Is sharing food with your SO important to you?

posted 6 months ago in Relationships
  • poll: Is sharing food with your SO important to you?
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    Unless we are at a vegan restaurant we rarely have more than one choice at a restaurant so there is no need to share.

    But I usually only eat half the meal any way so he gets the rest by default.

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    I HATE sharing food lol. I’ll give a piece but keep your damn fork away from my plate. Sharing with friends is always a disaster because there’s always that person that devours the plates faster than everyone else/eats way more than anyone else and it pisses I’ll just stick to ordering what I want and eating/enjoying it at my own pace, no sharing involved.

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    I like sharing food with my husband but wouldn’t say it’s important to me.. just nice to do esp when traveling!

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    Omg yes it probably wouldn’t have progressed beyond a few dates if hubby wasn’t into sharing. I come from a half Asian family so every meal is always shared, never individual. 

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    AnonBee2019 :  this reminds me of my second date with my hubby (but in reverse). I took him to a sushi restaurant, he had never tried anything so I ordered all the weirdest stuff and we shared and he tried everything! I was 100% sold on him.

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    We share if we agree to share prior or there’s too much food for one of us to eat, I wouldn’t just assume I could eat half of my fiancée’s food because I didn’t like or order my own. But yeah we frequently share food as we’re both fairly adventurous eaters and like to try different things. I can understand why if you’re a picky eater you wouldn’t be keen to have your partner help themselves to your food as you probably don’t want theirs. 

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    Most of the time, we usually order dishes to share.

    When dating, I considered guys who helped themselves to my plate without asking to be rude. Guys who ordered side veggies but who helped themselves to my fries never saw me again. Order what you want to eat! 

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    I’m not into sharing my food, other than maybe a single bite just to try something. It’s not something I see as “generous”; you both have food in front of you, it’s not like one of you is starving or something. 

    My SIL would constantly order her food, try a bite of my brother’s, and then pout until he traded dishes with her. I’m sorry but that is ridiculous. I’m an adult, I’ll eat what I order.

    Tapas type restaurants where the plates are meant to be passed and shared are a different situation obviously.

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    Most of this pertains to eating out. Hubs and I order our own stuff while eating out but a lot of our at-home meals are community meals because it’s part of his culture. Like a big platter of stew dipped up with bread. Or a plate of spiced eggs also eaten with bread. By no meals a deal breaker and we will eat meals that require separate plates too but I enjoy sharing his culture with him.

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    I have loads of allergies so my very specific food orders do not get shared.

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    Food is complicated for a lot of people.  

    Obviously, if my SO and I are out to dinner and agree before ordering “ok, you get the pasta and I’ll get the chicken and we’ll split both of them”, that’s different.  

    But if I’ve ordered the chicken and my spouse has ordered the pork and we haven’t set the expectation of sharing… I might be willing to share a small tasting bite of mine, but since I do not eat pork, I’m not going to be into sharing.  And sharing more than a small tasting bite of my chicken is literally taking food out of my mouth, since eating the pork is not an option.

    In fact.. we went out for gourmet pizza a few days ago.  We each got a personal size, wod fired pizza, with different toppings. The pizzas were a little bit bigger than personal size, actually.. enough for a meal and to then take home 1-2 slices.   At the restaurant, my spouse asked if she could have a slice of mine.  I was feeling generous so I said yes, even though I didn’t want a slice of hers (pork, again!).  She decided she liked mine and proceeded to eat 2 more slices of it!  I had enough for my meal, but this meant I didn’t have pizza leftovers for lunch the next day (as the only leftover pizza was the pork) while she did.  It might seem petty, but that pissed me off!  (We talked about it, and it dawned on her that she was prioritizing her own desires over mine… and she’s apologized.)

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    As a Taurus, yes 😂 Fortunately I’m marrying a fellow foodie, so we love to go halvsies and try different things. We have a few different tastes, so we don’t ALWAYS share, but we take pleasure in sharing something particularly delicious, like “this is so good, you’ve got to try a bite!” 

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    Pretty much everyone in my family has different food allergies, so we rarely share.  It would be way too complicated to make sure everyone’s meal was safe for everyone else.  As a policy, we never touch anybody’s food with a utensil that has been contaminated with something else.  Sometimes, my husband and I share, if we know his entree is safe for me, but only if my daughter is not around.  We don’t want her to grow up thinking it is okay to try other people’s food, when it could kill her.

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    My fiancé is very generous with sharing food. No matter what he has he always offers some to me (even when I can’t eat it due to allergies 😂). I often am not. There is usually a limited amount of food I can eat, so I am very possessive of my food. Also when I go make a snack for myself, I make the exact amount that I want. Usually I ask beforehand if he wants any, and i am happy to make extra as long as he says so! But if I ask and he says no, there is no way I am sharing my food. You said you didn’t want any so I didn’t make you any!

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    anabee323 :  Depends on the situation. 

    It’s hard for me to think of something that makes me go from fine to FURIOUS faster than FH coming over when I am eating something I’ve made for myself and grabbing some without asking. 

    Usually, it’s because by the time I’ve made myself food, I’m HANGRY. 

    That being said, we usually order collaboratively when we go to restaurants. I have a small tank and can almost never finish a whole meal myself, but I like to try a bunch of stuff. We’ll usually order an app or 2 and split an entree. In that context, sharing food is fine. 

    I think it’s when I am still SUPER hungry that it makes me crazy. If I’ve had a few bites, and have taken the edge off of my hunger, it’s fine. I rarely finish all my food, so it’s not like there won’t be some to share left, I just want to eat enough to not be starving, before someone jumps in and starts jamming on it. 

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