When I do, I will be vaping. The recommendation was to vape in the evening and before bed so that if there is any “high,” it won’t affect my routine since I’m just going to sleep anyway. 

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