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The same thing happened with me.  I had a PT from Sep-Dec07, and I only lost 3lbs!!  But I could do a lot more reps and more weight.  I think to get the best results you have to more on top of your trainer.  Tell them you would like to weigh in once a week.  Let them know that you will discontinue if you do not see results!!  I had a sit down with my PT and he ended up adjusting our workouts, my diet plan, and my "homework" – the stuff I had to do outside our sessions.

PTs have many clients so you need to remind them of your goals.  They can get lost in focusing on your strength and not focus enough on weight.

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Great question — I’ve been wondering for a while if it’s worth the investment, and am looking forward to what others have to say on the topic.

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I have a personal trainer because otherwise I’d never make it to the gym.  Not so much because I’m lazy, but because I get sucked into work (ok fine and I’m lazy).  My trainer also pushes me harder than I’d ever work out on my own, so I see it as an investment in my mental health.

I didn’t lose a single pound after months of training.  It was only after I changed my horrific diet did the weight start coming off… and quick!

I love having a trainer, but I think it’s great to have for a month to learn how to use all the machines properly and what exercises you need to do, but if you’re self-motivated, you can definitely achieve the same results yourself. I, however, am not self-motivated enough!

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I used a PT about 1.5 years ago, and it helped a lot. I lost about 10 lbs and went down a size or two.

I also did traning sessions twice a week, followed by cardio after the session and on my off days. I tried to squeeze in at least 4 days of cardio. I mixed up the cardio with intervals on the treadmill or elliptical. 

I also counted calories (doing that again now) and watched what I ate. Counting calories helped A LOT.  So, like what Mrs. B said, having a healthy diet is also important!

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It’s definitely working! I never thought I was slacking during my solo workout sessions since I was always out of breath and sweaty, but I started working with a PT and he pushes me like never before – He always says when I think I can’t do any more reps, keep going and surprisingly, I usually finish whatever he’s asking.

My trainer works with me using Russian Kettlebells. Of all the things I’ve done (running, lifting weights, interval training), nothing gives results like the kettlebell. I’ve been doing it for only 2.5 weeks and I swear I’m already noticing inches lost around my waistline. Gosh, I sound like an infomercial… haha… but seriously, working with my PT and the kettlebells is probably the best decision I’ve ever made with regards to fitness.

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I’ve done 3 months of PT so far, and have lost 6 pounds so far, but I think that the PT itself isn’t magic or anything – it’s just one day a week that I do it, I go to the gym 5-6 days a week on my own, and have been doing WW as well. I have definitely seen an increase in how much weight I lift and how many reps I can do, and I have gone from being able to run 0.25 miles to 3 miles, so I think it has been well worth it for me 🙂

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I used a PT for about three months last year (when I was getting in shape for the wedding). After 3 month I lost about 7 lbs and then I continued to work out on my own and lost another 7-8 lbs. (My goal was 10 lbs so I did hit my goal :D)

I would have continue to use the PT but he told me that he taught me everything and it’s up to myself to stay motivated and keep working out! I admint I got lazy after the wedding and this winter I went back to Asia where I ate TONS so I gained about 5lbs back. I’m trying to get into my routine to lose that 5lbs!

One thing the PT made me do is write down everything I ate during the day, including gum. That really helped me cut down on snacks and eat healthier.

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i work at a gym and have friends who personally train me for free (they’ve been training for a long time… my main trainer has been doing it for 14 years!!!) so i have to admit that the free gym membership/PT is definitely worth the value! 


on another note…. remember that muscle weighs a lot. you most likely will stay the same weight (sometimes even gain) during the first few months of training because you are getting muscles. once the muscles are established, you should shed those pounds easily. your muscles actually burn the fat because of a few different reasons. first, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. 2nd, your muscle uses the calories that you take in (eat!) and then you burn the fat stores… so in translation, the more muscle you have, the more you lose weight, therefore the more you can eat! so yes, get muscles= eat more!! (score! just don’t overdue the food lol)

another important thing to consider is your metabolism and calorie intake. you have to make sure that you eat enough, often enough. i thought i was doing well by dieting and eating about 800 calories a day. i ate small amounts of healthy stuff… i’ve always been a healthy eater but wanted to "shrink my stomach". umm bad idea because when i started working out i blacked out a lot and got really sick. and i never ate breakfast. your body actually starves when it’s asleep so when you wake up you need to eat ASAP or your sending your body into hoarding mode like anorexia. the best thing to do is 5 small meals a day. i shoot for 250 calories per meal. on the days i work out, i eat 1600 cals and on the days i don’t, i eat 1400. this is one reason a trainer is good. you need to get the right calculations (fat, metabolism, target heart rate, etc.) so that you know what is ideal for you. how much you should lose, how much you should work out (what level…) and how much you should eat. it’s very complex, but if you can get the right trainer (and the right machine… that’s what calculates it…) it is definitely worth it!!!

oh and you shouldn’t be losing more than 2 lbs a week. sucks i know, but if you lose more you’re either starving yourself, overworking yourself, or losing water weight.


i’ve been lifting weights and doing cardio for 2 months, 5 times a week, and i just lost 5 lbs which is HUGE for me. I’m finally in the shedding stage! (this took me a while since i had to readjust my metabolism. it was VERY out of whack!!! and i have much more muscle!) 


last thing. when you lift, a really good place to focus is your butt/thighs because it is the biggest muscle as far as losing the weight goes. the buffer that is, the better. and girls can’t really get bulky unless they try that hard (like bodybuilders, ew!… should i mention that’s an anorexic/drugs (most likely at least pills!)/non stop work out ordeal!?) or they have a hormone imbalance.  


ok i’m done sounding like a nerd. hope it helps! 

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thank you for sharing that, mixingmommybride! it was very informative! =D

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I’m just finishing up 8 weeks of (really expensive, my biggest personal splurge ever :))personal training 3 times a week.  I think i’m stronger and i’m beginning to see changes in my arms but other than that, no weight loss or change in how my clothes fit.  It’s worthwile though b/c i would never strength train that hard or often on my own.  I definitely haven’t motivated to change my eating habits–I don’t think they’re terrible but my downfall is the candy dish at work and drinks on the weekends.  And simply, the 3X a week doesn’t leave me much time to do cardio which is what i really need to lose weight–based on experience i need at least 45mins 5 times a week.  So what i think i’ll do is buy another block of sessions and then just do twice a week.  Bottom line, strength training and stretching are essential to getting fit so it’s a value if you would otherwise not do it on your own or quit as soon as the muscle starts to burn (I don’t like pain :)).

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I’m with MightySapphire – you really have to be on top of your trainer and make sure you have a good one who knows exactly what your goals are. When I joined my gym, I started with a PT. I would have to lift all these weights and do all these lunges and stretches – then would say "okay, do cardio for half an hour". I lost a little bit of weight, and I felt a little stronger, but I didn’t notice anything and it was not worth it to me. Cardio is what helps you lose weight – you don’t see Bob on the Biggest Loser telling the contestants to just get on the treadmill for half an hour and he’ll see them later! They never asked why I quit the lessons so I never told them – kind of a sign they weren’t the best trainer ever.

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I have been in PT for a month now.  I got on the scale this morning and I have gained a pound. BOO!!! However,  I do notice more muscle in my arms (because I had none before).  I also, if not just in my head, believe that my stomach is starting to flatten.  At least my skirt isn’t tight today 🙂

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