Is the Glucose test really that bad?

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sweetchiquita12 :  I chose the lemon-lime flavor and it tasted like super-sweet and flat Sprite. Not great but not super gross like I had also heard it to be. At least I didn’t find it so. You can’t put ice in the drink but you can put it in the fridge and that did help.

Incidentally I failed the 1-hour but passed the 3-hour. The 3-hour one suuuuucked just for the FOUR blood draws (1 at the beginning and then 1 every hour). 

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Yup you’re worrying for nothing. It’s the equivalent of like a cup of cold, sugary kool-aid. Not a big deal. Didn’t even taste bad or unpleasant to me, just sweet.

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It was really no big deal at all for me. I had the orange flavored stuff. I made sure to drink it cold and it reminded me of a melted popsicle. I downed it quickly, drove over to the lab for a blood draw, and was done.  I’m sure the three hour one is no picnic, but I would not borrow trouble and even think of that one unless its needed!

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sweetchiquita12 :  I had a friend who just did this test and was worried about it being disgusting. She LOVED it. She said it tasted liked a melted popsicle. It was super sweet, but she didn’t mind it at all.

I’ve also had a friend whose midwife practice lets women swap out that drink for a naked juice. It’s still sugary but more natural sugars. I’m not sure if your practice would allow it, but if you’re worried about the drink, it might be worth asking.

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They gave me lemon lime which I was told was the best flavor.  They suggested I drink it cold.  I was anticipating something terrible, but really it was fine. It tasted like slightly weird gatorade.  I was super thirsty my whole pregnancy so I kind of almost enjoyed drinking it.  (I am one of the people who actually likes to drink gatorade, though I normally dilute it with 50 percent water.  )

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Ask for it to be refrigerated. I had the orange flavor and it just tasted like flat orange soda. Not bad at all. I don’t know why people freak out about it so much.

And ANYONE can get GD, so it’s extremely important to be tested.

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At first I thought the drink was actually really good…but by the time I finished it I felt gross. I remember feeling nauseous a while after the test but I was nauseous for months so it wasn’t that bad. 

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I also had the lemon lime and it wasn’t that bad.  I felt not great later, but a healthy dinner helped!  I thought the test was going to be awful but it was pretty easy all things considered!

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It was like concentrated Gatorade. I failed my 1hr, but passed the 3 hr with no problems.

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sweetchiquita12 :  I had to do a 2 hour test so the drink was larger. It wasn’t that gross but because you have to fast and not eat or drink after, I almost vomitted several times. My stomach was so queasy.

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I can’t remember what flavor I had exactly but it reminded me of fruit punch cool aid. It wasn’t awful but I don’t drink stuff like that so it was really sweet for me. Mine was served cold. I worried about it too but it is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be.

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The 1 hour test was fine but the 3 hour test sucked. Hopefully you pass the 1 hour test so you wont have to take the 3 hour one.

The drink didnt taste all that bad but having it sit in your empty stomach was nauseating. 

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I have a condition that requires me to have an OGTT done once a year. I have been doing this test for about 10 years now without any issues. My advice for you is:

1. TAKE IT SLOW! Don’t feel like you have to drink that sugary thing in record time, as long as you drink it within 5-10 mins you’ll be fine. Take small sips, but do make sure you get it down within those 5-10 mins.


2. Don’t drink too much water between the first and second draws, this can alter the test results. Some labs say not to drink anything, but a few sips of water is fine.


3. Make an appt as early as possible. I have had to make appts at 10am before because that’s all that was available, I passed out during that draw b/c of lack of nutrients. It may be a pain to get there at the crack of dawn, but it will be worth it! If you can’t make appointments ahead of time then get there at least 30 minutes before they open, there will certainly be a line. Also, mention you are fasting so they know to move you to the front of the line.


4. Bring something to keep yourself busy while you wait between draws. If the lab lets you leave and come back, great! If not, bring something to work on.

NOTE: If you do plan to leave and come back make sure you have someone with you to drive and accompany you in case something happens while you’re out.


5. Have them draw the first and second draws in the same arm. It may seem stupid, but it’s easier to get on with your day afterwards if only one arm is sore. For this reason, get it done in your non-dominant arm.


If you have any other questions, please ask! 🙂

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How does this test work? You drink the koolaid at home and go in every hour for blood tests? Or you just spend the whole time at the doctor’s office? I am so clueless:)

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