Is pot the answer for pain?

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jannigirl :  Have you used prescription-grade lodicaine patches? Lidoderm, etc?  I broke my LL spine, as well (the reason I ended up active on the Bee.)

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jannigirl :  I was/am on oxycodone for nerve pain and ovarian cyst. Personally its semi effective, it works for the extreme cyst pain but does nothing for my nerve pain.

I have found the CBD oil does very little for me but works wonders for some people. I am on an endometriosis board and tons of the women there swear by it.

Most recently I came across Kratom with is this legal herb similar to opiates and it has been a life changer for me personally. It works way better then opiates without the gross side effects of that I was getting from them. They making me really depressed and apathetic, which is rare but it was becoming an issue. Kratom seems to treat my pain without the depression. I do still uses my oxy for the few times a month I have cyst.

Research is your best friend here, I found out about Kratom, researched it for a month before trying it and love it. Alot of people have positive things to say about it but there is also some negatives if you quite it cold turkey. 

Another option is ketimine infusions, I am actually trying that for depression tomorrow but it has been known to do wonder for pain also.

I am on mobile right now but can post my research if you’re interested. You know your body best though, maybe it is a combination of things that will work in the long term but asking questions and researching options is your best friend for chronic pain.

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jannigirl :  Research as promised:

CBD: Can you move? I know that sounds extreme but what would you do if you could walk up every day, feeling good without pain. If CBD can do that for you, you should find a place you can get it legally. I have been in pain for about 10 years and I wished this worked for me. It has the most research, the least side effects and very little chance of dependency.

Conclusion, great options for those it works on in places where it is legal.

Kratom: Very little actual research because it is extremely cheap to get ahold of and so isn’t super valuable to big pharma. This was basically my hail mary since antidepressants don’t work on me and I have daily nerve pain which the only treatment options I have been given, gabapentin, makes me suicidal. 

I would treat Kratom like Tramadol combined with Celexa, you have all of the possible side effects of a major antidepressant with the possible side effects with a less effective opiate.

Conclusion: Personal, I am in a place where I need my life back and this medication is giving me that. It maybe is a bad fit for some people and maybe be a godsend for others but without solid research, it is just first-hand accounts and speculations.

I will say that it was originally criminalized in Asia because it was competing with the poppy market since it is a less addictive option and is easier and cheaper to get. So in my mind it seems like it could be a huge reason big pharma hasn’ looked at it as a legit pain treatment.


Some people can do long-term use, some can’t. I can’t take it more the one or twice a week without negative side effects, such as depression and apathy. I an anti-productive and pissy on it. That is just me though and everyone is different. I am in a high paced, high demand field so that isn’t working for me. I take it during the few times a month my pains hit unbearable but it’s not like a working is a possibility while curled into a ball sobbing on the bathroom floor anyway, 

I will say that in the coming years will be hard and harder to get, MY PCP who managed my meds trust me, has been with me for years and trusts I am proactive and know my body my so I have yet to have issues and have been on it for 2 years, since before my endo laparoscopy and hysterectomy. That all being said, there will be a day in the future in which oxy will not be the ability to me do to the regulatory crackdown.

Conclusion! There is way to much research to put here some of which suggest “embarrassing your new reality and taking Tylenol instead” :

The cliff notes is, even if it doesn’t cause you to become addicted, you will because dependant and may need a higher does to do the same thing. Doctors will mostly treat you shitty for asking for it and offer suboxine, which has way worse withdrawals and basically does the same thing without the ” euphoria” which is silly. I would like to ad, you become dependant on any drug you take regularly, just ask anyone who has tried to cold turkey of antidepressants. Dependency is no addiction in any way shape or form.

Ketimene infuions 

Alot of research has been down on PTSD and depression treatment but it can also treat long time pain. I am trying it for PTSD tomorrow. It is usually not covered by insurance. I am likely paying $2400 for the first treatment and $400 for my monthly follow up.


Conclusion: There is tons of research starting it works. I had another threat that I was considering it for depression that resulted in an unnamed bee contacting me saying that she had tried and had a positive effect so far, I am set to try it on Monday and the clinical psychiatrist I am not seeing says that it has a 50% success rate for mental illness so figures crosssed. 

MY point is the internet is your friend, join support groups, take to people, never stop fighting for the normal pain-free life you deserve, because you deserve a pain-free life. Don’t let people make you feel bad for asking questions and seeking the second option. 

You are strong and you don’t have to live like this. Feel free to DM me for more information.

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Giving issues postin my research. Dm if your interested 

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