(Closed) Is the expression, you marry your dad true?

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  • poll: Is your fiance/husband just like your dad? (pick more than one)

    They have the same personality.

    They have share some personal traits.

    They are EXACT opposites of each other.

    They could pass for family.

    They look kinda similar.

    They look NOTHING alike. (different races, etc,)

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    This is true for me. I haven’t seen or spoken to my bio-dad since I was about 10 or so. The first time my mother met Darling Husband (when I was 17) she was apparently amused by how much he looked like my bio-dad (both have curly auburn hair). Both like to tinker with gadgets (DH is an electrical engineer, father was a repairman at his parent’s appliace store). I didn’t really know any of this at the time.

    That’s where the similarities stop. Darling Husband is a wonderful man who thinks the world of me. Father was(is) a drunk womanizing scumbag.


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    They have similarities in that they are both engineers and think like engineers, but my husband has a much stronger moral compass and sense of fairness than my dad. Not that my dad’s a total asshole or anything, but he has some selfish and dishonest tendencies that bug me. My husband is so conscious of others that he feels bad ordering a burger with no onions because it makes the server’s job slightly harder (they have to …write down two more words?). I wish I was kidding!

    They also have some superficial resemblances in appearance: darker hair with a goatee. But facial hair is something that any man can change, and for half my life my dad had a mustache only, and my husband has both gone clean shaven and full-beard, so it’s not really a true resemblance!

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    @engleman10513: I think if you like the personality traits of your father and you got along well growing up – it makes sense that the new man in your life would also have a lot of those traits. 

    But I think if it wasn’t a good relationship or you disagree about things – then I would assume the spouse would not be similar. 😛

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    Nope, FH has hardly any similarities to my Dad. 


    My Dad is extroverted, FH is introverted.

    Dad loves the outdoors, FH is indoorsy.


    They are both intelligent, kind and loving people though, but those are pretty broad characteristics. 

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    Hmmm. I definitely found my dad’s favorite traits in my husband (gregarious, hard working, generous, life of the party) but I don’t think anyone would say that they are similar.

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    Fiance and my dad have A LOT of the same personality traits. They’re both more reserved, homebodies, and while it takes a lot for either of them to get angry, once they do, they explode (so I guess neither are good at expressing emotions?).


    They don’t look too much alike, but Fiance and I are told frequently that we look like we could be related (same nose, face shape, eye color…it’s almost weird how similar we look), and I definitely look like my dad, soo…


    ETA: here’s a picture from last year of Fiance, myself, and my mom (it was my birthday and I was very intoxicated…so excuse the drunk eyes). If you didn’t know it, wouldn’t you say we were all related?


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    In some ways, yes I did. He is kind and caring like my dad. Way more loving, but in the same job field (summer job anway), but has the same ethics and beliefs as my dad. They look nothing alike.

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    @capitalbee:  oh my god, the two of them together (my Darling Husband and my mom) is like too much crazy at once. And of course they LOVE each other. I am planning on having them both in the room when I give birth and I already warned them that I will probably kick one or both of them out at some point. Maybe several times. Haha they’re nuts!!! I don’t know how my dad has managed it for so long but I guess if he can handle her for 30+ years, then I can handle DH Smile

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    It better not be.

    Yeah, my SO is English and so is my father, but I think that’s where the similarities end.

    I haven’t seen my father in over 10 years. He is a pretentious twat who gave up his children.

    I don’t see my SO ever turning into that. *shudder*

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    Yes, and you don’t even necessarily realize it till after you’re married! I thought I escaped the cliche, but no, I definitely married my dad.

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    my dad is amazing and i am so lucky to be marrying a man who is just like my dad. they are both hardworking, faithful, loving men. couldn’t be more blessed!

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    My husband is so much like my dad in so many ways. They share just about all the same interests and have the whole family-first and provide for your wife and kids mentality

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    They have the exact same sense of humor. They’re also both very proud and stubborn. Look nothing alike, though. My dad’s very moreno and big. When in a suit, people think he’s in the mob or something. FI’s a scrawny white guy.

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    My husband reminds me IN NO WAY of my dad. He does however remind me a TON of his own dad lol

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    I hope not.  My dad drives me CRAZY (love him, but seriously…) and is incredibly passive agressive and expects everyone to read his mind and stuff.  He also barely tips, which annoyed me to no end.  When he works on projects, he tends to wing it and not measure things.

    My Fiance, on the other hand, will talk to me, and makes me talk to him when I start getting into my learned passive agressive habits.  And I knew he was a good guy when I saw he tipped well!  Oh, and he gives to charity regularly, which was not something I grew up knowing.  And he is meticulous about measuring and following directions.  

    They do share a couple personality traits, love of travel, enjoy laughing and making people laugh, and enjoy good food, but overall they are really different people, and I love it!  They also don’t really look anything alike, Fiance is tall and skinny, my dad is also tall, but has a bit of a belly (and just generally has a larger build).

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