Is sharing food with your SO important to you?

posted 6 months ago in Relationships
  • poll: Is sharing food with your SO important to you?
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    It’s never really come up as an issue. My husband and I almost never split a meal at a restraunt. We’ll let each other try a bite of whatever we order if the other is interested but we don’t split the meal and would probably be annoyed if the other person just took however much they wanted without asking.

    But there are definetly times I don’t want to share at all – in which case I usually ask my husband if he wants his own because I’m not giving him any of mine lol. I’m also in the process of losing 70 lbs (50 down, 20 to go!) so sometimes I’ve carefully measured out a treat and if he just took some or expected me to share with him I’d be very annoyed.

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    Basically everyone I knows enjoys sharing food. My husband, my friends, my family. There’s only a few people I think don’t share food but it would be kinda weird anyway (like my boss haha). But even most of my younger coworkers we will offer each other some. 

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    So, my fiance and I regularly share, he generally puts a bite of his on my plate for me to try even if he doesn’t want what I have.  A lot of times we order the exact same thing or will order 2 different things and share when we can’t decide what to order.  That being said, my ex was an only child and after we had been dating for a while, he said that it bothered him when I asked for a bite of his food and if I wanted that I should have ordered it.  Whatever floats your boat.  It doesn’t bother me at all even when going out with friends or aquaintences.  I am happy to share because a lot of times there is something I wanted to try but wasn’t ready to commit to for my meal. LOL

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    When it comes to food, sharing is NOT caring…haha. 

    Seriously though in the 19 years we’ve been together it’s never been an issue. Thankfully we are both not into sharing. By that I mean we are not the couple who orders entrees and splits them. We are always more than happy to give the other a bite of what we’re eating for the other person to try but I don’t want to share my dinner with him.

    Darling Husband had a boss once whose wife ALWAYS wanted everyone to order something different and share. They are really close with us and became more like family, still are, but eating out with them was miserable. I freaking HATE when people want to split meals. If I wanted chicken alfredo I would have orderd it….but I didn’t because I want to eat my entire burger in peace and not share it. 

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    I’ve never thought about it, but I LOVE food, and love tasting and trying anythign and everything.. and it’s never been an issue.  I’m always open to give up a bite of my plate, and I pretty much always try my husbands plate.  Sometimes it works out for us cause we like each others better and will swap, sometimes it confirms we picked the right one, and once in a while, we both like the same one more and we know for next time!  

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    My husband and I never share food, ever. Not because we wouldn’t but because we have completely different tastes. I never eat his food (his motto is if it isn’t hot enough to make me cry then it’s too mild), and if he wants some of mine I make him use a clean fork. This is a non-issue for us though, and we don’t give it any thought. I would never be offended if he wanted some of my food, and he would be happy to share if my head wouldn’t burst into flames at the smell of his food.

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    I would say that 75% of our meals consist of sharing small plates of food.  

    We do occasionally order our own meals, but even then we’ll share.

    so sharing works for us.

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    My H and I are both from cultures that are obsessed with food and food = love and family. So, it would be VERY weird to me to go into a dating dynamic where we weren’t sharing food at restaurants, cooking together, tasting and trying new things together. For me, it would be a deal breaker. It would just contradict how I was raised and would probably be a turnoff to me during early dating (I actually remember I went on a second or third date with a guy out for sushi and he ordered 3 california rolls and wouldn’t try anything else and I was 100% done with him). I would say 90% of the time we pick our entrees together and each have half – in fact, we even did this at our wedding! he got the steak, I got the fish, and we split it.

    So, I totally get where you’re coming from OP

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    It was in our vows to share the last nibble of food on our plate hahaha. We always share our food and it’s a loving gesture we enjoy together. 

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    hikingbride :  

    I’m with you on pre-measured portions. I’m a very generous person and will share just about anything with anyone… except when it comes to servings I’ve weighed out. I will gladly get you a portion of your own, but snatch from my dish at your own peril!! (Ask, and you shall be rewarded.)

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    rez123 :  Anytime my husband tries to take food off my plate I yell, “Mia doesn’t share food!!” 

    But seriously, I don’t share food. I mean if we order something with the intent of going half and half, fine. But I’m not good at sharing food. I’m mildly ok to let him try a bite, but that’s all. My husband is happy to share food. But I agree with PPs that it’s a non issue. Unless my husband takes multiple fries off my plate, in which I invoke my inner Joey and yell that Mia doesn’t share food.

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    My husband and I have very different tastes, so it’s doubtful i’d ever want much of what he’s eating. But he’s welcome to a bite of mine. But no splitting dinners in half etc. I want what I ordered.

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    Nope.  Not important.  I define generosity in other ways.

    Both my SO and I find it hard to find things we can eat (pickiness as well as health issues on my part).  There just isn’t a lot of overlap.  And also, I order what I want anyway.  If I wanted what he’s having, I would have ordered what he’s having.

    I do, however, purposely order apps or dessert to share when out with friends or even my SO.  But that’s a preagreed upon thing.  I’m just not into the “Oh, can I have a bite?” or “I’ll give you some of mine if you give me some of yours” unless it’s what we intended when going there.

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    We share lots when we’re out at restaurants just so we can try more meals. But I try to not push it as I know he prefers not to and I’m more the one that always wants to. When we started dating we were sharing all the time and he made a joke that I often used the excuse of sharing as a way of getting two items that “I” wanted to eat lol 

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