Is sharing food with your SO important to you?

posted 5 months ago in Relationships
  • poll: Is sharing food with your SO important to you?
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    As with a PP, I’m a vegetarian (and a picky one at that!) and my husband is not, so it’s very rare that this even comes up. We’ll share a bite if it makes sense, and if I can’t finish it and can’t/don’t want to bother taking leftovers, I’ll see if he wants the rest. He usually can’t make the same offer, but sometimes he won’t finiah his fries and I’ve already had mine and those are good days. 

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    it depends. If I have too much food, I’ll share away. Sometimes we switch kind of equal amounts of food. Other times my food is really good and I’ll only give him a few bites. 

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    We are willing to share food. The problem is he gets heartburn from what feels like EVERYTHING. That includes even plain water!!!! So what I love to eat makes him sick and I can only eat so much chicken because it bores me we eat it so so much in our house. Plus i love tons of veggies and he barely tolerates them. So our plates when we eat out are very different. So we don’t really share much.

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    anabee323 :  I really didn’t think about it too much as an issue, I guess I just assumed it was something that over time in the relationship was bound to happen, as it did with us. I really did think it was just be the natural flow of the relationship, the longer you were together the more likely you were to eventually begin to share food. Not really a problem for me as I don’t mind sharing anyway lol.

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    I would feel icked-out if my husband (or anyone) assumed they could eat half my food. Weirdly entitled. Asking for a bite, sure. Accepting an offer to share- of course. But to assume that half of every meal I eat with you is somehow yours — umm, nope. Also, the assumption that I’m entitled to half your food? Yeah. No. Rude. I imagine it would make eating out together rather tense. Because, if I’m a good spouse, I have to order something you’ll like – because you’re eating half my food. Great. And now I’m in-part dictating what you’re ordering. Are either of us really happy with this? Idk. Seems so convoluted. Why can’t I just have my own food?

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    My husband thinks it’s so weird that I always want to try his food, but he’s a sweetheart and ALWAYS humors me.  Once in a while, I can even convince him to split two meals 😀  If he literally refused to let me try his food, it’d be an issue for sure!

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    Splitting meals can be fun, but it’s not really related to our relationship. I mean if he refused to give me a bite of something I’d find that very weird, but mainly because that’s kind of childish. I definitely don’t expect him to split everything with me down the middle. 

    In fact, when we go out to eat we sometimes specifically use it as an opportunity to get foods the other person doesn’t like. We only cook one dinner between us at home, but I’m a bit of a fussy eater so he rarely gets to eat seafood or rich meaty stuff that he really likes. 

    Also when we go to movies and stuff I sometimes want my own popcorn because he eats 10x faster than I do and then he gets all the best buttery part. 

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    We share food regularly. I get full a LOT sooner than my Fiance, I’ve always had a smaller appetite and he has a bottomless appetite. I usually give him whatever I can’t finish at dinner, which he always looks forward to lol (he likes all food so there’s never an issue with him not liking what I order). Often if what he’s eating looks good to me, I’ll try a bite. We usually try to order different sides so we have two sides to try. And sometimes when we go out for wings, we’ll share an order of wings and a sandwich or something.

    We don’t ask each other if we can try each others’ food. I think we’d ask when we first starting dating, but now it’s just a given that we’re both totally fine with sharing. There’s never been any conflict about it, it’s just a non-issue for us.

    If he did have a problem with sharing food? Hm, I dunno. It’s not really an issue for me either way. I know there are some people who just really hate sharing food, I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, people are just different. I am glad we’re on the same page with this, though.

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    anabee323 :  we’ll share bites or discuss splitting in advance, but otherwise my food is my food so hands off until I’m finished.  When I was pregnant I’d get regular cravings for a food that was labor intensive to make – lord help him if he tried to eat so much as a single bite! I was absolutely not sharing at that point in my life hahahaha

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    It’s huge for me. I’m a foodie, and a big sampler. I like to try new things and I like to have a little of everything, rather than choose one big thing and miss out on other dishes. My husband has always been willing to share anything with me, just as I share with him. Even at the house, he’ll frequently be eating something, a yogurt for example, and ask if I want a bite or if I want to try it. I do the same. 

    I know it sounds crazy to some, but I do think this could be a dealbreaker if you and your partner do not view sharing food in the same way. Like OP, I also know some couples where one likes to share and the other is completely against it, and I think it’s sad to see someone longingly look at their spouse’s plate lol. I love that my husband feels comfortable grabbing some fries off my plate and I can do the same. 

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